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Vaccinations News

China to vaccinate poultry against H7N9 bird flu virus next month

With researchers warning that mutations in the H7N9 bird flu virus could lead to a "pandemic," authorities in China have decided to begin vaccinating poultry flocks for the deadly virus, beginning next month.

Flu spreads across 40 states with some states hit especially hard

Forty states and Puerto Rico are reporting flu cases as the seasonal virus continues its march across the United States this winter, prompting health officials to remind people that it's not too late to get their flu shots.

This year's flu shot will be more effective, according to the CDC

Flu season is just around the corner, and this year's vaccine has had a recipe overhaul that should make it more effective, especially after last winter's problems.

Op-Ed: Vaccination controversy creates furor in wake of measles outbreak

Is it ethically appropriate for a doctor to declare vaccines should not be given, even as there is a measles outbreak in the United States? Is it right for a doctor to refuse children as patients whose parents disallow vaccinations?

Measles now in seven states and Mexico — Vaccinations urged

The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging parents to get their children vaccinated against measles in light of the outbreak that began at Disneyland in California. The virus has now spread to six additional states and Mexico.

Restaurant Chili's cancels fundraiser for families affected by autism

Chili’s, a popular U.S. restaurant chain, has cancelled their fundraiser for a national autism group. Chili’s had previously announced that they would be donating 10 percent of customers’ checks to the National Autism Association.

Wealthy Australian suburbs have low vaccination rates

New research shows that wealthier Sydney, Australia suburbs are where parents are more often found to object to vaccinations for their children.

CDC reports measles cases have tripled over yearly average

In the United States, vaccination programs have all but eliminated measles. But before a vaccine became available, almost everyone came down with the disease, and over 450 people died annually between 1953 and 1963, usually from complications.

Video: 'Eugenics Now!' by The Truthseeker

To really make your weekend, have a look at this brief documentary on eugenics, including information on Monsanto, GMOs, Bill Gates, vaccinations and how water is simply not a human right anymore.

People worldwide living 'longer but sicker'

London - Nearly everywhere around the world people are living longer, but are coping with higher levels of sickness, according to the largest study ever conducted on the global burden of disease.

12-month-old boy dies of chickenpox after doctors send him home

Rotherham - A concerned British mother from the North of England took her baby boy to the doctors three times for check ups. She was convinced he had more than common chickenpox. She was sent home with pain killers.

Controversy continues over the HPV vaccine, grandmother outraged

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination has been a divisive topic right from the start. The vaccine, branded as "Gardasil" or "Ceravix", is the cervical cancer vaccine created by Merck & Co. and GlaxoSmithKline, respectively.

Vaccination plans begin in Haiti to fight cholera epidemic

Testing plans are now in the making for the delivery of 200,000 doses of cholera vaccine for approximately 100,000 people --not enough to stop the cholera, but enough to show the world the vaccine works.

Toronto Public Health finds Hepatitis A in restaurant employee

Toronto - Toronto Public Health sent out a news release reporting that Hepatitis A was identified in a restaurant employee. The city is now urging customers who visited the restaurant Sunday to be vaccinated.

Legal, Moral Issues in Autism-Vaccination Link Retraction

The foundation for personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits has to do with the infliction and nature of harm. What might occur in the courts in light of the Lancet Journal's retraction on the link between autism and vaccinations?

H1N1 shots begin early in Quebec region

A high school in the Trois-Pistoles of Quebec began vaccinating students two days earlier than was originally scheduled.

Baxter Applies for H1N1 Vaccine Patent One-Year Prior to Outbreak

In recent preliminary reports published on the internet, Baxter Healthcare Corporation applied for a patent for the vaccine that would immunize the H1N1 Swine Flu.

Outsmarting Flu Pandemics from History and Science Lessons

Knowing now that HNS1 is spreading in different parts of the world, experts are meeting to talk about how to mitigate the spread of the disease. Science and history form the platform for strategies to slow the spread of pandemic flu.

Autistic Children Get Their Day in Court

Today a great thing happened. The mothers of autistic children whose disease may be linked to a vaccination were finally given their day in court. Nearly 5,000 families were present for the hearing today in Washington, D.C.

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Eugenics - the science of controlling the population size and quality.
Eugenics - the science of controlling the population size and quality.
Our World in Data
A botched measles vaccination campaign has led to the deaths of 15 children in South Sudan.
A botched measles vaccination campaign has led to the deaths of 15 children in South Sudan.
United Nations
Measles is preventable  and a well functioning routine vaccination program should prevent epidemics.
Measles is preventable, and a well functioning routine vaccination program should prevent epidemics.
Julien Harneis

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