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Unemployment News

France unemployment falls at start of Macron presidency

Paris - The number of jobless in France dipped slightly in June, the first full month under President Emmanuel Macron, who has launched labour reforms aimed at boosting hiring.After rising in May the number of unemployed in mainland France fell by 0.

Despairing young Italians seek greener pastures abroad

Milan - "Italy gets worse every time you look at it and offers less and less to young people," says Antonio Davide D'Elia, just one of thousands of young Italians who have decided to try their luck abroad.

U.S. labor force dropping out and getting high

The Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen dropped a bomb shell on Thursday, saying the opioid crisis in the U.S. is weighing on labor force participation, especially among working-age men.

Unemployment drops in Brazil to 13.3 percent

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's unemployment rate marked its second straight month of decline in May, according to new figures Friday, falling 0.3 points to 13.3 percent following two and a half years of increases as the country struggles to emerge from a historic recession....

Brazil's unemployment rate falls for first time since 2014

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's sickly economy got an unexpected glimmer of good news Wednesday with unemployment figures showing a slight dip to 13.6 percent rather than yet another record rise.

Brazil's government popularity sinks deeper

Rio De Janeiro - Only one in 10 Brazilians think President Michel Temer's government is doing a good job, according to a new poll Friday.

Brazil unemployment hits record 12 percent

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's unemployment rate hit 12 percent between October and December, another record high, official data showed Tuesday even as the economy is forecast to slowly exit deep recession.That amounted to 12.

Hollande hails slight French jobless fall

Paris - The number of unemployed in France fell by nearly 12,000 in October, bringing the total reduction this year to over 100,000 in what President Francois Hollande said Thursday was proof his policies were "bearing fruit".

Plunge in French joblessness gives Hollande rare boost

Paris - In a rare piece of good news seized on by embattled President Francois Hollande, France recorded its sharpest drop in unemployment for 20 years in September, the labour ministry said Tuesday.

Hard times fuel Tehran taxi glut

Tehran - Mansour Faridfar did well on the black market until the law caught up and left him jobless, forcing him to join the thousands of "shakhsi" unofficial taxi drivers clogging Tehran's streets.

Millennials aren't building startups like past generations

Millennials may call themselves the most entrepreneurial generation, but the data doesn't seem to back that claim up. That's according to a new nationwide study by professional services firm EY and the Economic Innovation Group.

Spaniards chased away by crisis attempt return home

Madrid - Luis Lag is one of thousands of Spaniards who went abroad during the crisis. This "very good decision" allowed him to find a better job when he eventually came back.

Spain's disposable workers, a hot-button election issue

Madrid - "They hire you, they ditch you, they hire you and they ditch you again.

Each firm should hire one jobless person, says Turkish leader

Istanbul - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday came up with a novel scheme to rein in the country's high unemployment levels, saying that every company should take on one unemployed person.

Bleak prediction for U.S. employment

Washington - Employment levels in the U.S. are looking more precarious, according to a new report. The number of U.S. citizens filing for unemployment benefits increased dramatically according to government figures.

Brazil debates economic cost of corruption investigation

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is raising hackles after warning that the mega Petrobras corruption probe is paralyzing essential sectors of the Brazilian economy, like oil and construction.

Will robots take away your job? Special

In the classic sci fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” a robot vaporizes anyone standing in its way. In reality, though, it’s not people that robots are vaporizing, it’s their jobs.

Tunisia PM urges patience after social unrest

Tunis - Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid pleaded Saturday for people to be "patient" after a wave of protests against poverty and unemployment in the worst social unrest since the 2011 revolution.

Tunisia imposes curfew after worst post-revolt unrest

Tunis - Tunisia on Friday declared a nighttime curfew across the country after a wave of protests and clashes that constitute the most serious outbreak of social unrest since its 2011 revolution.

