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Unemployment News

Coronavirus: Helping the unemployed transition to digital jobs

The coronavirus pandemic that sent shock-waves through the economy, resulting in rising unemployment. The employment market is also undergoing restructuring.

US unemployment report won't show full extent of pandemic's damage

Washington - A staggering 10 million US workers have lost their jobs in the second half of March as the coronavirus forced stores and businesses nationwide to close their doors.

Nearly half billion people lack decent jobs: UN

Geneva - More than 470 million people worldwide are currently unemployed or underemployed, the UN said on Monday, warning that a lack of access to decent jobs was contributing to social unrest.

Harry and Meghan wrap up African tour

Johanesburg - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Wednesday wrapped up a marathon tour of southern Africa by visiting South African President Cyril Ramaphosa after pledging millions for skills training for jobless youngsters.

Iraq police fire to disperse new protests despite restraint calls

Baghdad - Iraqi security forces fired live rounds on Wednesday to disperse new protests in the capital, despite calls from top leaders for restraint after three demonstrators were killed.

Calls for restraint after deadly Iraq protests

Baghdad - Iraq's president and the United Nations urged security forces to show restraint on Wednesday after two protesters were killed in clashes with police that other top officials blamed on "infiltrators.

Nigerian migrants struggle to reintegrate after Libya ordeal

Benin City - Emerging from her ordeal, Gloria considers herself "privileged". Last year, the 26-year-old left Nigeria with four other women, dreaming of a better life in Europe.

South Africa unemployment hits record 29 percent

Pretoria - Joblessness in South Africa has reached a record 29 percent, the statistics office said Tuesday, piling pressure on President Cyril Ramaphosa's administration after it won May elections vowing to halve unemployment.

Greek road trip: unemployment the big bogey in July 7 vote

Piraeus - When Greeks go to the ballot box on July 7 in early elections, unemployment and recovery from a near-decade crisis will be the main battleground between the outgoing leftist government and the resurgent conservatives.

Prison unemployment payments leave Dutch red-faced

Den Haag - Dutch authorities have been left red-faced after revelations that hundreds of prisoners collect unemployment benefits behind bars despite the law specifically prohibiting the practice.

Brazil jobless rate falls but record number give up looking

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's jobless rate fell in the latest three-month period, data showed Friday, but the number of people who gave up looking for work hit a record high as the economy totters on the edge of recession.

After crisis, Greek youth divided about EU

Atenas - As she ponders her future abroad, Greek university graduate Alexandra is unsure she wants to vote on May 26 for an EU structure she holds responsible for ravaging her country after its debt crisis.

Facing cronyism and no work, young Haitians protest or flee

Port-au-prince - Whether using social media to fight corruption or marching in protests that have brought the country to a halt, the anger of Haiti's youth at their lack of prospects is boiling over in increasingly dramatic ways.

Number of EU workers slides before Brexit: data

London - The number of EU workers in Britain sank in the third quarter by the largest amount since records began, official data showed Tuesday ahead of Brexit.The total of European Union nationals working in Britain fell 132,000 to 2.

Destitute Yemeni builds home in a tree

Sanaa - Yemeni Ahmed Houbeichi is not acting out some childhood fantasy when he peers down on the street below from his tree-house. War and poverty have forced him to seek out such a lofty shelter.

Argentina's economic woes exacerbate the misery of slum life

Buenos Aires - Drug gangs and addicts are a common scourge in the Villa Zavaleta slum in Buenos Aires, where even before the recent economic crisis brought them to their knees, the 1,200 families faced a daily struggle just to eat.

Jobless gardener says Macron remarks were 'hard to swallow'

Paris - The unemployed gardener who French President Emmanuel Macron said had only to "cross the road" to find a job described the controversial remarks Tuesday as "hard to swallow".

Macron sparks Marie-Antoinette jibe after jobless remark

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron has sparked criticism over comments to an unemployed man deemed insensitive. But is it really possible, as he claimed, to find a job in a Parisian restaurant just by crossing the street?

