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Microsoft reveals the Lumia 430: A low-cost Windows Phone

Microsoft has added another low-cost Windows Phone to its growing range. The Lumia 430 is the most affordable Lumia smartphone to-date at only $70 but still offers a full smartphone experience.

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade even to software pirates

Microsoft has announced that users currently running pirated versions of Windows will be able to upgrade them for free to Windows 10 when it launches later this year in what could be a historic moment in the lengthy battle against software pirates.

Internet Explorer is finally dead, Microsoft is killing the brand

Microsoft's marketing chief confirmed at the company's Convergence conference yesterday that the long ill-spoken Internet Explorer web browser brand will be killed off with Windows 10 and replaced with the company's new "Project Spartan."

Posting on social media will ruin your life, study finds

A study has confirmed the idea that obsessing over creating the "perfect" social media post will end up ruining your life, finding that 60 percent of people have missed an experience because they were trying too hard to take a picture or post about it.

Panda antivirus update causes software to flag itself

An update to Panda's antivirus software programs has led to the software recognising some of its own core files as malicious malware. It then quarantined them, leaving itself unable to run and preventing computers from starting up.

Xbox One gets major system update for October

Microsoft's Xbox One is getting a system update today, continuing the monthly patches it has received since launch. This is one of the more major ones though and includes some major UI tweaks.

Nokia Lumia 1520 gets Cyan update in Finland, India & UK

Users of the Nokia Lumia 1520 in Finland, India and the UK have been reporting that their devices have been receiving the Lumia Cyan Windows Phone 8.1 update since yesterday.

Xbox One update coming later this week

The awaited July Xbox One system update shown off earlier this year at E3 will be arriving later this week, bringing a new achievements system with it.

Android L increases phone battery life by 36%

One of the key features of the recently-announced Android L is 'Project Volta' which aims to boost the battery life of Android devices by tidying up the operating system in a variety of ways to preserve power as best as possible — something it achieves.

WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate 2 is available for testing

The immensely popular content management system WordPress has entered the second release candidate stage for version 3.9.

SimCity update 2.0 coming April 22

SimCity users have still been noticing ongoing bugs that creator EA Maxis has been working to fix. Now the company will be releasing version 2.0 update, which will be arriving on April 22 at around 4PM.

Google algorithm update coming this week or early next week

Google's Matt Cutts, head of search spam, announced that new updates with Google's Penguin and Panda algorithms. The updates are likely going to take place this Friday (March 15) or Monday of next week (March 18).

F1: Maria de Villota loses eye after serious crash during testing

Cambridge - Maria de Villota’s career and her hopes of becoming a Formula 1 driver ended nearly as quickly as they began, after a horrific crash during testing on Tuesday.

Update: What’s happening with the Occupy Wall Street protests

New York - Now known as the “Occupy Together” movement, Occupy Wall Street is a 23-day political movement that has now spread to over 1,399 cities worldwide, protesting the inequality of corporate greed and financial institution mismanagement.

Confidence in US newspapers and TV news rises slightly

Washington - A new Gallup poll shows Americans’ confidence in newspapers and television news has taken a slight rebound in the past year, but still falls far short of the levels seen during the 1990s and up until 2003.

Update: 10 injured in Christmas Day bomb blast in Philippines

Sulu, Philippines -- Government Secretary Jesse Robredo announced that a total number of 10 individuals have been reported to suffer injuries as a result of the bomb blast in the church in Jolo, Sulu that occurred this morning.

South African Air Show Crash: Update

A report says the former South African Air Force (SAAF) pilot who was killed at yesterday’s Overberg Fly-In near Cape Town was a very experienced pilot with close to 16,000 flying hours.

New Update for Playstation Store

The new 2.30 firmware update for the Playstation 3 introduces a revamped online store featuring new menus and functionality.

PSP Update Introduces Enhanced PSone Features

Sony PSP's new updated firmware (3.95) improves the consoles Remote Play Functions as well as tweaking areas of PSone play.

Microsoft fixes 300 holes in Windows Vista, but where does it end?

Windows Vista has more holes than a colander and now curious PC owners can check out a list of 300 fixes available in the forthcoming service pack. Even though Vista’s problems are still ongoing, Microsoft is also leaking details about its next OS.

update: Gunman Of Church Shootings Matthew Murray Hated Christians

The two churches that were attacked on Sunday in Colorado had more in common than just mission connections. The same gunman, Matthew Murray stroke twice, the second time losing his life as a security guard ended his rampage.

Confirmation of stealth Windows Update

ZDnet has now confirmed that the stealth Windows Update that was blogged about yesterday actually in fact exists. The writer detected it's presence on a machine at the PC Doc HQ.

Update: Redheads NOT going extinct

There was news last month from National Geographic article that redheads will become extinct soon, which became quite a bit of controversy and concern. But today researchers say redheads are here to stay and they will be around well beyond 2060.

Update: Taylor Whitney Dead At Seventeen

A child died Saturday night in a dark wooden ravine. Falling down and hitting his head young seventeen year old Taylor Whitney died leaving before many to mourn. The police say the young man "died of misadventure."

Update: Dow Jones board recommends acceptance of News Corp takeover

It’s official. The Dow Jones board voted for acceptance of the offer, and four of the board are Bancroft family members. However, two of them didn’t take part in the vote. The family may yet block the takeover, despite the board’s acceptance.

Fish Virus Update: Proof of Bait Purchase

Western, NY-- Fisherman now need proof of their purchase of live bait that they will be using in any of the lakes in New York state. Anyone caught without their proof of purchase will be fined up to $250.

This isn't your mom's 'Pac-Man'

Pac-Man creator releases the first update in 26 years with the new Championship Edition of Pac-Man.

Offensive Couch Update

All the lady wanted was an apology from the store owner and felt she was getting the run around. Well she finally got one. Was it what she thought?

Apple Updates iTunes – Releases iTunes 7.1.1

Addressing some minors issues witnessed in iTunes 7.1. , Apples on Friday release an update for iTunes – most current version 7.1.1.

UPDATE:: Girl living with dead body of roomate!!!

WOW! This you will not believe!
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