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Vaccine News

Interview: Flu outlook and predictions for 2017 Special

Memphis - The official start of flu season 2017 has arrived with some cases of flu already reported. Dr. Richard Webby is responsible for determining which flu vaccines will be put into circulation. He spoke with Digital Journal about this process.

Group-B strep blamed for nearly 150,000 stillbirths, baby deaths

Washington - A bacterial infection found in one in five pregnant women worldwide is responsible for an estimated 147,000 stillbirths and infant deaths each year, and a vaccine is urgently needed, researchers said Monday.

Startup develops nanopatch for polio vaccine delivery

To help eliminate polio, a Nanopatch (a microscopic vaccine delivery platform) has been shown to be more effective for dealing with the poliovirus than needles and syringes. The patch comes from a university startup called Vaxxas Pty Ltd.

Painless flu patch for those who don't like needles

Thinking about the flu season but worried about the painful injection? If you're needle-phobic then something much easier is on the horizon: a skin patch to administer the vaccine.

DR Congo authorises trial of experimental Ebola vaccine

Kinshasa - The Democratic Republic of Congo has approved using an experimental Ebola vaccine to combat an outbreak of the virus in the northeast, the government said Monday.

Progress made on developing HIV vaccine

Scientists are edging closer towards the creation of a vaccine for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This has required a different approach to be taken towards vaccine design and development.

Three die from Ebola virus in Democratic Republic of Congo

The World Health Organization confirmed on Friday that three people have died from the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

CDC working to keep yellow fever vaccine from running out

It has been a year since the Zika outbreak hit the U.S. and now, health officials are worried about fighting another mosquito-borne virus - Yellow fever. And the U.S. supply of vaccines is due to run out by mid-summer.

WHO urges polio vaccine dose cut amid global shortage

Geneva - Faced with a shortage of polio vaccine, the World Health Organization urged countries Friday to resort to smaller, fractional doses to ward off outbreaks of the crippling disease.

World's first malaria vaccine tested

The world's first vaccine against the parasitic disease malaria is to be tested in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi. This represents one of the biggest trials of a developmental drug.

Rio de Janeiro announces mass yellow fever vaccination

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro said Saturday it plans to vaccinate the state's entire population against yellow fever in response to an outbreak that has killed at least 113 people around Brazil.

Is it time for a global vaccine compensation scheme?

With a new vaccine for Zika virus in development and a rise with the administration of vaccine in general, is it time to consider a global vaccine compensation scheme? This is in the event of an adverse response.

Trump appears to dial back from vaccine skeptic nod

Washington - US President-elect Donald Trump's transition team appeared to dial back from naming noted vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr to lead a committee on vaccines safety, officials said.

Ebola vaccine may be 'up to 100% effective': WHO

Paris - A prototype vaccine for Ebola may be "up to 100 percent effective" in protecting against the deadly virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Friday.

Vaccine developed against opioid overdose

A vaccine has been developed that blocks the pain-suppressing effects of certain opioid drugs. It is hoped the vaccine with decrease the risk of fatal opioid overdose.

New Zika virus vaccine shows potential

A DNA-based Zika vaccine has shown elevated protection from infection, as well as minimizing the risk of brain damage and death. The vaccine has generated a protective antigen-specific antibody and T cell immune responses.

Canadian study — Pertussis vaccine only effective for three years

Researchers have found that the current Pertussis or whooping cough vaccine is highly effective for the first three years after it is administered, but its effectiveness starts to wane over the next few years, leaving little protection.

Antibody strategy shows promise against Ebola

A recent study, involving a new therapeutic strategy, points towards a weakness with the Ebola virus. Could this Achilles’ heel point towards an anti-Ebola treatment involving antibodies?

Three Zika vaccines show promise in monkey studies: report

Miami - Three different experimental Zika vaccines being developed in the United States have worked well in monkey studies, paving the way for human trials in the coming months, researchers said Thursday.

