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Uranium News

Moldova arrests gang suspected of smuggling uranium from Russia

Chisinau - Moldova has detained seven people suspected of smuggling uranium-238 on a passenger train from Russia, a highly radioactive substance that can be used to make a dirty bomb, Interpol said on Thursday.

Goldman puts 'for sale' sign on Iran's old uranium supplier

Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank are quietly trying to get out of a business few people know they are even in: trading supplies of raw uranium known as yellowcake.

Niger, Areva tussle over future of uranium mining

Niamey - Niger's government and French nuclear giant Areva are engaged in tough talks on the future of uranium mining in the west African country, whose leaders want more money from the resource to help pay for development.

Retired couple find their French dream home is radiation hazard

A retired Dutch couple who moved to a village in the Corrèze department in deepest rural France are facing financial ruin after it was discovered that the house they had purchased had been built of stone mined from a former uranium ore mine.

Op-Ed: Large amounts of Uranium missing from Syrian Stockpile

Large amounts of uranium appear to be missing from Syria’s Mar Al Sultan enrichment facility. It was originally intended to supply uranium to Syria’s Al Kibar nuclear reactor. Iran may be trying to acquire more uranium for its nuclear weapons program.

Iran found to have more enriched uranium

Iran has been reported to have uranium which is more highly enriched than previously thought. The UN's IAEA has reported the find.

Kodak kept nuclear reactor in its basement, packed with uranium

Rochester - A well-kept secret for three decades, it is now coming to light that Eastman Kodak kept a nuclear reactor, including uranium, in a basement bunker near its Rochester, N.Y. facilities.

Op-Ed: The Earth is getting younger

Today, many geologists theorize that radioisotope dating shows the Earth is 4.6 billion years old. New dating techniques could offer the scientific community more accurate dates for the Earth’s age.

The Earth's clock may be a little out of time

New geological research into the way in which the age of the Earth is measured suggests that previous equations were incorrect and that some events might have occurred more recently than first thought.

Review: Should you invest in uranium?

An American financial analyst is recommending his subscribers to invest in uranium. His arguments are persuasive - if you think money is everything.

Iran says it has developed nuclear fuel, U.S. says claims hyped

Tehran - Iran says it has manufactured its own "domestically made" nuclear fuel. The country says the development is purely about energy, but the IAEA has suspicions the latest development is another step toward a nuclear weapons program.

Iran to triple enriched uranium production

Tehran - Iran announced June 8 it will shift production of its higher-enriched uranium to a mountain bunker to increase its uranium output.

Russia says Iran nuclear facility fully operational within weeks

Tehran - Iran’s much-delayed Bushehr nuclear power facility has begun low-level operations for testing and Russia claims the plant is on the “threshold” of being fully operational within weeks, achieving a major milestone in overcoming western propaganda.

'Cybernition' Stuxnet virus may target industrial sabotage on US

Stuxnet, the world's first ever worm-virus that is strong and clever enough to alter the functioning of machinery, particularly at nuclear uranium enrichment plants, could possibly be manipulated to cause catastrophic damage to any industrialized nation.

Saskatchewan uranium mines create toxic legacy Special

The Keepers of the Water, held a five day conference in Wollaston Lake Saskatchewan. Uranium mining in northern Saskatchewan, as well as other issues were discussed.

Smugglers offer 1.8 kg radioactive material to undercover police

Chisinau - Undercover detectives in the Republic of Moldova have arrested three smugglers possessing and trying to sell 1.8 kg of highly radioactive uranium-238, possibly enough to construct a so-called dirty bomb.

Iran President Ahmadinehad ready for face-to-face talk with Obama

Iranian strongman Mahmoud Ahmadinehad said Monday he is ready for a face-to-face meeting with US President Barack Obama on matters related to the international community in general and Iran's uranium enrichment program in particular.

Japan offers Iran access to nuclear power to enrich uranium

Tokyo - A new report shows that Japan is offering Iran access to nuclear power in order to enrich uranium despite international fears that Iran might be developing a nuclear weapon.

Iran Test Fires Their Long Range Missile

Iran announced Wednesday that it has successfully test fired their first long range missile. Iran continues to deny nuclear development.

Iranian experts assisting Venezuela in pursuit of uranium

Venezuela is discovering uranium deposits with the help of Iranian mining experts. The findings are proving to be significant.

Ahmadinejad says he wants uranium enrichment for medical purposes

Ahmadinejad delivers a punishing speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York and later says he wants enriched uranium for medical purposes. Medvedev indicates he may back stiffer sanctions against Iran.

First Proof of Uranium On The Moon Announced

A team using an advanced Gamma Ray Spectrometer has revealed the first conclusive information that the moon contains uranium. The data was gathered by Kaguya, a Japanese spacecraft and is being evaluated by a joint Japanese-American team.

Israeli report: Venezuela and Bolivia supplying uranium to Iran

An Israeli government report claims that Venezuela and Bolivia are supplying Iran with uranium to fuel its nuclear program. A new axis of evil?

Never mind depleted uranium, the farms are full of the hot stuff

Rock phosphates are so high in un-depleted uranium that several mines are on offer as uranium deposits. Morocco is the largest world exporter and its phosphate is in that list. Europe and Japan have male fertility problems, and both use Moroccan phosphate

United States and Israel Give Different Conclusions On Iran

United States intelligence has come to a conclusion that differentiates the conclusion brought forth by Israeli intelligence: Iran does not have highly enriched uranium.

Nuclear threat to be disarmed by diplomacy

The Obama administration is pushing for strengthening International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) authority thereby curbing the threat of nuclear proliferation.

Russia Testing Iran's Nuclear Power Plant

Iran is currently testing its newly built nuclear power plant amid opposition from concerned nations including the US and Israel because of fears that Iran will use its waste materials in building nuclear warheads.

Botswana's unique Kgalagadi Game Reserve faces mining threat

One of the world's largest wildlife reserves. located in Botswana, will soon host mining activities, after its government granted 112 exploration licences to 14 foreign firms for diamond, uranium, coal and base metals exploration in central Botswana.

Campaign to stop Iran acquiring fresh uranium

Western sources believe that Iran’s stockpile of yellow cake uranium is running out and could be exhausted in months. Yellow Cake uranium produced from uranium ore is required in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

Testing for Uranium and Arsenic Continues in Rural Fredericton, NB Capital Region

Registration for a provincial program to test for levels of carcinogenic agents in drinking water for the residents of Harvey Station, New Brunswick has been extended to August 31, 2008. Uranium, radon and arsenic levels are of most concern.
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Uranium Image

A boulder of uranium ore similar to the building material used for the Dutch couple s house in rural...
A boulder of uranium ore similar to the building material used for the Dutch couple's house in rural France
By Wusel007 (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons