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'Fifty Shades of Grey' owns the holiday weekend box office

UPDATE: It is a holiday weekend in the states and it now looks like a solid score for "Fifty Shades of Grey." It appears to have grabbed more box office cash and will be the February record-holder.

Ten fascinating Valentine's Day facts

It is that time of year, beloved my makers of greetings cards and new romantics. To mark February 14, Digital Journal presents 10 things you may not have known about Valentine's Day.

Op-Ed: The deceitful message behind Valentine's Day

Love is something that can only be earned, yet we live in an age when sometimes love comes as easy as a second date. Something which has undoubtedly depreciated its meaning, and purpose. In other words we live in an age of tindering, not burning desire.

Adam Lambert to return to Idol, Queen considering him for tour

Adam Lambert has a lot going for himself lately. He will return to American Idol next week, along with fellow alum Chris Daughtry.

Interview with country star David Frizzell: 'Valentine's Day' Special

Valentine's Day this year was quite special and ironic. I had the pleasure to chat with veteran country music star David Frizzell about his latest song "Valentine's Day."

Review: You don't need to know ‘About Last Night’ Special

In this remake of ‘About Last Night,’ two couples go from the bar to the bedroom and eventually attempt to see if their relationships will survive beyond four-posters.

Mitch Albom helps kick-off the 2014 Savannah Book Festival Special

Savannah - On Valentine's Day, Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays with Morrie and new novel The First Phone Call from Heaven, delivered the keynote address at the 2014 SBF. The festival brings dozens of authors and thousands of book lovers to Savannah each year.

Review: Sacramento Ballet opens on Valentine's eve with 'Wunderland' Special

Sacramento - The Sacramento Ballet opened Thursday, Feb. 13, with a Valentine's Day weekend program. The program of three ballets billed "Wild Sweet Love" was designed for the world class Sacramento Ballet with "Cupid" in mind.

What are you sacrificing for Valentine’s Day?

Of all the artificial, consumer driven holidays that have invaded our everyday life, nothing is more special than Valentine’s Day. Nothing says love like pulling out a credit card. However, It wasn’t always that way.

Op-Ed: Love shouldn't be just for Valentine's Day

Why is romantic love so closely associated to Valentine’s Day? This is the question I have asked myself since elementary school.

Review: 'Winter's Tale' is far from heart-warming Special

It's Valentine's Day so it's a given that studios are going to be rolling out their most earnest romantic slop in the hopes that couples everywhere will give in to the spirit of the day and fork over their date night money.

Photo Essay: Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival in China Special

Jilin - This year, Valentine's Day and the Lantern Festival fell on the same day in China. The Chinese celebrated with red lanterns, flowers, and hearts.

Op-Ed: Shot through the heart - my wife finds another on Valentine's Day

Trenton - I am weeping my heart out – my wife has broken it. On Valentine's Day, no less. Oh fates, you are cruel. What have I done to deserve this?

Op-Ed: The anti-Valentine movie guide

It's the time of year when love is inevitably in the air and you're sure to be inundated with countless lists that give you advice on which movies will help you to celebrate the spirit of the season. But what if you're not in the mood to celebrate?

Nine facts about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has arrived. Putting aside questions about the commercial nature of the day, here are nine interesting, and surprising, Valentine's Day related facts.

Review: Country singer David Frizzell shines on 'Valentine's Day' single Special

Veteran country singer David Frizzell is back with his brand new single "Valentine's Day," which is appropriate for tomorrow.

Celebrate your love in Toronto this Valentine’s Day

Toronto - Valentine’s Day in Toronto offers whatever your heart desires for an unforgettable and unique romantic experience. With this year falling on a Friday, there's no reason not to make it last all night long.

Op-Ed: The thorny issue of Valentine’s Day rose pricing

Valentine’s Day is the day you give your love a handful of red roses that speak louder than words; and, every year, when we put down our cash we get sticker shock knowing that same set of flowers cost almost half just two months prior.

