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Japan residents to get free Covid-19 vaccine

Apo - Japan will give free coronavirus vaccines to all of its residents under a bill passed Wednesday, as the nation battles record numbers of daily cases.

Frankfurt pharma hub prepares for Covid vaccine task

Frankfurt Am Main - As a string of Covid-19 vaccines near approval, Frankfurt Airport staff are gearing up to handle the unprecedented logistical challenge of transporting millions of life-saving doses worldwide.

Narcolepsy fiasco spurs Covid vaccine fears in Sweden

Stockholm - Take a vaccine developed in haste? Never again, says Meissa Chebbi, who, like hundreds of other young Swedes suffered debilitating narcolepsy after a mass vaccination campaign against the 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic.

After year-long sprint, Covid-19 vaccines finally at hand

Paris - Less than a year after an unknown coronavirus that has claimed 1.4 million lives began spreading across the globe, a number of highly promising Covid-19 vaccines are on the cusp of release.

Hundreds of flights cancelled as Shanghai tackles virus outbreak

Hundreds of flights at one of China's busiest airports were cancelled Tuesday as Shanghai raced to bring a local coronavirus outbreak under control.

AstraZeneca promises virus vaccine at cost price worldwide

Paris - Hopes of an effective vaccine against coronavirus becoming available rose again on Monday with AstraZeneca and Oxford University claiming success with their product, becoming the third team to do so.

Almost a million people inoculated with Chinese Covid-19 vaccine: firm

Bejing - Nearly a million people have taken an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by Chinese company Sinopharm, the firm said, although it has not yet provided any clear clinical evidence of efficacy.

Biden: Vaccine news gives 'hope,' but long battle ahead

Wilmington - US President-elect Joe Biden Monday hailed as a cause for "hope" the news that a Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was 90 percent effective -- but warned of a long battle still ahead.

'Watershed' Covid-19 vaccine proves 90 percent effective

Paris - A vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was 90 percent effective in preventing Covid-19 infections in ongoing Phase 3 trials, the companies announced Monday.

Russia seeks accelerated WHO registration for virus vaccine

Moscow - Russia has applied to the World Health Organization for accelerated registration and pre-qualification of its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, the country's sovereign wealth fund said Tuesday.

Politics upends search for Covid vaccine in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil is a top testing ground for vaccines against Covid-19, but its plans for vaccinating its own population have been plunged into chaos by a political war waged by President Jair Bolsonaro.

Placebo group: What happens after a Covid vaccine is authorized?

Washington - If a coronavirus vaccine is authorized in the United States before the end of the year, will trial participants who received a placebo rush out to get vaccinated?

Seattle, Washington patient is reinfected by COVID-19

Seattle - Doctors say a patient in the Seattle, Washington area is confirmed to have been reinfected with COVID-19, in only the third documented case of reinfection in the world.

China says Covid-19 vaccine could be ready for public by November

Bejing - A China-developed coronavirus vaccine could be ready for the public as early as November, a Chinese official has told state television, as the global race to clear the final round of trials heats up.

Vaccine trust growing in Europe, falling elsewhere: survey

Paris - Public trust in vaccine safety is slowly growing in Europe even as it dips in parts of Asia and Africa, researchers said Friday, calling for more investment in health information campaigns for the forthcoming Covid-19 vaccine.

US floats idea of early approval for eventual vaccine

Washington - The head of the US Food and Drug Administration raised the possibility in an interview published Sunday that a future vaccine against the coronavirus might be given emergency approval before the end of trials designed to ensure its safety and effective...

Two Europeans confirmed to have been reinfected with COVID-19

Two European patients are confirmed to have been re-infected with the coronavirus, raising concerns about people’s immunity to the virus as the world struggles to tame the pandemic.

Africa to be declared polio-free

Lagos - The World Health Organization (WHO) is set to certify on Tuesday that the African continent is free from wild polio, four years after the last cases appeared in northeastern Nigeria.

First case of COVID-19 reinfection has been confirmed

Hong Kong - Researchers in Hong Kong on Monday reported what appears to be the first confirmed case of Covid-19 reinfection. A 33-year-old man was infected with the COVID-19 virus in March, recovered and subsequently was reinfected with the virus four months later.

Coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory in Australia: PM

Sydney - Australia should make any coronavirus vaccine compulsory for its 25 million citizens bar medical exemptions, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Wednesday, wading into a heated ethical debate.

Global COVID-19 cases surpass 20 million with 25 percent in U.S.

More than 20 million people worldwide have tested positive for the coronavirus as of Monday evening, nearly five months to the day after the World Health Organization declared it a global pandemic.

Indonesia starts human trials of China-made virus vaccine

Jakarta - Indonesia on Tuesday launched human trials of a Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine with some 1,600 volunteers slated to take part in the six-month study.

Russia aims to produce 'millions' of vaccine doses by 2021

Moscow - Russia said Monday it aims to launch mass production of a coronavirus vaccine next month and turn out "several million" doses per month by next year.

US doubles spending on potential virus vaccine to nearly $1 billion

Washington - The United States has doubled its investment -- to nearly $1 billion -- to expedite development of a potential COVID-19 vaccine by American firm Moderna, which on Monday begins the decisive final phase of clinical trials.

Brazil to become testing ground for coronavirus vaccine

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil may be struggling in its battle against the coronavirus, but it is on the cutting edge of vaccine development with large-scale trials and the production of millions of doses on the horizon.

France moves to improve medical self-sufficiency

Sainte-consorce - French President Emmanuel Macron announced Tuesday a series of measures to boost medical research, development and production on home soil to avoid the country's dependence on foreign suppliers in future health crises.

China races to find virus vaccine, put scandals in the past

China has mobilised its army and fast-tracked tests in the global race to find a coronavirus vaccine, but its labs also have an image tarnished by past health scandals to overcome.

Global vaccines programme gets $8.8bn shot in the arm

London - Governments around the world on Thursday pledged $8.8 billion for global vaccines alliance Gavi to help immunisation programmes disrupted by coronavirus, prompting calls for global cooperation to ensure a potential COVID-19 vaccine is available to all....

Virus-stung UK banks on vaccine drive

London - Britain has the world's second-highest death toll in the coronavirus pandemic, and has faced sustained criticism for its response to the outbreak.

Scientists in China believe new drug can stop pandemic 'without vaccine'

Bejing - A Chinese laboratory has been developing a drug it believes has the power to bring the coronavirus pandemic to a halt.
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Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but c...
Smallpox was once a world-wracking disease that destroyed lives. Dengue Fever is one right now but could some go the same way as its cousin due to a new vaccine study.
James Gathany via CDC
People getting yellow fever vaccination in Angola.
People getting yellow fever vaccination in Angola.
oluwatosin owolabi
OUCH: A nurse vaccinates U.S. President Barack Obama against the H1N1 flu at the White House in 2009...
OUCH: A nurse vaccinates U.S. President Barack Obama against the H1N1 flu at the White House in 2009.
White House/Wikimedia Commons
UK authorities have many programs to aid vaccination in Africa. If approved a vaccine for malaria co...
UK authorities have many programs to aid vaccination in Africa. If approved a vaccine for malaria could be the newest addition to their programs.
DFID - UK Department for International Development
The world waits to see if a vaccine againstthe Ebola virus will work.
The world waits to see if a vaccine againstthe Ebola virus will work.
Screen grab
William Rafti of the William Rafti Institute

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