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Op-Ed: Congress must approve force, with ground troops, against ISIS

President Barack Obama wants Congress to vote to authorize U.S. military force against ISIS, and may ask for it as early as Friday, February 6. Why Congress must approve this request, including the use of boots on the ground.

Op-Ed: 'Abolish West Point' prof actually condemns all higher education

West Point - In a controversial article in Salon, a U.S. Naval Academy professor argues that we should end our current use of the U.S. service academies (the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the Coast Guard Academy).

Here's the army's plan for adapting to future threats

The US Army is seeking to reinvent itself in the face of a host of unprecedented challenges. Between tightening budgets, a shrinking military force, and a world of smaller and asymmetrical threats, the Army has released a new global strategy.

U.S. military declares war on climate change

Speaking at the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas in Arequipa, Peru on Monday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel outlined the challenges that climate change presents to the military and national security.

Op-Ed: LA gov. Bobby Jindal talks tough on defense in risky 2016 opener

As the crop of 2016 presidential election Republicans begins chest-thumping, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal appears to leap into the fray by criticizing President Obama's foreign policy and calling for increased defense spending. It's a risky opener.

Op-Ed: The Obama 'latte salute' debacle is overblown

Washington D.c. - President Barack Obama was captured on Instagram saluting a U.S. Marine...while holding a cup of coffee in the same hand. The photo has now wound up on the front page of CNN and is burning up the blogosphere.

Op-Ed: Top 3 guns for the U.S. Military's next service pistol

Recent reports indicate that the US Military could be choosing a new sidearm sometime in the near future. But what would be the best choice to replace the Beretta M9?

Op-Ed: We must stop ISIS genocide, even if it means boots on the ground

The U.S. has begun launching airstrikes against ISIS insurgents in Iraq who have isolated thousands Yazidis, a non-Muslim minority, on high ground after overrunning the town of Sinjar. But will limited airstrikes be enough to stop ISIS' brutal genocide?

U.S Navy ship Mesa Verde arrives in Persian Gulf with 550 marines

The U.S. Navy amphibious transport dock USS Mesa Verde arrived in the Persian Gulf today with an estimated 550 Marines aboard increasing the U.S. naval force in that region.

US military plane comes under fire in South Sudan

An American military aircraft was fired on by suspected rebels in the South Sudan, leaving four service members wounded, with one of them in critical condition.

Google acquires military robot maker Boston Dynamics

Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, the robotics and engineering company that developed the Cheetah, the world's fastest robot.

U.S. to develop autonomous assassin drones

According to several reports released in the media, the U.S. government plans to develop drones in the near future that are capable of autonomously neutralizing targets - assassin bots, in other words.

Obama issues video statement to US military amid shutdown

Amid the first federal government shutdown in 17 years, President Obama released a video to reassure the nation's military that it will have the resources needed to function.

US Military: Forget cold war — Here comes cyber war

This year, the US government formally acknowledged that state-sponsored hacking (aka cyber ware or information warfare) is of greater national concern than “conventional terrorism.”

U.S. F-16 jet fighters and Patriot missiles to remain in Jordan

When the US concludes the joint military Eager Lion Exercises with Jordan at the end of this month it will keep its F-16 Fighting Falcon jets and Patriot missiles there.

John Boehner: Military sex assault crisis a 'national disgrace'

House Speaker John A. Boehner added his voice on Thursday to the chorus of leaders denouncing the sexual abuse crisis that has rocked the U.S military, calling it a “national disgrace.”

Report: Military quietly grants itself domestic policing powers

Washington - The Pentagon has quietly granted itself the power to police the streets of US towns and cities without obtaining state or local consent.

Senator Menendez issues hawkish bill on Syrian intervention

Seeking US economic and military intervention in Syria's civil war, Senator Menendez (D-NJ) issues the Syria Stabilization Act of 2013.

Rights campaigner Tatchell slams Manning Pride honour reversal

Britain’s best-known human-rights campaigner has issued a damning criticism of the organisers of San Francisco Gay Pride, who have revoked the nomination military whistleblower Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal of this year’s Pride parade in June.

Op-Ed: US military wants commanders reviewed by those they command

Sydney - This is a shakeup in a way no military organization has ever been shaken up. The new move is to get commanders “to be evaluated by their peers and the people they command on qualities including personal character”. Expect some interesting results.

Op-Ed: NATO withdrawal and the ability of the Afghan National Army

Washington - As NATO prepares to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, politicians and military leaders highlight the positive in an attempt to convince the public that the war yielded positive results. The Taliban is targeting Afghan forces in its spring offensive.

