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Apple may have invented USB Type-C

A major Apple blogger has revealed that the company is actually responsible for the creation of the new reversible USB Type-C standard. The tech giant then gave it to the relevant bodies to encourage larger adoption by other companies.

Unpatchable USB-stick infecting malware now in the wild

An unpatchable malware infecting the firmware powering USB drives is now available in the wild, giving hackers undetectable abilities to use the sticks as hosts to malicious software that is automatically loaded when connected to a new computer.

All USB devices are 'critically flawed'

Los Angeles - New research calls into question the security of using USBs to connect devices to computers. The research points towards a virus risk and argues that it would be extremely difficult to remove a virus residing in the USB firmware.

Apple to replace third-party adapters for $10

London - Apple will start selling $10 USB power adapters to replace counterfeit units after raising safety concerns over the third party power plugs for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Researchers: Current Apple iOS devices vulnerable to charger hack

Researchers operating out of the Georgia Institute of Technology are warning Apple users that phony chargers could deliver malicious software onto the Apple operating system within a minute.

Kingston makes one terabyte USB3.0 flash drive

Kingston is definitely not the first to attempt this amazing stunt but the CES 2013 in Las Vegas reveals Kingston is definitely working on a one terabyte USB3.0 flash drive.

Remastered Beatles catalog to be released on USB device

Set to debut Dec. 8 in North America, the green, apple-shaped USB device will contain 16 GB of the band's digitally remastered music, short documentaries, album art, photos and liner notes.

Faster USB 3.0 Is Coming

A new USB standard, USB 3.0, is reportedly set to hit the market soon and replace the current USB 2.0 standard. USB 3.0 will be ten times faster and will transfer files at a rate of 4.8 Gigabits per second (0.6 GB per second).

USB Drive Helps Find Lost Child

An USB Drive helps retrieve a missing kid.

USB Aluminum Flat Mouse

An USB aluminum flat mouse light weight and durable, works in any surface, no pads necessary.

Samsung Releases LCD Uses Only USB, No VGA, DVI

Samsung releases LCD powered by USB 2.0 only, no VGA, DVI inputs.

Solar Technology's Freeloader saps power from USB, the Sun

Charge your Phone, Palm, GPS, Game machines, iPod, PSP with the Solar Technology's Freeloader.

USB rechargeable batteries

Ever have a rechargeable battery fail when you were away from your charger, and you didn't have any alkaline batteries?

Brando USB Panda Web Cam, Plug and Play

Have a neat USB Panda Web Cam for your computer and communicate with friends and family via Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messengers.

500 GB External USB Storage device.

And my Hard Disk is just 80GB in Desk Top Machine.

Wii Mote Controlled USB Missile Launcher

And yet another way to use your Wii-mote! This time it is being used to control a USB missile launcher to shoot at the cat.

humping dog usb Flash Drive.

This is Humping Dog. USB MEETS LOVE.

Boot Windows XP from a USB flash drive

Here is an easy way to boot Windows XP from your flash drive. Just in case your PC won't boot, you can use the bootable flash drive to fix the problems.

USB Battery Charger for AA and AAA Battery Sizes

Portable USB Battery Charger for AA and AAA Battery Sizes via your Notebooks or desktop PCs, Macs.

Swiss Army USB Knife

A Swiss Army Knife for Gadget Lovers with USB 512MB Memory Drive and Flashlight.

A new contender in the most useless USB device race.

Just because you can power something from a USB doesn't mean you should.

Matsunichi 6GB USB 2.0 Portable Drive $49.99

Hurry 1 Day ONLY!! Great Deal.

SONY Launches ‘007’ MICRO VAULT

Now you too can have a "bond" gaget

Rotating USB hub is like a Rubik's Cube but

Huh?... I really cannot see any benefit from having those cubes rotate. anyone care to enlighten me?.

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A SanDisk USB stick
A SanDisk USB stick
Apple Inc
The new 2015 MacBook has only a single USB Type-C port for connectivity
The new 2015 MacBook has only a single USB Type-C port for connectivity
The NomadKey phone charger
The NomadKey phone charger
Via NomadKey