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Unidentified flying objects News

Inter-dimensional portal caught on film, Truth or Hoax?

On December 7, 2015 tourists captured on film a swirling inter-dimensional portal in the sky above the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. An orb is seen entering the portal before it disappears. The question is it truth or a clever hoax?

Extraterrestrial enthusiasts claim ISS cameras show several UFOs

NASA may not have realized that streaming video from the International Space Station (ISS) would lead to UFO enthusiasts claiming the videos have captured numerous UFOs, but that is exactly what is happening.

Op-Ed: Psychic charlatans and flying saucers in the news

London - The British Government has released its latest tranche of documents relating to flying saucers, while a psychic has won a libel action against a tabloid newspaper.

Video: Are there UFOs at Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano?

Theories and speculations of UFOs continue to surround Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano. An active volcano, for months now claims of UFO spottings at the Popocatepetl have persisted and recent footage has emerged.

Review: 'Conspiracy Road Trip - 3. UFOs' Special

Los Angeles - This is the third in the series of road trips aimed at squelching so-called conspiracy theories. There may or may not be life on other worlds, but have our governments really been covering up alien visits to Earth, or worse?

Former Blue Book director, others, say UFOs real, need study

Las Vegas - Former Blue Book Director Director, Col. Robert Friend, told lecture attendees at the Las Vegas National Atomic Testing Museum that UFOs are real and should be studied.

Op-Ed: Flying saucers have landed — or have they?

If recent reports here and elsewhere are to be believed, the world is in the middle of one of its periodic saucer flaps, but how do we sort the wheat from the chaff? David Hume had the answer more than two and a half centuries ago.

Latvian town reports UFO crash, officials call it a hoax

In Mazsalaca, Latvia on Sunday, residents identified a large unidentified flaming object from the sky and crashed to form a large crater. However, officials are calling it a giant hoax.

UFO formation in South Africa filmed by cops

Twenty three lights moved steadily in the night-sky of Witbank, South Africa on Friday March 6 2009 -- and scores of residents in nearby Middelburg also saw them. They called in the police, who filmed the odd formation of lights on their cellphones.

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