Helping children for over 50 years: The Have-A-Heart Campaign Special

Chiropractic colleges, hundreds of chiropractic clinics, and advocacy groups around the world are helping the non-profit Oklahaven Children's Chiropractic Center by participating in the Have-A-Heart Campaign during Valentine's Day week, February 7-15.

Op-Ed: What am I giving up for Lent

London - What will I be giving for Lent, chocolate, beer? Even as an anti-theist I believe I every right to take part in this tradition!

Ikea's unusual Valentine's Day offer Special

Nestled in among all the usual Valentine’s Day promotions, Ikea stores in Perth and Adelaide, Australia, made the unusual offer of a free crib to any mother who gives birth on November 14, 2013, exactly 9 months from Valentine’s Day.

Pistorius girlfriend Steenkamp's reality show airs despite murder

Johannesburg - A South African reality TV show reminiscent of Survivor starring Reeva Steenkamp, the South African model allegedly murdered by Olympian star Oscar Pistorius, aired Saturday despite the model's death on Thursday.

France: Sandwich bar's ‘Homophobic’ Valentine’s menu sparks row

Angers - A Subway sandwich restaurant in the city of Angers, Pays de la Loire was forced to close after its posters advertising Valentine’s day ‘specials’ were slammed as being homophobic and caused outrage on social media.

Op-Ed: Top 10 Valentine's Day movies to watch with loved one tonight

Toronto - Are you in the mood for love tonight? If you want to share the feelings of romance and passion with your significant other then be sure to watch these classic films of love, lust, romance, tears and even comedy.

Review: ‘Safe Haven’ is the safe choice this Valentine's Day Special

‘Safe Haven’ follows a young woman's journey as she escapes a dangerous past to start anew with a man who deserves a happy ending as much as she does.

Op-Ed: Forty-one Valentine days and counting

Hull - Does Valentine's day mean anything to you? Is it a day to show that special person in your life that you care or nothing more than a commercial exercise?

Photo Essay: Romance and writers await visitors to Savannah Special

Savannah - Southern Living magazine lists the City of Savannah as one of "7 Sinfully Romantic Southern Escapes," and the Savannah Book Festival kicks-off on Valentine's Day.

Attorney offering free divorce for Valentine's Day

Walter H. Bentley III is an attorney from Michigan and he will be offering a client a Valentine's Day special: a divorce that will cost nothing.

10K worth of meth found inside Valentine's Day teddy bear package

Chelsea - Police arrested a 62-year-old Massachusetts man after thousands of dollars worth of crystal meth was found inside of a Valentine's Day teddy bear package.

Valentine's Day 'insurance' made available in Japan for V-Day

In preparation for Valentine's Day in Japan, there is "Valentine's Day insurance." If you're a guy and don't receive any chocolates from the ladies, V-Day policy holders will receive a box of chocolates as "insurance."
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This Chinese couple partly hide behind the huge bouquet he gave his sweetheart
This Chinese couple partly hide behind the huge bouquet he gave his sweetheart
Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Joan (Regina Hall) flirt on their date in  About Last Night
Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Joan (Regina Hall) flirt on their date in 'About Last Night'
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These models represent romance
These models represent romance
A black rose made by dipping dried roses into flat roofing tar - petroleum bitumen.
A black rose made by dipping dried roses into flat roofing tar - petroleum bitumen.
Real meaning behind Valentine s Day
Real meaning behind Valentine's Day
Matthew Robert White holds a Black Rose
Matthew Robert White holds a Black Rose
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The entrance to one of Jilin s shopping malls shows a romantic theme for Valentine s Day
The entrance to one of Jilin's shopping malls shows a romantic theme for Valentine's Day
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I was shot through the heart when my wife found somebody else on Valentine s Day.
I was shot through the heart when my wife found somebody else on Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine s Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Feel the love.
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