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Op-Ed: A.I. writes Yelp! reviews, complete with OMGs, etc.

Chicago - Artificial intelligence (A.I.) writing has come a long way in the last few years, from “impossible” to industry standard (not much better) and now, useful Yelp! reviews. The reviews certainly do look authentic.

University of Chicago sets up $3.5 million Sanskrit professorship

Chicago - The University of Chicago has set up a Sanskrit studies professorship with $3.5 million U.S. donated by Guru and Anupama Ramakrishnan.

Op-Ed: Kids with religious upbringing ‘less altruistic’ — New study

Sydney - For some reason, altruism is the subject of a lot of psychological research. The University of Chicago study shows that kids brought up on religious principles are less giving than others. It’s not likely to be a popular finding.

Op-Ed: Banal science — Love or lust is where you look?

Chicago - In what may well be the behavioural science gimme of all time, scientists have stumbled on the information that whether a person looks at the face or body indicates love or lust. That was worth waiting 4 billion years to find out.

University of Chicago law student killed in car crash

Chicago - A 26-year-old woman died Friday following a collision between her taxi and a car driving the wrong way on Lake Shore Drive in the windy city.

Op-Ed: People with higher sense of justice use cognition, not emotions

A study by the University of Chicago has shown that those who have a stronger sense of justice use reason, rather than emotion, as primary intellectual drivers. A strange result in a crime-obsessed society, but interesting in its findings.

Op-Ed: Scientists create cosmic microwave background in 10 milliseconds

Sydney - Every now and then, in between unforgivable outbreaks of patronizing no-think infallibility, physics does something interesting. A new experiment has produced an almost dead ringer for the cosmic microwave background for the first time ever.

Study: People make more rational decisions in a foreign language

Chicago - Researchers have come up with another potential benefit to learning a secondary language. In a new study, University of Chicago researchers suggest people make 'more rational' decisions if they think a problem through in their non-native language.

Penguins use smell to identify relatives and to avoid inbreeding

Chicago - A study in captive Humboldt penguins revealed that these birds use smell to identify their partner and offspring; it also allows them to evade mating with relatives thus avoiding incest and the problems caused by inbreeding.

University of Chicago's 'robotic' library opens

Chicago - The University of Chicago on May 16, 2011 opened the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, where a giant robotic librarian organizes, retrieves and re-shelves automatically, and patrons find books though computer searches, much like accessing online references.

Scientist's death from bubonic plague confirmed

Chicago - In 2009 a Chicago university scientist died from what some thought might be from being infected with Bubonic Plague. He was studying a federally approved strain of the bacteria at the time and now the results are in.

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The archaeology team at the step pyramid near Edfu  Egypt.
The archaeology team at the step pyramid near Edfu, Egypt.
redit: Courtesy Tell Edfu Project at the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.
Professor Susan Kidwell and paleontologist Adam Tomašových of the Slovak Academy of Sciences exami...
Professor Susan Kidwell and paleontologist Adam Tomašových of the Slovak Academy of Sciences examine collections of mollusks at the Smithsonian Institution.
Photo by Bill Denison
The dome of the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library with the Joseph Regenstein Library and Nuclear Energy ...
The dome of the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library with the Joseph Regenstein Library and Nuclear Energy Sculpture at the University of Chicago
Luiz Gadelha Jr.(lmgadelha)/

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