Second Zika vaccine trial gets under way in US

Miami - US health authorities Wednesday launched the second human trial of a vaccine against the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which can cause birth defects and is now spreading in the US and Latin America.

Protecting people from Zika through 'universal' vaccine

Washington - A new study has shown that vaccinating people against a single strain of Zika virus should be sufficient to offer full protection against all genetically diverse strains of the virus.

Scientists find Zika antibodies in step toward vaccine

Washington - US researchers have identified antibodies in lab mice that may be able to prevent infection with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, in what they described Wednesday as a "significant step" toward a vaccine.

Early HIV vaccine results lead to major trial: researchers

Durban - Promising results from an early safety trial with a potential HIV vaccine have paved the way for a major new study, researchers announced at the International AIDS Conference in Durban on Tuesday.

Parents told to contact doctors amid Indonesia vaccine scandal

Jakarta - Indonesian parents were being advised Wednesday to consult their doctors and consider re-innoculating their children as a massive counterfeit vaccine scandal sweeps the country.

Antibodies found which 'neutralise' Zika virus: Study

Paris - European scientists announced Thursday they had found antibodies which attack Zika, a discovery they hope will pave the way for a protective vaccine against the brain-damaging virus.

Call to cut yellow fever vaccine dose

United Nations officials have recommended a cut to the standard dose of yellow fever vaccine, by 80 percent in emergencies, in order to preserve stocks.

FDA approves new cholera vaccine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new vaccine for cholera. The drug is branded Vaxchora and itt targets a specific cholera called serogroup O1.

GSK sets out to help low income countries

London - In a bid seemingly to help poorer nations, drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline has said it will not file patents for drugs in the world's poorest countries to improve access to its products in the developing world.

China vaccine scandal sees 37 detained

Bejing - At least 37 suspects have been detained and 13 wholesalers put under investigation over a vaccine scandal that has raised deep concern about safety, Chinese media said Wednesday.

Vaccine refusal tied to increased risk of pertussis and measles

In recent years, measles and whooping cough (pertussis) has made a comeback in the United States. A study suggests it is tied to people refusing vaccinations.
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Sanofi Pasteur headquarters  Lyon
Sanofi Pasteur headquarters, Lyon
Sanofi Pasteur / Diana Romero
US Healthworks
Despite cutting the question and answer period short as he was losing his voice  Robert F. Kennedy J...
Despite cutting the question and answer period short as he was losing his voice, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. got a loud and long standing ovation Wednesday night at the UWO in London, Ontario, Canada.
Child receiving a measles vaccination.
Child receiving a measles vaccination.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A nurse wearing blue gloves administers a vaccine into a male patient s arm.
A nurse wearing blue gloves administers a vaccine into a male patient's arm.
Rhoda Baer
An FDA laboratory worker injects an influenza virus into an egg  where it will grow before being har...
An FDA laboratory worker injects an influenza virus into an egg, where it will grow before being harvested—one of the many complex steps involved in creating a traditional flu vaccine.
Screen grab of mother holding infant girl in Intensive Care Unit. The baby has pertussis and is coug...
Screen grab of mother holding infant girl in Intensive Care Unit. The baby has pertussis and is coughing severely.
Mayo Clinic
The CDC is recommending that pregnant women get the flu vaccine to protect themselves and their unbo...
The CDC is recommending that pregnant women get the flu vaccine to protect themselves and their unborn children.
HPV-vaccine- Gardasil (Japan)
HPV-vaccine- Gardasil (Japan)
A patient receives an injection from a hospital nurse.
A patient receives an injection from a hospital nurse.
by ghinson
Persian Gulf-Jan. 5  2009
Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Tina Close administers a yellow fever shot to ...
Persian Gulf-Jan. 5, 2009 Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Tina Close administers a yellow fever shot to Engineman Fireman Sony Ngeburi aboard the multi-purpose amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7).
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael Starkey