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Mountains of garbage and despair in India's dirtiest city

Gonda - Flies throng over piles of faeces, the drains overflow with sewage and the foul smell in the air is inescapable.Welcome to Awas Vikas: one of the most exclusive parts of Gonda, a city suffering the ignominy of being branded the dirtiest in India.

Amazon to open new $5 billion headquarters in a mystery location

Amazon is opening a new headquarters, HQ2, somewhere in North America. It will employ up to 50,000 people, most of them white-collar workers.

Corporations are killing suburban office parks

The traditional suburban office park — a cluster of homogeneous, cubicle-filled buildings surrounded by large parking lots and highways — is dying in the US.

Using algorithms to predict gentrification and fight displacement

You will know it when you see it - Gentrification hits when a neighborhood’s property values and demographics start changing, and the fears of displacement set in. In the past, it was hard to stop the process once it began, but today we have tech tools.

Op-Ed: Are micro-homes the answer to housing for homeless and elderly?

In Tokyo, Washington, D.C. and other cities around the world, tiny homes are being constructed as an answer to the shortage of affordable housing. But how easy will it be to make tiny homes available to the homeless and elderly?

Op-Ed: Why are some big towns growing into small cities?

Mankato - Small cities are growing in numerous locations throughout the U.S. Some cities like Mankato, MN are leading the way, but what can urban planners learn?

Review: Marville's Paris On View At The Met Special

New York - A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcasing the work of French photographer Charles Marville strips away the romance of Paris, but offers a challenging commentary on the nature of transformation.

Review: 'The Human Scale' provides an alternate view on urban planning Special

Toronto - Big city-dwellers are very well-versed in living with overcrowding, whether it be while attempting to share the narrow streets with cyclists, public transit and cars on the morning commute or watching as high rise condo towers take over the skyline.

Op-Ed: President Obama, President Xi, and the overpopulation time bomb

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping are meeting at a retreat in Southern California this coming weekend, and the pressing matter before them is the one they will not tackle: population management.

Op-Ed: With sea levels rising rapidly, tough decisions for humanity

If a recent scientific study is correct on the human-induced impact on arctic ice melt and sea level rise, humanity is facing two grim choices - expensive urban planning options or managing our core overpopulation problem.

World's longest, enviro-friendly buses start service in Brazil

Curitiba - The Brazilian city of Curitiba, recognized for its innovation in urban planning, is inaugurating the service of new 28-metre-long double-articulated buses powered with fuel made from soybeans.

Population Media Center takes creative approach to overpopulation Special

The issues surrounding humanity's overpopulation challenge are vast and discouraging, but one organization is taking a creative approach - and it just may be working.

Snapshot of a Design Future: Eco-Mall, Well, More or Less

A compulsive shopper could tell you that the most convenient way to shop is to live at the mall. In this case, the mall is a town, designed for environmental factors. Encouragingly, it’s one of the first water-sane commercial developments in Australia.

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Mankato office building and parking ramp construction downtown.
Mankato office building and parking ramp construction downtown.
Montgomery Row  a new housing development at a suburban office park in Bethesda  Maryland.
Montgomery Row, a new housing development at a suburban office park in Bethesda, Maryland.
Montgomery Community Media
City planners and architects won t be limited in the design of cities in the future.
City planners and architects won't be limited in the design of cities in the future.
JNN 13