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Destruction of Palmyra would be 'enormous loss to humanity:' UNESCO chief

Paris - The destruction of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Palmyra would be an "enormous loss to humanity", the head of the organisation warned on Thursday after Islamic State fighters seized the ancient Syrian city.

UNESCO chief 'deeply concerned' about Palmyra, urges ceasefire

Paris - The head of UNESCO said on Wednesday she was "deeply concerned" about fighting in Syria's ancient city of Palmyra and called for an "immediate" end to hostilities.

UNESCO condemns 'severe' bombing damage to Sanaa old town

Paris - The United Nations cultural agency on Tuesday condemned "severe damage" caused to heritage sites in Yemen, such as Sanaa's old city, during intense bombing of the rebel-held capital.

Australia spending big money to lobby UNESCO against reef listing

The conservative Abbot government is pushing hard to prevent the Great Barrier Reef from being classified as “endangered”. If the reef is classified as such, it could throw a wrench in the conservative government's plans.

UNESCO to award press freedom prize to jailed Syria activist

Paris - The UN's cultural body will on Sunday award its annual press freedom prize to Mazen Darwish, a Syrian journalist and rights activist who has been jailed by the regime for more than three years.

France's Hollande steps back in time at giant cave replica

Vallon-pont-d'arc - French President Francois Hollande on Friday stepped 36,000 years back in time into a darkened, cool cave to admire the earliest known figurative paintings of hands, bears, rhinos and panthers.

World Bank dam and foreign land-grab force out Ethiopian tribes

World Bank and China join Ethipoia's government to relocate 200,000 villagers of the Omo River and Lake Turkana Valley, UNESCO protected "Cradle of Mankind," to replace them with super-irrigation plantations and hydroelectric plants aimed at exportation.

Pompeii collapsing due to weather and slow restoration plans

Pompei - Heavy rains have again threatened to destroy parts of the ancient city of Pompeii, This time, the unrelenting rains caused a landslide, partially collapsing a retaining wall in the Garden of Severus along the rocky south of Pompeii.

Op-Ed: Cultural Cleansing: An imperfect name for a growing problem

The director of UNESCO has dubbed the intentional destruction of Iraq's cultural heritage "cultural cleansing." A bland and imperfect, but necessary and welcome, name for a very real and, sadly, recurring trend.

Mrs Clooney to fight for return of Greek monuments from Britain

Newly-wed Mrs Clooney, formerly Amal Alamuddin, has flown into Greece to help the nation try and claim back the Parthenon marbles from Britain.

Op-Ed: UNESCO rejects World Heritage delisting application by Australia

Sydney - The highly controversial application by the Abbott government to delist tens of thousands of hectares of Tasmanian old growth forest has been rejected by UNESCO. In Australia, the application caused outrage and large demonstrations.

French cave home to earliest drawings wins World Heritage status

Doha - UN cultural agency UNESCO on Sunday granted its prized World Heritage status to a prehistoric cave in southern France containing the earliest known figurative drawings.

Ancient Inca roads win coveted World Heritage status

Doha - UN cultural agency UNESCO on Saturday granted its coveted World Heritage status to a vast and ancient Inca road system spanning six countries in South America.

UNESCO warns Australia over Great Barrier Reef

Doha - UN cultural agency UNESCO on Wednesday warned Australia that the Great Barrier Reef could be put on a list of endangered World Heritage Sites if more is not done to protect it.

Inca trails, ancient French cave vie for World Heritage status

Doha - Inca trails spanning six countries and a French cave with some of the earliest known paintings are among the sites expected to get World Heritage status at a UNESCO meeting that started Sunday in Doha.

Australian natural wonders under UNESCO spotlight

Sydney - Australia is home to some of the most pristine environment on Earth, but two of its most high-profile protected areas face threats to their status as World Heritage Sites at a UNESCO meeting starting Sunday in Doha.

Australians rally over future of Tasmania forest

Sydney - Thousands of Australians rallied Saturday against the proposed logging of protected forests in rugged Tasmania ahead of a UNESCO World Heritage meeting where the issue will be discussed.

Ancient Pompeii wall collapses, making the third this week

A wall collapsed in the ancient Roman city Pompeii, making this the third collapse of the ancient Roman city in the past three days.

Inside Alberta's Dinosaur Provincial Park

Located in the badlands of Alberta, Canada is a place of such stellar beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes, it takes your breath away. Dinosaur Provincial Park is not only a place great creatures roamed 75 million years ago, it's also their graveyard.