Greek unemployment below 20% for first time since 2011

Atenas - Greece's unemployment rate, the highest in the European Union, has edged below 20 percent for the first time in seven years, statistics bureau Elstat reported Thursday.The rate came in at 19.5 percent, down from 21.

Burger on wheels: Saudis try once 'lowly' jobs as economy bites

Apo - Dishing out burgers and fries slathered with melted cheese, "One Way Burger" is like any other trendy food truck in Riyadh. But it offers something rare -- the cook behind the sizzling hot grill is a Saudi.

Brazilian unemployment continues to dip — slowly

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's unemployment misery eased further in June, dipping to 12.4 percent, according to government statistics Tuesday, although much of the improvement was credited to creation of less secure jobs.

Eurozone growth slows sharply in first quarter: EU

Apo - Growth in the eurozone slowed in the first quarter this year, data showed Wednesday, adding to fears that the recovery in Europe was losing steam.

Greek media squeezed as banks pull plug on loans

Atenas - On the side of a buzzing Athens highway, a group of middle-aged men huddle in the dark beside a tarpaulin-covered van, outside the offices of one of Greece's wealthiest families.

Praise, positive data pile up for French economy

Paris - The good news keeps coming for the French economy: data published Thursday showed unemployment at its lowest level since 2009 while the head of the IMF praised recent reforms by President Emmanuel Macron.

IMF chief urges Arab states to slash spending

Dibai - IMF chief Christine Lagarde on Saturday urged Arab countries to slash public wages and subsidies in order to rein in spending, achieve sustainable growth and create jobs.

Macron under fire over plan to tighten joblessness monitoring

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron came under fire Wednesday over his policy on jobless benefits after a press leak pointed to plans to tighten monitoring of people on the dole.

Macron sees 'major' gains in jobs outlook in mid-2019

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday he expects his flagship labour reforms to produce major results in terms of creating new jobs by mid-2019.

France unemployment falls at start of Macron presidency

Paris - The number of jobless in France dipped slightly in June, the first full month under President Emmanuel Macron, who has launched labour reforms aimed at boosting hiring.After rising in May the number of unemployed in mainland France fell by 0.

Despairing young Italians seek greener pastures abroad

Milan - "Italy gets worse every time you look at it and offers less and less to young people," says Antonio Davide D'Elia, just one of thousands of young Italians who have decided to try their luck abroad.

U.S. labor force dropping out and getting high

The Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen dropped a bomb shell on Thursday, saying the opioid crisis in the U.S. is weighing on labor force participation, especially among working-age men.
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Unemployment Image

A now hiring sign is posted on the window of a business on June 1  2018 in San Francisco  California...
A now hiring sign is posted on the window of a business on June 1, 2018 in San Francisco, California; A hiring spree in May helped drive the unemployment rate down to 3.8 percent
Jobs on offer at a local employment fair.
Jobs on offer at a local employment fair.
Malcolm Tredinnick
September 2012 total workforce unemployment chart. Courtesy of
September 2012 total workforce unemployment chart. Courtesy of
Keith Bacongco
Unemployed teachers wait for an interview at Brooklyn Museum  NYC.
Unemployed teachers wait for an interview at Brooklyn Museum, NYC.
A student stands in front of a job board looking for opportunities.
A student stands in front of a job board looking for opportunities.
Geithner to leave in consideration of family.
Geithner to leave in consideration of family.
An Unemployment and Job Center in Lyon France
An Unemployment and Job Center in Lyon France
Eight striking bus drivers who were fired in July in Luque  located 12 km northeast of Asunción   h...
Eight striking bus drivers who were fired in July in Luque, located 12 km northeast of Asunción, have nailed themselves to crosses in protest.
adam pacitti
Sky Soleil performs Queen and David Bowie s Under Pressure to draw attention to the plight of the ho...
Sky Soleil performs Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure to draw attention to the plight of the homeless and jobless in the United States.
YouTube screen shot

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