A mayor in Japan is being removed as he rejects US-military base

The people of Nago are outraged after knowing that their elected Mayor Inamine has been targeted for removal by the Japanese and American governments as he becomes stronger spokesman for anti US-military base, and obstacle to its construction.

Op-Ed: Afghanistan success is an illusion - Soviet similarities

Kabul - As the war winds down in Afghanistan, there are similarities with the Soviet withdrawal in 1979. While politicians and military brass emphasize the defeat of the Taliban and the ability of Afghan Security Forces. This defies the reality of Afghanistan.

Op-Ed: New DADT — US military bans, expels transgender service members

Washington - It's been a year and a half since 'Dont' Ask, Dont' Tell,' the Pentagon's long-standing ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the US armed forces, officially ended.

Op-Ed: Evolution of Warfare - Drone Distinguished Warfare Medal

Washington - With the evolution of warfare, the US government has turned to drone operations, which is the engagement of the enemy from afar. The Pentagon has announced an award for drone pilots, the Distinguished Warfare medal.

Pentagon grounds entire F-35 jet fighter fleet

Washington - The Pentagon has grounded its entire F-35 jet fighter fleet, citing engine problems. The problem has been identified as a cracked engine blade, detected during a routine inspection at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Op-Ed: Afghanistan: Casualties and the future of NATO post 2014

Washington - NATO Defense ministers met in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, taking stock on the progress in Afghanistan. DOD reports indicate that there were no US soldiers killed in Afghanistan this week, however one NATO soldier was killed on Friday.

Afghanistan: US military records second week without KIAs

Washington - The second week has passed without any US or NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan. 15 soldiers, however were wounded in action (WIA) this week. The low casualties may be due to the break in the fighting season.

CTC says opposition to a New World Order is terrorist activity

According to a report from the "Combatting Terrorism Center" at West Point, 'Anti-Federalists' who oppose a New World Order as well as members of several other far right wing activist groups are potential terrorist threats.

DOD: US Military Casualties in Afghanistan as of 25 January 2013

Washington - As the war winds down in Afghanistan, so does the number of NATO casualties. This week one US soldier was killed in action (KIA) and 14 were injured. A Polish NATO soldier was also killed. The US soldier was killed by an improvised explosive device.
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Master Sgt. Claudesedrick Grace  the non-commission officer in charge of Joint Force Land Component ...
Master Sgt. Claudesedrick Grace, the non-commission officer in charge of Joint Force Land Component Command (Forward), and Detroit native, removes a frame of broken glass from the Nobiru Rail Station, April 21 in support of Operation Soul Train. Operation Soul Train consists of U.S soldiers supporting the Japanese in removing debris from two rail stations.
The late US President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan were recipients of the US Congressio...
The late US President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan were recipients of the US Congressional Gold Medal in 2000. In photo, a memorial to Reagan in San Diego's Mt. Soledad Shrine.
File photo: George H. W. Bush  left and wearing a desert camouflage visited Somalia to witness first...
File photo: George H. W. Bush, left and wearing a desert camouflage visited Somalia to witness first hand the efforts of Task Force Somalia that was in direct support of Operation Restore Hope, 01 January 1993
U.S. Air Force
Staff Sgt. Chaya Fletcher  51st Fighter Wing  receives the FluMist Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine at Osan A...
Staff Sgt. Chaya Fletcher, 51st Fighter Wing, receives the FluMist Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea
Airman Evelyn Chavez
Blue Star Museums logo.
Blue Star Museums logo.
National Endowment for the Arts
US tank
US tank
Combat medics Spcs. Aimee Collver and Vanessa Bolognese  25th Infantry Division  pull security durin...
Combat medics Spcs. Aimee Collver and Vanessa Bolognese, 25th Infantry Division, pull security during a mission in Amerli, Iraq, July 11
U.S. Army
Clock at Nobiru  Japan train station stopped at the moment tsunami washed debris into the station bu...
Clock at Nobiru, Japan train station stopped at the moment tsunami washed debris into the station building and destroyed tracks March 11, 2011.
Kazunobu Shoji
Navy s new laser weapon blasts targets from air  sea.
Navy's new laser weapon blasts targets from air, sea.
ABC News
Debris around Nobiru  Japan train station after March 11  2011 tsunami.
Debris around Nobiru, Japan train station after March 11, 2011 tsunami.
Kazunobu Shoji
Protesting Futunema US-military base

There have been massive protests against the American military...
Protesting Futunema US-military base There have been massive protests against the American military bases in Japan. Luck in! Peace in! Military bases out! American military bases in Guam, Okinawa, and Japan, do not remain! It is troublesome! Go home!!