Typhoon Haiyan's death toll in Philippines could exceed 10,000

Tacloban - The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan which struck the Philippines, Nov. 7, is likely to escalate to five figures as officials in the Philippine island of Leyte, hardest hit by the monster storm, began assessing the damage.

UNESCO grants Japan's Mount Fuji World Heritage status

Phnom Penh - Japan's Mount Fuji has been granted World Heritage status by UNESCO, along with a series of ancient terraced rice paddies in China and the desert city of Agardaz in Niger, among other wonders.

Nigerian physicist Francisca Okeke wins UNESCO science award

A Nigerian physicist Professor Francisca Okeke is one of the four winners of the 2013 L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science.

Mysterious death of Canadian in Chile regarded as ‘accidental’

Santiago - “Accidental death” is the main thesis considered by Chilean Police in connection with the death of Bhupinder Mandair, a Canadian national who went missing on Jan. 1, during the New Year celebrations in Valparaiso, and whose body was found on Friday.

Chile Police finds body of Canadian missing since New Year's Eve

Santiago - A Canadian citizen working for UNESCO in Santiago de Chile, who disappeared in Valparaiso on New Year's Eve, was found dead. A police investigation to determine the causes of his death is underway.

Op-Ed: Pakistani President visits Malala

On Saturday, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari visited Malala Yousufzai, the young Pakistani education activist who was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban in October, at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

Op-Ed: Launch of the Youth Version of UNESCO's Education for All Report Special

Between October 1-9, a group of 12 young people, myself included, from all corners of the world came together to create a Youth Summary for UNESCO’s 2012 Education for All (EFA) Report.

Medieval French wine town forced to sell monuments for debts

Bordeaux - Wine lovers flock to the medieval French town of Saint-Émilion in the Bordeaux region, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1999. The cash strapped town is now forced to sell off some of its monuments to pay its debts.

US cuts funding to UNESCO over Palestinian membership

New York - The United States has notified UNESCO that it will no longer be fulfilling their funding obligations after the UN body voted overwhelmingly to allow Palestine full membership.

UN launches int'l competition for slavery memorial design

New York - The United Nations (UN) announced on Friday the launching of an international competition for the design and structure for a memorial honoring victims of slavery worldwide.

Palawan's Underground River vies for New 7 Wonders of Nature List

Puerto Princesa City - Palawan's Underground River has first gained international prestige and recognition after UNESCO classified it as a World Heritage Site. Recently, it has been named as one of the 28 sites being considered for the New 7 Wonders of Nature in the World.
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Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park covers 857.54 sq. Km. (211 902.7 acres). Created in 2001  it was ...
Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park covers 857.54 sq. Km. (211,902.7 acres). Created in 2001, it was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.
Lunenburg  Nova Scotia. Home of the Bluenose 11
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Home of the Bluenose 11
Palmyra  view from Qalaat Ibn Maan  Temple of Bel and colonnaded axis.
Palmyra, view from Qalaat Ibn Maan, Temple of Bel and colonnaded axis.
Arian Zwegers
Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton (near Melbourne)  VIC  AU
Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton (near Melbourne), VIC, AU
And eagle in the mangrove
And eagle in the mangrove
The entrance to the Underground River in Palawan
The entrance to the Underground River in Palawan
Simon Schoeters Flickr Creative Commons
 Sea Shepherd meets the  Tree shepherds  is the name of this photo by Gary Stokes
"Sea Shepherd meets the "Tree shepherds" is the name of this photo by Gary Stokes
Gary Stokes photography
Kilim Geoforest park  Langkawi  Malaysia
Kilim Geoforest park, Langkawi, Malaysia
The Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world. It s over 5.5 miles long  has a jung...
The Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world. It's over 5.5 miles long, has a jungle and river, and could fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls.
screen grab
Looking back at the opening to Son Doong.
Looking back at the opening to Son Doong.
screen grab
Goth Phil
A scenic panorama  Dinosaur Provincial Park  Alberta  Ca.
A scenic panorama, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Ca.
Kevin Saff
Pre-Columbian stone sphere  located at the University of Costa Rica as a symbol of tradition and anc...
Pre-Columbian stone sphere, located at the University of Costa Rica as a symbol of tradition and ancient wisdom.
Why is this less valuable than a few bucks? Ask the spreadsheet-worshippers.
Why is this less valuable than a few bucks? Ask the spreadsheet-worshippers.
Australian Geographic