Tunisia police disperse new protest after jobless man's death

Kasserine - Tunisian police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse hundreds of job-seeking demonstrators in the impoverished town of Kasserine, in a second day of protests after the death of an unemployed man.

Op-Ed: Hollande says 'economic emergency' equal to terrorism

Paris - Socialist President Francois Hollande is not a popular man in France due to perpetually high unemployment rates in that country. An especially weak economy is chipping away at his poll numbers and the presidential election is little more than a year away.

Major pharmaceutical companies announce big layoffs

We are only into the early days of 2016 but this hasn’t slowed the actions of companies doing anything to protect their share prices. Two big pharmaceutical companies have already announced plant closures and layoffs.

As Spanish polls near, disillusioned jobless struggle on

Madrid - Gema Martin remembers with a touch of nostalgia the time when she had medical insurance, holidays... in other words, a job.

Refugee crisis tests Sweden's lofty aim of 'equality for all'

Malm - Aneta Moura, who emigrated to Sweden from Greece 43 years ago, says the last ethnic Swede has moved off her street in Malmo's Rosengard neighbourhood and youths with nothing to do hang out on the streets at all hours.

Review: ‘Traders’ deals in humour and extraordinary enterprise Special

‘Traders’ is a darkly humoured and entertaining story about a couple of guys who realize they can profit from the desperation of others guilt-free. Fantasia Film Festival plays host to two sold-out screenings of the film.

From building sites to pumpkin patches in Spain's crisis

Madrid - Five years ago, during Spain's housing boom, Felix Jumbo worked as a builder. Now he digs pumpkins and cabbages in a district where construction cranes once swung.Like millions in Spain, the 51-year-old Ecuadorian lost his job.

Sardinia's poor defy anti-immigrant mood to help refugees

Italy's wealthy north may have tired of asylum seekers, but in one of the poorest regions of Sardinia locals are clothing and feeding refugee families.

Many jobless Americans have given up on looking for employment

The unemployment rate officially dropped to 5.4 percent in April, but a closer examination shows that 40 percent of America's 8.5 million unemployed people have given up on the job search. This data suggests that the labor market is worse than it seems.

Spain's school dropout zone Andalusia votes for jobs

Spain - Daniel, Alejandro and Adrian had never had a real job before, but a few days before an election in their Andalusian home region one landed in each of their laps as if by magic.

Four killed in Bosnian mine waste slide

Sarajevo - Four people illegally extracting coal from an opencast mine in Bosnia have been killed in a slag heap slide, authorities said Sunday.
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adam pacitti
Geithner to leave in consideration of family.
Geithner to leave in consideration of family.
Unemployed teachers wait for an interview at Brooklyn Museum  NYC.
Unemployed teachers wait for an interview at Brooklyn Museum, NYC.
September 2012 total workforce unemployment chart. Courtesy of
September 2012 total workforce unemployment chart. Courtesy of
Andrew Neil of the BBC interviewing  Mark Beatson  chief economist from the Chartered Institute of P...
Andrew Neil of the BBC interviewing Mark Beatson, chief economist from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, about its research into so-called "zero hour contracts"
An Unemployment and Job Center in Lyon France
An Unemployment and Job Center in Lyon France
Jobs on offer at a local employment fair.
Jobs on offer at a local employment fair.
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Eight striking bus drivers who were fired in July in Luque  located 12 km northeast of Asunción   h...
Eight striking bus drivers who were fired in July in Luque, located 12 km northeast of Asunción, have nailed themselves to crosses in protest.
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Sky Soleil performs Queen and David Bowie s Under Pressure to draw attention to the plight of the ho...
Sky Soleil performs Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure to draw attention to the plight of the homeless and jobless in the United States.
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A student stands in front of a job board looking for opportunities.
A student stands in front of a job board looking for opportunities.
Republicans just can t seem to find it in themselves to share the nation s enthusiasm over the recov...
Republicans just can't seem to find it in themselves to share the nation's enthusiasm over the recovery.
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