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U.S. cyber attack may be 4 times larger than original reports

An estimated 18 million people may have been affected by recent hack of U.S. government data — a number far greater than what is publicly acknowledged. A Chinese group is suspected to be responsible for the theft of data over several months.

U.S. to exhaust borrowing capacity by October 17

Jack Lew, U.S. Treasury Secretary, warned Congress that the United States would exhaust its borrowing capacity by Oct. 17, leaving about $30bn cash on hand. Lew urged Congress to raise $16.7 trillion borrowing limit to avoid upset in financial markets.

Op-Ed: The United States Government Shakedown Continues

If financial institutions did handle finance, now they seem to practice law. And if regulators once did regulation, now they seem to raise capital.

Global Trends 2030: Conflicts for water, superhumans the norm

Washington - Where do you see yourself or the world in the next 18 years? The United States government's National Intelligence Council (NIC) published Monday its Global Trends 2030 report, which looks at what the world will be like in the next two decades.

Op-Ed: Our world depends on American heroes

Baker City - I think an American hero means different things to millions of people around the world who depend upon the United States to help aid them or install freedom and democracy in their country.

Manufacturer recalls tons of raw tuna in U.S.

The manufacturer of raw yellow-fin tuna frequently used for sushi, sashimi, ceviche and other dishes, is recalling nearly 59,000 pounds of the product because of possible salmonella contamination.

White House officially denies making alien contact in petition

Washington - The White House has officially responded to an online petition signed by thousands that requested the United States government "to acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth." The Obama administration denied alien visits or UFO coverups.

Poll: 81% unhappy with U.S. government

Washington - An overwhelmingly majority of American said they are dissatisfied with our political leaders in Washington and the way they are governing the nation, according a new poll.

Iran to sanction 26 U.S. officials over human rights violations

Tehran - The National Security and Foreign Policy Committee in the Iranian Parliament, otherwise known as the Majlis, will apply sanctions against 26 United States officials, including former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

U.S. Government Stopped Original Purchase of Saab

The United States government stepped in the middle of the original deal to sell Saab last year due to suspected mafia connections.

Ron Paul: The government can't change welfare, warfare state

Republican Congressman Ron Paul appeared on Neil Cavuto's Fox News business show to discuss President Barack Obama's proposal to enact a spending freeze but Paul believes it's just more rhetoric.

Ron Paul: CIA runs the U.S. government, military after coup

Republican Congressman Ron Paul delivered a speech at the Campaign for Liberty regional conference in Atlanta over the weekend and said the Central Intelligence Agency runs the United States government and military after its coup d'etat.

Oliver Stone: US media, government demonize Hugo Chavez

United States filmmaker Oliver Stone states in a new film that the US government and media demonize Hugo Chavez and other South American leaders.

The Libby Tapes are in

What is in store for Mr Libby?

Torture and Execution by TASER in the USA [Gwinnett County, Georgia]

The use of electric shock as a method of torture was first documented in Nazi, Germany, but today it is still used as an acceptable use of torture in the United States. In Gwinnett County, Georgia, an un-edited police videotape shows 31-year-old Deacon...

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