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Cezanne exhibition to open at The Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver - More than 50 works from the great Impressionist masters will be put on display by the prestigious Perlman collection, this February 14th at the Vancouver Art Gallery — something which has not happened in more than 50 years.

Bedbug bites for five years pays off for B.C. woman

Vancouver - The blood sacrifice was all for science. Regine Gries of Vancouver, British Columbia allowed herself to be bitten every week for five long years by 1,000 bedbugs. That amounts to 180,000 bites, and she welcomed every one of them.

Birth of female baby killer whale is good news for endangered pod

Vancouver - For the first time in two years, a pod of endangered southern resident killer whales who call the waters off the coast of Washington state home have welcomed a newborn. This newest member is just over a week old and was born at the end of 2014.

The importance of groovifying: Vancouver Groove Movement Special

Vancouver - In an effort to infuse the rainy city's homegrown events with a bit more soul and swagger, the Vancouver Groove Movement is quickly carving a niche for itself in the DIY party scene and satisfying a demand for eclectic uplifting world music.

Vancouver startup creates interactive holographic room for RMH BC

Holograms in your living room. Interactive imaginary play pals in your child’s bedroom. Those are just some of the futuristic concepts that will soon become a reality if Vancouver, BC startup H+Technology has their way.

Poet Shane Koyczan releases new video 'Heaven, or Whatever'

Canadian poet Shane Koyczan treated his fans to a new video-poem today with his latest YouTube upload. 'Heaven, or Whatever' also stars Vancouver poet R.C. Weslowski.

Speeding Lamborghini driver shamed on Twitter by Vancouver Police

Vancouver - A man driving a brand-new Lamborghini Huracan learned what you don't do when driving the $262,000 car if you wish to avoid police. You don't drive at a speed of 102 km/h per hour in a 50km/h (30 mph) zone. For the metrically challenged,102 km/h =63 mph.

Hockey coach fired for posting pro-Nazi propaganda on Facebook

Vancouver - A hockey coach has been fired after his employer discovered his Facebook page was a tribute to the Nazis and contained extreme views. Christopher Maximilian Saundau maintains that the Nazis were doing their best to save the Jews.

Op-Ed: FIPA undermines sovereignty of Canada, First Nations – Don Davies Special

Vancouver - Don Davies, Canadian Member of Parliament for the NDP representing the riding of Vancouver Kingsway, discusses the approval of the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) and its future impact on Canada and First Nations.

Video: Belly dance stars come to Vancouver in Safar Conference Special

Vancouver - Belly dance and Middle Eastern music in Vancouver's inaugural Safar Middle Eastern Dance and Music Conference and Gala Show.

Video: UBC President Arvind Gupta talks about opportunities Special

Vancouver - Dr. Arvind Gupta, the new President of the University of British Columbia, hopes to usher in much-needed change for the university. Unlike previous generations, investing in a university degree may not guarantee a high-paying job when students graduate.

Safar Conference of Middle Eastern Dance and Music Special

Vancouver - The Safar Conference of Middle Eastern Dance and Music is coming to Vancouver from September 26-28. An exciting weekend of Middle Eastern Dance and Music for dancers to hone their craft and participate in competitions.

Airline pet ban leaves dog stranded in Indiana

Vancouver - A Canadian woman was forced to leave her dog stranded in Indianapolis because Delta airlines wouldn't allow her pet on the return flight.

Vancouver, among other cities, could be sanctuary to migrants

Vancouver - Advocates are pushing for Vancouver to become a "sanctuary city" for undocumented immigrants in North America. It would prevent the Vancouver Police Department from reporting a person's legal status to the authorities unless a crime was committed.

Killer whale as old as the Titanic still going strong

Vancouver - Killer whales, more properly known as orcas, usually live between 60-80 years. However, one killer whale who was probably a youngster when the Titanic sank recently completed an 800 mile journey.

GrowLab announces spring 2014 cohort

What do ebooks, 3D printing, green living, and real estate have in common? As of this morning, they all have Vancouver's GrowLab as a connecting factor.

Vancouver debuts new crack pipe vending machines

Vancouver has banned cigarette machines, but in an attempt at political correctness, and to curb the spread of disease among crack addicts, has decided to allow crack pipes to be sold in vending machines.

Norovirus outbreak limits visiting at Vancouver hospital

Vancouver - Called the "winter vomiting disease," the virus spreads quickly through hospitals, and other places where people are in close contact for prolonged periods of time. Now Vancouver, Canada is being hit hard by the sickness.

Review: Vancouver startup Locasity launches in open beta Special

Vancouver - Now available in beta phase, Vancouver based startup Locasity hopes to connect local shoppers with the undiscovered shopping treasures sprinkled around the city in areas like Gastown, West 4th, and Main Street.

