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Urine News

Human waste on Everest is becoming a major problem

Officials in Nepal have warned that human waste building up on Mount Everest is becoming a major problem that could begin to spread disease on top of the world's highest mountain.

British man sold fake liquor that contained urine

Blackpool - Nicholas Stewart, 35, from Blackpool, has been branded a danger to public health, after he sold colored urine as alcohol.

Rats with spinal injuries learn to urinate freely

Baltimore - Rats, in a new study, regained bladder control following a new treatment that coaxed severed nerves to grow back. It is hoped that the research can be applied to humans.

Officials trying to find out why city smells like cat urine

New Castle - Residents of New Castle, Pennsylvania, hope that some air sample tests will reveal why their city smells like cat urine.

How pelvic muscles help delay urination

Needing to pee is an uncomfortable experience. There is a reason why we are (mostly) able to control urination. Scientists have revealed neural underpinnings of the involuntary flexing of the pelvic floor, which help us delay urination.

Human urine can be used for fuel cells

The world produces billions of gallons of urine each day, which is enough to fill 4,200 Olympic swimming pools. Most of us will label it as waste, but scientists are hoping to use urine to generate power for our society.

Pedophile sting finds dwarf in van, urine

Longwood - Christopher Lanning embarked on an 18-hour cross-country journey to Florida with the intent of sleeping with an underage girl.

Dell will fix laptops that smell like cat urine

On Wednesday Dell issued a statement to their customers last week, saying that it will replace a part in their laptops that smell like cat urine.

What's in urine? The contents revealed

The first comprehensive analysis of human urine has been undertaken and identifies more than 3,000 metabolites. Each component can be viewed via an online database.

Unlikely source of new teeth from human urine

Replacing our teeth might come from an unlikely source in the future. Chinese researchers have found a way to grow new teeth from urine.

New discovery now enables us to use urine to power cellphones

Bristol - A group of researchers from the University of the West of England has discovered a way to charge cellphone devices by using urine.

Weed killer glyphosate found in human urine across Europe

Friends of the Earth Europe (FoE) commissioned a series of urine tests on people in 18 countries across Europe. The results were released on Thursday and FoE is asking, "Why is there weed killer in our bodies?"

Smartphone app can test urine samples

A new smartphone app that can use the in-built smartphone camera to analyze urine, and then to check for a range of medical conditions, has been launched.

Can urine be turned into brain cells?

Scientists have carried out a study whereby cells from human urine have been manipulated into cells that resemble the types of neurons found in the brain.

Baboon urine, Zimbabwe's best love potion Special

Bulawayo - Ever thought of baboon urine being a very useful ingredient in the making of love potions? Yes, it’s Bulawayo’s best love portion so far?

Video: Browns fan dunks head in urine bucket, wins $450

Cleveland - People will do some pretty crazy things for money, but dunking your head into a 5 gallon bucket of urine has to rank pretty high on the list of one of the craziest.

Ryan Lochte admits peeing in Olympic pool

America's latest golden boy in the pool candidly admitted to urinating in the Olympic pool while warming up for his impressive swimming feats.

Prankster urinates, smears feces in courthouse coffee machine

Anaconda - Someone playing a prank urinated into the can of coffee grounds and later smeared clumps of feces into the coffee machine at the Anaconda, Montana courthouse. County employees who drank the coffee had complained that it tasted "really bad."

Student forgotten in DEA cell for five days sues for $20 million

San Diego - A 23-year-old college student who was forgotten in a holding cell by federal drug agents for five days has filed a claim against the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for $20 million.

Urine-soaked eggs a treat in China

Dongyang - Egg vendors across the city of Dongyang are getting ready for the start of busy times. They are getting ready to cook up urine soaked eggs that local residents love.

NBC pulls Fear Factor donkey semen episode

Los Angeles - A Fear Factor episode featuring contestants drinking donkey semen has been pulled from the menu at NBC after network executives determine it "wasn't an episode they thought they should air."

Using Urine to Diagnose Disease

Back before blood tests, MRI's, and x-rays, doctors examined different parts of the body by sight. They could look at tongue, urine, eyes, and feces and diagnose what was wrong with you.

Actor accused of urinating on plane floor

Actor Gerard Depardieu was accused of urinating on the carpet of a CityJet plane, causing the flight to be delayed for more than an hour while cleaning took place.

Man fired from job of 23 years for washing himself in urine

Vienna - A 57-year-old man has been fired from his job at an Austrian museum after he washed his face and hands in his own urine.

Drought forces Texas town to recycle sewage water

Big Spring - The drought in Texas which has left the state parched and desperate for new water sources has one town moving forward with the construction of a water reclamation plant that will turn the city's wastewater into drinking water.

Radiation in urine found in residents near Fukushima

Tokyo - Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster has taken another bad turn as residents located about 20 miles from the Daiichi nuclear facility now have radiation detected in their urine and one official said it will be "difficult" for people to live in the area.

Artist makes perfume out of her own urine

Cherry Tree is a conceptual artist and some will say she has the scent of mystery, as well as the scent of her own urine.

Philadelphia police find bottles of urine in ice cream truck

Philadelphia - Suburban Philadelphia police stopped an ice cream truck driver that was suspected of drinking and driving. Police discovered a few bottles of urine, and one bottle was in the freezer where the treats were kept.

Forgetful bank robber busted because of the urine he left behind

Copenhagen - More like a joke than reality, two Swedish bank robbers have left DNA evidence at the scene of their crime in the form of nicely collected urine samples.

Opposition to mares' urine in HRT drug Premarin grows

Tucson - Despite the growing popularity of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs such as Premarin and Prempro, opposition to them, specifically the manner in which they are harvested from pregnant mares, is also growing.
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