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Unknown News

Unknown dark force may be interacting with dark matter

Scientists have discovered what seems to be self-interacting dark matter through a previously unknown source, labelled the "dark force."

Large Hadron Collider begins restart process

The restart of the Large Hadron Collider has begun as particles begin to travel around the 27km tunnel again for the first time since 2013. The LHC has been shut down so that substantial upgrade and maintenance work can be completed.

Unknown signal from space may be dark matter

Scientists are receiving an X-ray signal from space which doesn't correspond to any known forms of matter. They are hoping the source will turn out to be the yet-unidentified, dark matter in the universe, which nobody has been able to identify or detect.

Unknown disease turns hair into fingernails

Doctors from around the globe are lost to what disease has left a young woman in misery. With no known cause, relief may only be temporary.

Shark Pregnant in Aquarium With No Males

Veterinarian Bob George sliced a dead shark open and saw something he thought was impossible. Shutting his eyes for a second to think about what he has seen, he opened them again - and they weren't lying. A female shark was carrying a pup - but how?

OP/ED The Unknown Soldier

Unsong heroes forgotten...

Retrieve locked keys with remote entry from cell phone

Here are 5 features of your cell phone you may have never heard of before.

Thailand Buries Unknown Tsunami Victims

Authorities on Wednesday began burying Thailands last 110 unidentified victims of the 2004 tsunami, a little more than two weeks ahead of the second anniversary of the disaster

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