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Underwear News

Red kites in Scotland have taken to stealing underwear

Aberdeen - Red kites have been swooping down when swimmers peel off their clothes take a dip at a popular bathing spot near Glen Esk in Scotland. What are the birds doing with the garments?

The boxer shorts worn by Tom Brady in 'Ted 2' are up for auction

The boxer shorts and t-shirt worn by the New England Patriots quarterback during his brief cameo in Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" sequel have a starting bid of $2,500.

Introducing bacon scented underwear

Bacon scented underwear is a real thing. Both men and women can buy the unique line of underwear. The company behind the undies is J&D's Foods, the makers of Bacon Salt.

Salon worker 'froze to death' during cryotherapy treatment

Las Vegas - Cryotherapy is a weirdly unorthodox treatment that seems to be gaining popularity. It entails exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures and some say it may be beneficial, especially after a facial and moisturizer treatment.

Kenyan pastor bans women from wearing underwear in church

Nairobi - A Kenyan pastor, Rev. Njohi, told his flock that women's undergarments are a hindrance to God entering their body and banned females from wearing them in "God's house."

Russia bans lace panties

Moscow - A regulation that was placed on the books in 2012 will be enforced this summer. The rule effectively banning lace panties will pertain to Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. All three nations belong to the same Customs Union.

'It's a sex tape': Miley Cyrus new 'Adore You' video shocks fans

And you thought seeing a naked Miley Cyrus straddling a swinging wrecking ball was over the top?! The “Wrecking Ball” singer has upped the ante in her new music video “Adore You,” leaving critics — and fans— asking: "Am I watching a sex tape?"

France: Serial ladies' underwear thief caught on CCTV

Poitiers - Ladies in Naintré near Poitiers, France were losing their panties, literally. Dozens of pairs were being stolen from their terraces overnight. Then one husband decided to do something about it and caught the thief in action on CCTV.

Man busted for smuggling eggs of rare bird species in underwear

Customs authorities in Zurich, Switzerland seized a man, apparently a bird specialist, who was smuggling the eggs of protected parrots in his underwear, whilst traveling the world and trading them.

Japanese girls wear panties on their faces in new fashion trend

From Japan, the nation that created "bagel heads" and "yaeba teeth," comes the new fashion trend heralded by images of schoolgirls wearing panties on their faces that first appeared on the popular otaku website Akiba Blog.

Japanese underwear designed to effectively kill fart odors

The Japanese company called Seiren, known for making odor-killing clothing, has made a pair of underwear that effectively kills fart odors.

Is that a monkey in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Delhi - Three men have been arrested at Delhi's International Airport trying to smuggle rare primates, called "slender lorises," in their underwear. Apparently, the bulge is what gave them away.

Thai thief steals 10,000 panties, smells them while driving

Bangkok - Most people have a little junk in the trunk, but police have discovered that one man in Bangkok was using his car to store stolen pairs of women's panties.

DNA company will test partner's undies to see if she is cheating

A company has devised a method to identify unfaithful partners. For a fee of $200, men may test their partner's underwear for traces of semen. Women may also test their partner's underwear for tell-tale traces of vaginal fluid.

Store gives away freebies to 100 shoppers wearing only underwear

A Spanish store knew that shoppers would go to great distance just to score a good deal. The store decided to launch a different type of promotion.

Sale of second-hand underwear being banned in Ghana

A ban on selling second-hand underwear will take effect at markets in Ghana, beginning in February, and some people are very unhappy about the decision.

X-ray proof underwear, new defense in war with TSA scanners

Washington - Passengers traveling by air, on the busiest travel day in the United States, who are worried about the Transportation Security Administration security scanners filming their privates now have a way out: anti-radiation underwear.

Marks & Spencer launches body-enhancing underwear for men

Men who are not quite satisfied with their shape will now be able to make a few changes with underwear launched by Marks & Spencer that can "lift bums" and include "frontal enhancement" features.

Slovenia TV anchor caught in underwear during live broadcast

The Slovenia television anchor was presenting the news on a program when he slid away from the news desk, exposing his lack of trousers.

Chinese company uses Princess Diana lookalike in underwear ads

Shenzhen - Billboards erected in China show a Princess Diana lookalike wearing only lingerie and the words "Feel the Romance of British Royalty."

Criminals hiding drugs, weapons in new underwear with pocket

An underwear design came out just a few years ago that allows many things to be hidden away, including drugs and weapons, in a strategically placed pocket.

Woman admits to robbing McDonald's with underwear over her face

Police have arrested a woman who admitted she robbed a McDonald’s in Oklahoma, while wearing girdle-type underwear over her face.

Oscar was turned into police for stealing neighbor's underwear

Oscar a 13-year-old is a kleptomaniac. One day this week he brought home, one piece at a time, 10 pairs of children's underpants. Oscar is being fostered by Peter and Birgitt Weismantel.

Venus Moons Crowd at Australian Open?

Seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion Venus Williams shocked the crowd at the Australian Open when she seemingly forgot to wear her knickers. But she explained she was wearing flesh-coloured underwear.

Man arrested in vacant house wearing only underwear

It was bad enough for a Colorado home owner to find a squatter clad only in his underwear in a home he had up for sale, but the man was allegedly running a meth lab, too.

Florida-area workers have to keep their panties on

In Brooksville, Florida the authorities have updated the dress code making the city's employees wear underwear. The city voted 4-1 for the new rules.

Saudi Arabia Women Launch Boycott

In public, women in Saudi Arabia are required to wear black robes and black head coverings. This is not required in the home, where sexy lingerie is allowed.

Bras for Men: A New Japanese Trend?

Whoever said bras are only for women? A Japanese online lingerie retailer has defied tradition and has begun selling bras for cross-dressing men. This brilliant marketing ploy has quickly caught on. Read on for more… unmentionable details.

Hundreds of Subway Riders Plan to Strip to Their Underwear

To break up the monotony of day-to-day doldrums, and to instigate 'scenes of chaos and joy' the No Pants 2K8 event set for January 12th will bring hundreds of subway riders to their trains wearing nothing but their underwear.

Dog addicted to eating underwear

An 18-month-old dog has a strong addiction for underwear, socks and shoes. His addiction went too far -- it had to undergo emergency surgery to remove this undergarment meal from his stomach.
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Underwear Image

Underwear with a skull drawn on it.
Underwear with a skull drawn on it.
nichole of course
Exhibition in the Chateaubriand building during the  07 K-barré festival in the University of Renne...
Exhibition in the Chateaubriand building during the '07 K-barré festival in the University of Rennes 2 in Rennes, France.
Tangi Bertin
A ladies  underwear thief was caught on CCTV in Naintré  France.
A ladies' underwear thief was caught on CCTV in Naintré, France.
Shreddies took their model for a strut around a shopping centre wearing ONLY his flatulence filterin...
Shreddies took their model for a strut around a shopping centre wearing ONLY his flatulence filtering underwear!
PR / Shreddies Ltd.
A new line of products offered by Rocky Flats Gear of Colorado are expected to protect the privacy o...
A new line of products offered by Rocky Flats Gear of Colorado are expected to protect the privacy of travelers who are unwilling to allow the TSA security to film their private parts.
Rocky Flats Gear

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