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Q&A: The plant-based battle is in your supply chain Special

For the food industry, whether it's seafood, meat or produce, plant-based alternatives are offering a unique challenge for supply chains to operate in a complex market. Joe Scioscia looks at the issues.

Fired British vegan files landmark discrimination case

London - A British employment tribunal began a landmark hearing Thursday on whether a strict form of veganism is a philosophical belief that must be protected in law.

Best U.S. cities for vegetarians and vegans

With October 1 being World Vegetarian Day (and November 1 being World Vegan Day), the personal-finance website WalletHub has released its report on 2019’s Best Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians.

Warning over vegan diets and brain health nutrient deficiency

The recommendation that people move to plant-based diets carries the risk of worsening a brain health nutrient deficiency due to low dietary levels of choline, warns a leading nutritionist. This has been challenged by other experts.

Meat-free alternatives developed for pet food

Competition is heating up in the world of plant-based meat alternatives, with brands like Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Burger King, and Subway taking the lead. The next area set to go ‘meat free’ is pet food.

Veggie disc anyone? Europe plans to ban 'veggie burger'

Should vegan and vegetarian products continue to be named using words associated with meat products? The most common example of this is the 'veggie burger'. European Union officials are considering using alternative phrases, like 'veggie disc'.

Record investment in plant and cell-based meat companies

New data from The Good Food Institute shows two record years for investment in plant and cell-based meat companies, with a rise in capital flowing into the sector in 2017 and 2018 as well as a spike in acquisitions and new companies founded.

Essential science: What is the future of lab-grown meat?

A meatless food industry featuring lab-grown meat, plus variants of seafood substitutes, and insect protein could represent the future of food. Considerable investment is going into each of these food technologies. We take a look at these issues.

Radio host Dan Romano to host Vegan Psychic Night at pizzeria

Farmingdale - On August 21, 2018, radio host and pizzeria owner Dan Romano will be hosting "Vegan Psychic Night" at Frankie's East Side Gourmet Pizza in Farmingdale on Long Island.

Pizzeria owner Dan Romano discusses Vegan menu, technology Special

Farmingdale - Pizzeria owner Dan Romano sat down and chatted with Digital Journal about his new Vegan menu, as well as the digital transformation of the pizza industry.

Vegan woman denied Swiss passport for being annoying

Gipf-oberfrick - A woman in Switzerland has been denied a Swiss passport because residents thought her animal rights campaigning was annoying.

Vegans react against new U.K. bank note

London - The U.K. recently launched a new bank note, valued at £5. The note is smaller and plastic based, replacing the old paper note. Vegans and religious groups have reacted angrily due to the note containing animal products.

What's the beef? Protest against meat clogs S.F. waterfront

San Francisco - Dozens of impassioned protesters and tourists armed with cameras and cell phones clogged the San Francisco waterfront Monday as a noisy animal rights protest marched from Market Street to Pier 39.

Are Vegans saving our planet from pollution? Science says yes

For the first time, a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences estimated the global effects on health and climate change of a worldwide shifting towards a vegan and vegetarian diet.

Op-Ed: Vegetarian's Thanksgiving survival guide

Thanksgiving isn’t the easiest holiday for vegetarians or vegans — especially if you’re the guest at somebody else’s celebration.

Op-Ed: 'Beef with Meat' speaks of a 'Raw' movement going on for 20 years Special

Austin - This reporter stumbled across a book that debut in 2013 called, "My Beef with Meat - The healthiest argument for eating a plant-strong diet, by firefighter Rip Esselstyn.

The little-known progressive activism of Casey Kasem

Gig Harbor - Millions of Americans mourned the loss of Casey Kasem, who died on Sunday at the age of 82 after a long battle against Parkinson's disease and progressive dementia.

Different diets affect gut bacteria

Different diets can alter the microbial makeup of the human gastro-intestinal tract, and change the behavior of those bacteria. Researchers have examined the differences between a largely meat and vegan diet.

Review: Chilimosa — A little vegetarian in Tarifa on the Costa de la Luz Special

Tarifa - Right in the heart of the winding streets of old town Tarifa, on the Costa de la Luz in Spain, is a tiny little treasure — a vegetarian restaurant called Chilimosa, offering food made with love.

White woman caught up in 'stop and frisk' suing NYPD

New York - A young white woman from New Jersey who experienced what hundreds of thousands of blacks and Latinos endure each year-- 'stop and frisk' policing-- is suing the New York Police Department following her harrowing and humiliating ordeal.

Whole Foods mixes up chicken and vegan salads

Whole Foods Market Inc. announced Thursday that labels on its curried chicken salad and those on a vegan version of the salad were reversed at some of its stores in the Northeast.

British Columbia: Vegan food coming to Parksville market

Parksville BC’s Craig Street Summer by the Sea market just became a whole lot healthier. La Vida Vegan announced yesterday that they were officially confirmed as a food vendor for the upcoming 2012 summer market season.

Ottawa’s Veg Festival returns with inspiring panelists

Ottawa - Are you seeking a fun activity this Sunday in Canada's capital? Veg Fest organizers seek to inspire further vital social awareness on healthy lifestyles through vegetarianism. Panelists are also scheduled to discuss topics which include animal rights.

Starbucks to stop using beetle coloring in its menu items

In response to consumers, Starbucks has decided to stop using a red food coloring derived from beetles. In March, it was brought to light Starbucks had changed some ingredients and that some of the formerly vegan menu items are no longer actually vegan.

Soccer: Red meat products off the menu at Forest Green Rovers

Nailsworth - For some English football fans, indulging in a meat pie, burger or hot dog is often more exciting than the action of the pitch. Unfortunately for fans of Forest Green Rovers, they no longer have the option of purchasing any red meat products.

PETA to launch porn website to promote vegan lifestyle Special

The animal rights activists group PETA has come up with a new creative marketing approach to promote the vegan lifestyle: a XXX porn website.

Vegan owner of UK football club bans sale of red meat at stadium

Stroud - Director Dale Vince, owner of Forest Green Rovers, a football team in the Blue Square Premier league in the UK, has banned the sale of burgers, sausages and cottage pies at the stadium.

Gluten-free granola company Girlnola on the move in 2011 Special

Toronto - Ontario teacher Stephanie Bonetta's life changed when she gave her home-made granola to co-op employers for Christmas in 2009. The co-op teacher's gift went over so well that requests came in for more.

Bill Clinton named PETA's person of the year

Former US President Bill Clinton was named PETA’s person of the year for promoting vegan and vegetarian eating, after he changed his diet for health reasons.

PANOS Brands Recalls Vegan Rella Cheddar Block

PANOS brands, of Saddle Brook, NJ is recalling Vegan Rella Cheddar Block, (a cheese substitute) with a Sell by date of 12/09/2008.
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Beyond Meat
Treeline non-dairy cheese products.
Treeline non-dairy cheese products.
La Vida Vegan s Parksville food cart
La Vida Vegan's Parksville food cart
Image Courtesy of La Vida Vegan
The impact of a meat free environment has been publicized on Twitter.
The impact of a meat free environment has been publicized on Twitter.
La Vida Vegan s  Grawnola  bars
La Vida Vegan's "Grawnola" bars
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