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Vagina News

New study shows that HPV vaccine may prevent cancer in men

A recent Dutch study provides more evidence that males derive indirect benefits when girls are immunized against human papilloma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease.

Potato removed from woman's vagina

Honda - A woman from Colombia had a potato removed from her vagina, after she placed it inside of her in an attempt to use it as a form of birth control.

22 firefighters rescue student trapped in giant vagina sculpture

An exchange student from America attempted to crawl inside a vagina sculpture in Germany and It took nearly two dozen rescue workers to free him after he got trapped.

Woman takes Rolex watch, hides in her vagina

Las Vegas - A Las Vegas woman faces two felony counts after allegedly stealing a Rolex watch valued up to $35,000, and promptly hiding it in her vagina.

Australian artist introduces us to 'vaginal knitting'

Casey Jenkins, an Australian artist, will be spending a few weeks knitting with wool placed inside her vagina. She even uses the material when it is soaked with her menstrual blood.

Local paper censors 'vagina' in 'The Vagina Monologues' awkwardly

Washburn - The StageNorth Theater in Wisconsin received an email that an advertisement it took out for its production of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" would be censored with Xs transforming it into an ad for an even racier production "The XXXXXX Monologues."

Woman dressed as vagina saves man dressed as penis

A woman, who was dressed up as a vagina saved a man, who was dressed up as a penis, from a person who was attacking him.

Activist Ashley Jessica claims she was groped by TSA agent (Vid.)

An anti-TSA activist Ashley Jesssica, 25, has posted a video to YouTube which she claims shows her being "groped and violated" by a female TSA agent during a security pat-down at San Diego international Airport.

Pete Santilli: 'Hillary Clinton needs to be shot in the vagina'

A right wing radio talkshow host Pete Santilli made shocking comments about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently. He said: "Hillary Clinton needs to be convicted and shot in the vagina. I want to pull the trigger."

Police: 'Woman hid loaded gun inside her vagina'

Ada - Police in Ada, Oklahoma found a loaded gun hidden in the vagina of a woman, 28-year-old Christie Dawn Harris, arrested on drug charges. The woman was arrested after a search of her car yielded meth, drug paraphernalia, a pistol and a loaded magazine.

Man has dead wife's vagina carved on tombstone

Milan Marinkovic, a widower in Serbia, honored the memory of his late wife by having her vagina carved into her tombstone.

Lingerie ad featuring Photoshopped genitalia wins awards

A provocative ad campaign for lingerie company Jane Pain features manipulated photos of female genitalia, with the tag line reading "What you can't see is all you want to see." The campaign won the 2012 Lapiz de Oro, Argentina's highest advertising prize.

Video: Furor over Carefree underwear liner ad that said 'vagina'

The Australian Adverstising Standards Bureau (ASB) says it received complaints about an ad for Acti-Fresh underwear liners almost as soon as the ad was launched on July 15. The ad shows a "naked" young woman who dared mention the word "vagina."

Surgeon says he has found the elusive vaginal 'G-spot'

A retired surgeon claims he has found the G-spot that has often been described as the UFO of gynecology. According to the surgeon, the G-spot is a tiny bunch-of-grapes-like structure enclosed in a bluish sac deep in the front wall of the vagina.

New study: Consensual sex causes as many vaginal injuries as rape

A new study of methods for investigating rape shows that vaginal injuries are as common in consensual sex as in rape. The study raises questions about investigation methods that assume vaginal injuries are evidence of forced intercourse or rape.

Woman arrested with 50 bags of heroin in vagina

Scranton - When Karin Mackaliunas crashed her car Sunday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania the accident was the least of her worries. Inside her body she was packing 50 bags of heroin all located within her vagina.

Tattoo parlor suspected of performing illegal genital surgery Special

Guelph - A tattoo parlor in Canada is suspected of performing genital surgery, specifically labia reduction. In Ontario, Canada, it is illegal for a person who is not a 'regulated health professional' to perform labia reduction.

Woman Donates Kidney Through Vagina

A Maryland woman just donated a kidney for her niece. Surgeons removed the Kim Johnson's kidney through her vagina. Both Johnson and niece Jennifer Gilbert, 23, are doing well since their operations on Thursday.

Natural Orifice Surgey: An American First

Natural orifice surgery has been used successfully by US doctors who hope that this technique will end pain, scarring, long recoveries. In an American first doctors removed the appendix of a 24 four year old patient through her vagina.

A Scent For Those People Who Want To Smell Like A Vagina - But Whose?

According the makers of Vulva, their product is not a perfume, but “a beguiling vaginal scent which is purely a substance for your own smelling pleasure.” Gee, that's swell. Imagine you on a hot day.

Doctor builds new, more natural vagina

An Italian doctor has successfully reconstructed vaginas for two women born with a rare congenital deformation. For the first time, he uses their own cells to build vaginal tissue in the lab.

High School Students Suspended for Uttering Word "Vagina"

During an open mic night at John Jay High School, three junior girls were suspended for disobeying the administration by saying the word "vagina" in their reading from the Eve Ensler play, [i]The Vagina Monologues[/i].

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