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University of Utah News

Cliff-side brimming with late Triassic fossils discovered

Jensen - A cliff-side in Utah has offered paleontologists a precious glimpse into the age of the earliest dinosaurs, and the scientists have unearthed some amazing fossils. The fossils include a pterosaur that was likely the largest flying reptile of its time.

Lost your dog? Finding Rover can be much easier with this app

Finding Rover is a new smartphone app that helps dog owners find their lost pets by using facial recognition technology. John Polimeno, developer of the app, was sitting in a coffee shop when he noticed the ever ubiquitous "lost dog" poster.

Op-Ed: A 40 million war with germs for iron — Immunity and stealth

Just when you think you’ve got a grip on a subject, along comes a bit of news like this — one of the strategies the body uses to fight disease is to make sources of iron invisible to invading germs.

Review: University of Utah professor believes river dams are not obsolete Special

In his new book "River Republic - The Rise and Fall of America's Rivers" Daniel McCool talks about the "politics" of rivers and water management. On page 96 to 98 he mentions the "old guard" and its approach to tending to the waterways.

Wikipedia articles replace term paper in University of Utah class

Salt Lake City - The old fashion term paper is being replaced by an Internet sensation in one University of Utah classroom, where students can write articles for Wikipedia in lieu of a term paper for class credit.

Abe Lincoln might have ended up paralized

had Abe Lincoln lived longer it is likely he would have suffered from a neurodegenerative condition called spinocerebellar ataxia type 5 (SCA5).

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