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United airlines News

Pollution so bad in New Delhi United Airlines halts flights

New Delhi - The air in New Deli has remained "hazardous" for days. Illegal crop burning, vehicle emissions, industrial pollution and dust from sprawling construction sites have contributed to the public health emergency and there is no end in sight.

Man struck on head by flying beverage cart sues American Airlines

White Plains - A passenger launched a lawsuit against American Airlines for injuries suffered after his head was struck by an unsecured beverage cart. Rather than make an emergency landing to treat his injuries, the flight continued to its destination.

Family kicked off JetBlue plane over birthday cake

A New Jersey family of four was removed from a plane after JetBlue claimed they would not follow instructions, became agitated, cursed and made false accusations against a crew member. Video of the event seems to tell a different story.

Man who filmed dispute with United Airlines agent denied flight

New Orleans - A traveller who got into a dispute with a United Airlines gate agent over the cost of his overweight bag began filming the argument. The agent said he did not have her permission to film her and when he refused to stop, his reservation was cancelled.

Woman takes United flight, flies 3,000 miles in wrong direction

At least Lucie Bahetoukilae wasn’t forcibly removed from a plane. But if she had been, she would not have ended up in San Francisco instead of Paris, her intended destination. United Airlines then did what they do best—they apologized.

Woman claims she was thrown off United flight because of a cat

Another day, another airline story. A woman claims she was kicked off a United Airlines flight because she told an agent at the gate she had respiratory problems and needed to sit as far away as possible from a cat that was in the passenger cabin.

Man kicked off Delta flight for using washroom prior to takeoff

Atlanta - When you gotta go, you gotta go. A Delta passenger was removed from a flight for going to the washroom while the plane was sitting on the tarmac prior to takeoff. Employees telling the man to get off the plane was filmed by fellow passengers.

Flight attendant accused of hitting passenger with baby stroller

San Francisco - An American Airlines flight attendant is accused of violently taking a stroller from a woman, striking her and almost hitting her baby. After confronted by a male passenger, the flight attended dared the man to hit him.

Some Americans willing to pay more, travel longer to avoid United

The results of a poll is not good news for United Airlines. Taken in the wake of Dr. David Dao being seen physically removed from a plane show a significant number of people would choose another airline even if the flight was more expensive and longer.

Couple travelling for their wedding kicked off United flight

Houston - In the latest fiasco involving United Airlines, a Utah couple who are getting married in Costa Rica were told to leave the plane after a dispute arose over their seats. United has a different version of what happened than the man and woman do.

Family vacation begins with Air Canada bumping 10-year-old boy

Charlottetown - A family vacation to Costa Rica was disrupted when Air Canada announced a couple’s 10-year-old son was being bumped from a flight from Charlottetown, PEI to Montreal. The fact a young child was being bumped did not seem to matter to the airline.

Korean man sues American Airlines for discrimination in bumping

After a 69-year-old doctor forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight because the airlines needed his seat for a crew member, a Korean pastor has launched a lawsuit against American Airlines alleging discrimination in being bumped from a flight.

United Airlines may have misled federal regulators in 2014

During discussions about proposed rule changes back in 2014, United Airlines argued one of these changes was not necessary because all ticketed passengers are guaranteed seats. Recent events have shown this is not always the case.

United incident shows how few rights you have on a flight

United Airlines has come under fire for a viral video that shows a passenger being forcibly removed from a plane after refusing to give up his seat.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz makes a bad situation worse

Chicago - According to the CEO of United Airlines, the passenger who was forcibly removed from a Chicago to Louisville flight because of overbooking was “disruptive and belligerent.” Many are calling for a boycott of United and the firing of the CEO.

United Airlines overbooks flight, has man dragged off plane

Chicago - On Sunday evening, a video posted on Facebook showed a man being dragged off an overbooked flight surfaced. The clip has since gone viral.

Teens barred from flight for wearing leggings

Denver - Two teenage girls tried to board a United Airlines flight from Denver to Minneapolis. However, a gate agent denied them boarding because they were wearing leggings.

United Airlines pilot charged with running six Houston brothels

Houston - It is alleged a pilot who flew international flights with United Airlines led a double life and allegedly ran several Houston brothels. He and another woman face pimping-related charges.

Two hackers earn a million miles each for finding bugs for United

Two hackers have scored it big, getting one million frequent-flier miles each from United Airlines after finding security breaches in the airline's computer systems.

United Airlines pilot flushes live ammunition down toilet

Apparently, a United Airlines pilot failed to notice the signs in the in-flight bathroom warning people only to flush toilet paper down the toilet. The pilot in question actually flushed live ammunition down the tube.

United Airlines flights back in air after worldwide groundstop

Technical problems temporarily grounded United Airlines flights worldwide and halted trading at the New York Stock Exchange. The timing of the two incidents have fueled speculation that the events are related.

Flight diverted due to passenger smoking on plane

Denver - A United flight that took off in Denver en route to Boston was forced to turn around after a passenger refused to stop smoking in the plane's lavatory.

'Joke Tweet' gets cybersecurity expert barred from United flight

A prominent cybersecurity researcher ran afoul of United Airlines last week after he joked on Twitter that the airline's onboard computer systems could be hacked. The airline was not amused.

Op-Ed: Squeezing more people onto planes not a good idea

A frequent flyer I am not. Nor do I weigh 100 kgs (plus). I should probably shut my face up for the plans to squeeze (and add) seats on most of airlines. The United Airlines plan to introduce this suicidal idea sparked my outrage because I can calculate.

United Airlines: Monk upset after customer service makes mistake

Abiquiu - It takes a lot to rattle a monk, but somehow, staff at United Airlines managed to do it. Brother Noah of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, located in New Mexico, is the monk in question.

United, Orbitz sue 22-year-old whose site exposes cheap airfares

A 22-year-old whose website helps travelers save money through a little-known loophole is now facing the wrath of United Airlines and its partner, Orbitz.

United Airlines and Houston Airport kill hundreds of birds

Houston - A poison that some see as inhumane is being employed by the Houston Airport and United Airlines. The method to kill these birds seem to go too far for some people.

Passenger planes nearly collide, fly a football field apart

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation into an incident on May 9 that could have been a tragedy. Two United Airline planes flying over the Houston airport came within seconds of a mid-air collision.

Family kicked off United flight after complaining about movie

A family was recently removed from a flight traveling from Colorado to Maryland. Reportedly, they were deemed a security risk after getting upset about the in-flight movie being shown on the United flight.

Emergency landing at Dulles after passenger refuses instructions

Dulles - Yesterday, a United Airlines flight declared an emergency when a passenger refused to follow a flight attendant's instructions regarding landing procedures. The man ignored staff and began praying in the aisle.
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United Express. Airplane engine during flight.
United Express. Airplane engine during flight.
United Airlines aircraft.
United Airlines aircraft.
A United Airlines Boeing 757-222 landing at Vancouver International Airport
A United Airlines Boeing 757-222 landing at Vancouver International Airport
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United Airlines Boeing 777-200
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File photo: United Airbus A320
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A United Airlines plane
A United Airlines plane
An assortment of United Airlines aircraft at San Francisco International Airport.
An assortment of United Airlines aircraft at San Francisco International Airport.
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United Airlines has awarded two hackers one million frequent-flier miles each for finding bugs in th...
United Airlines has awarded two hackers one million frequent-flier miles each for finding bugs in the company's computer systems.

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