Review: Vancouver startup Wantering updates fashion search engine Special

Just in time for last minute holiday shopping, Vancouver startup Wantering has added updated browse functionality to their fashion search engine.

Vancouver says, 'No ifs, ands or butts'

Many smokers on our city streets usually get rid of their smelly cigarette butt the easiest way they know how, by dropping it on the sidewalk. But Vancouver, in its effort to become squeaky-clean by the year 2020 has come up with an innovative solution.

Op-Ed: Vancouver applies a little leverage in opening door to new trend

Vancouver - You can't put a square peg in a round hole, and if you build it, they might come. But Vancouver has found a way of opening the door to a new trend in construction, by simply changing the building code.

From plastic to oil: Making waves with a machine and a vision Special

Vancouver - Upgyres, a Vancouver organization, is looking to use the famous Blest machine that converts plastic into oil as a tool to clean up the North Pacifc plastic garbage patch. My interview with its director sheds light on this enterprise.

Lovestruck Syrian refugees reunited in Vancouver and married

Burnaby - A young lovestruck Palestinian couple from Syria, who had been kept apart by the war in the country, have been reunited and married in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Economist magazine releases list of world's 'Most Livable Cities'

The business and political weekly magazine 'The Economist' has released its 2013 list of the world's 'Most Livable Cities.' Compiled by the mag's 'Intelligence Unit' the list is striking in that there are no U.S. cities and most are Canadian and Aussie.

Girl sees her stolen bike on Craigslist, girl gets it back

Vancouver - It's always good to hear a story with a happy ending these days. A girl had her bicycle stolen. Then she saw it for sale on Craigslist, and what happened next is absolutely priceless.

Photo Essay: Travel, adventure and discovery in British Columbia Special

Vancouver - The city of Vancouver and Vancouver Island in British Columbia with its many historical and natural attractions including mountains, waterways and wildlife invite travellers to discover the sights and wonders of one of Canada’s most scenic provinces.

Photo Essay: Aboriginal Day in Vancouver Special

Vancouver - Aboriginal Community of Greater Vancouver celebrated its annual Aboriginal Day on Coast Salish Territory. This year the celebration was held at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver.

Naked intruder found cooking eggs in Vancouver home

Vancouver - A Vancouver man arrived home Wednesday evening to find an unknown man naked in his kitchen, fixing himself some eggs. The man had just taken a shower and wanted a bite to eat. According to police, he was discovered at 7PM PT.

Op-Ed: Summer in Vancouver — Crowd sourcing apps offer unique itinerary

Navigating a new city can be tricky but thankfully there are more than enough travel apps out there to help you out. Recently, crowd-sourced travel apps have made a debut with some of the most popular being TravelShark and Schemer.
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Vancouver Image

The youngest dancer of pow-wow.
The youngest dancer of pow-wow.
Sardis Secondary Drumline from Chilliwack performance at Vancouver Art Gallery  Vancouver  Canada.
Sardis Secondary Drumline from Chilliwack performance at Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.
A group show of Aeriosa performance on the walls of Water Street building in Gastown  Vancouver Inte...
A group show of Aeriosa performance on the walls of Water Street building in Gastown, Vancouver International Jazz Festival.
St. Patrick s Day parade in downtown Vancouver.
St. Patrick's Day parade in downtown Vancouver.
Potential buyers and lookers alike on the street market in downtown Vancouver  BC  Canada.
Potential buyers and lookers alike on the street market in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Occupy Vancouver protest at Vancouver Art Gallery
Occupy Vancouver protest at Vancouver Art Gallery
Lit lion s head with white feathers as one of artistic installations of Lantern Festival  Vancouver.
Lit lion's head with white feathers as one of artistic installations of Lantern Festival, Vancouver.
Reflections of the mountains in Jones Lake  near Hope  BC  Canada.
Reflections of the mountains in Jones Lake, near Hope, BC, Canada.
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and Park. The structure of the garden is based on the harmo...
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and Park. The structure of the garden is based on the harmony of four main elements: rock, water, plants, and architecture.
Celtic team during AfroCeltic Dance Party at the Stadium Club  Edgewater Casino  Vancouver - Boris F...
Celtic team during AfroCeltic Dance Party at the Stadium Club, Edgewater Casino, Vancouver - Boris Favre (bass), Boris Sichon (multi-instrumentalist), Amy Stephen (accordion, flute) and Stephanie Cadman (violin, dance).
Easter weekend activity at Stave Lake  Maple Ridge  BC  Canada.
Easter weekend activity at Stave Lake, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada.
Tropical fish at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Tropical fish at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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