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Life in exile: children of the Gulag fight to return home

Zolotkovo - In a run-down wooden hut deep in the Russian countryside, Yelizaveta Mikhaylova has been waiting for justice for 30 years.

40 years on, veterans still grapple with Soviet-Afghan war

Kabul - At his home in the mountains north of Kabul, former mujahideen fighter Shah Sulaiman closed his damaged eyes, took a sip of green tea and thought bitterly of Afghanistan's war against the Soviet Union that started four decades ago.

Decades on, Soviet bombs still killing people in Afghanistan

Bamyan - Gholam Mahaiuddin sighs softly as he thinks of his 14-year-old son, who was killed in the spring by a bomb dropped last century in the hills of Bamiyan province in central Afghanistan.

Putin says former Soviet Republics regret end of USSR

Sochi - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday said the citizens of many former Soviet Republics regretted the collapse of the USSR, which he described as a "great state".

Taken to the USSR, French 'children' forgotten in Belarus

Grodno - When she set out on a boat for the USSR with her family some 70 years ago, Yanina Stashko had no idea she would never see her native France again.

Russia set to repay all Soviet Union's foreign debt

Moscow - A quarter of a century after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia is finally set to pay off all the foreign debt it inherited from the vanished Communist empire.

Generation X-Soviet: young Russians conflicted over past

Moscow - Just when Irina Chubkovets was coming into the world, the country her parents and grandparents had lived in was slipping out of it.

Decades after USSR fell, Stalinist crimes still divide Russia

Moscow - Andrei Kolesnikov laid out the letters his grandfather sent home from the Stalinist labour camp where he eventually died after eight years as a political prisoner.

25-year independence anniversary bittersweet for Central Asia

- In 1991, as one provincial Kazakh town embarked on a journey through independence that would see it transformed into a state-of-the art capital, another hurtled towards collapse.

Heady days fade for Russians who halted 1991 coup

Moscow - It was a desperate plea from then Russian leader Boris Yeltsin that drew Gennady Veretilny to the barricades going up around the White House in central Moscow. "I wasn't a supporter of Yeltsin, I wasn't a liberal or a Communist.

Stuck between past and present, Lenin lingers on in parts of ex-USSR

Bichkek - On a recent morning a small group of pensioners gathered round a monument to Communist leader Vladimir Lenin in a far-flung corner of the bygone empire he helped found.

Prominent Soviet dissident Leonid Plyushch dies

Moscow - Communist-era Ukrainian dissident Leonid Plyushch, who was detained for almost three years in a psychiatric ward by the Soviet authorities, died Thursday aged 76 close to Paris, a friend told AFP.

Hungary remembers 1956 Revolution against Soviet rule

Budapest - On this day 57 years ago, on October 23, 1956, an uprising began against Soviet rule by Hungarian students, joined by workers, teachers, and people from all walks of life, as well as all political stripes from monarchists to Marxists.

Putin critic Kosenko sentenced to detention in psychiatric ward

Moscow - A Russian court has ordered a critic of President Vladimir Putin imprisoned in a psychiatric ward, prompting critics to accuse authorities of regressing into practices common during the Soviet era.

56% of Russians still regret the breakup of the USSR

Moscow - Although nostalgia for the old USSR and the Soviet era has declined about 10% in the last decade, 56% of Russians still regret the dissolution of the former Soviet Union.

In 1936 Soviet scientist Lukyanov built an analog water computer

Moscow - In 1936 Vladimir Lukyanov built a water computer that was the world's first computer for solving (partial) differential equations. The operator solved the equations by "playing around" with a series of interconnected tubes filled with water.

Op-Ed: Pravda, former Soviet Communist paper, says Obama is 'Communist'

In what is seen widely as an irony, the Russian news site and former official mouthpiece of the Communist Soviet Union, Pravda, in a scathing attack on Obama and "illiterate" Americans who reelected him, calls Obama a Communist.

Secret German papers claim Castro recruited former Nazis

Documents recently declassified by the German government show former Cuban leader Fidel Castro hired former Nazis to counter any contemplated US invasion of Cuba.

Ukrainian student sentenced for frying eggs on Kiev war memorial

Kiev - A 21 year old Ukrainian student, Hanna Sinkova, has been found guilty of desecrating The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Dnieper Park, Kiev, Ukraine after using the eternal flame to fry eggs.

Op-Ed: Neil Armstrong's death marks the passing of an era of optimism

Nelson - Astronaut Neil Armstrong's passing today, marks the end of an era, the first flush of Space exploration, which Mankind attempted, after the amazing 1957 Sputnik launch, beginning in the West, on May 25, 1961 with President Kennedy's Promise to the world.

Op-Ed: Demonizing China — A perspective on the Bizarre World Order

There’s no doubt that since the fall of the Soviet Union, the West’s senior morons have been looking for some sort of external threat. China is now the focus of a classic scenario: An external enemy to shift focus from the failures of the society.

Op-Ed: Death By Numbers- US govt shutdown issues hit the fan

Washington - The political necrophilia continues in DC with arguably the single greatest gathering of morons in US political history gathered earnestly around the feeble flames in the budget oil drum.

Iran: Hitler was a Jew

Advisor to President Ahmadinejad claims Nazi leader was Jew who conspired with USSR and Britain to establish Jewish state

Kazakhstan Keeps Watch Over A Lethal Plutonium Pool

ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN (dpa) - When the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan became independent in 1991, one item of dubious value it inherited from the Soviet Union was probably the largest stockpile of weapons-grade plutonium of non-military origin in th...

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