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Britain's UKIP suspends candidate over shooting threat

London - Britain's anti-EU, anti-immigration UK Independence Party suspended a parliamentary candidate two days from a general election for apparently threatening to shoot a rival.

British newspaper baron gifts anti-EU UKIP £1 million

London - British media baron Richard Desmond gifted the anti-European Union UK Independence Party £1 million ($1.5 million, 1.4 million euros) weeks from one of the tightest elections in decades, his newspaper announced Friday.

Op-Ed: Debating science and medicine in run up to U.K. poll

London Colney - On May 7, the U.K. faces a general election. As the parties attempt to garner votes, wave hands and kiss babies, science and medical issues feature barely in policy manifestos. This is misguided and will damage the economy in the long-term.

'Are Ukip racist?' tops Google search questions on UK politics

Users of Google in March have been busy hunting for answers to their queries about the UK's prominent political parties ahead of the General Election in May. Yet it seems that many are somewhat preoccupied with whether Ukip are racist or not.

UK Election: UKIP candidate makes 'Kidnap Obama' outburst

Hendon - Just 24 hours after the UK general election officially started, UKIP — the UK Independence Party — again found itself the centre of media focus for all the wrong reasons as one of its candidates called on Israel to “kidnap” President Obama.

Faded seaside towns are fertile ground for UKIP

Kirkoswald - Deprived of tourists by the advent of cheap foreign holidays, many of Britain's faded seaside towns have become pockets of deprivation -- and fertile territory for the populist, anti-European UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Britain's UKIP still on the defensive over racism question

Doncaster - The anti-immigration United Kingdom Independence Party has continually rebuffed allegations of racism, following a series of gaffes, but still struggles to shake off a xenophobic tag.

Double blow for British PM on eve of party conference

Doncaster - British Prime Minister David Cameron suffered a double blow as a minister resigned in a sex scandal and a lawmaker defected to eurosceptic party UKIP on the eve of the Sunday opening of his Conservative party's conference.

Unite leader McCluskey issues fresh funding threat to Labour

In the wake of what has been a year of big changes in UK politics, Len McCluskey, leader of Unite, has informed Ed Miliband that Labour funding could be relinquished should they enter coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

EU elections see gains by both far right and left

Brussels - Across Europe parties who are either sceptical or even hostile to the European Union did remarkably well in the elections.The vote shows that many voters have no confidence in the EU political elite.

Politician suspended for saying floods caused by gay marriage

Henley On Thames - A Politician in the United Kingdom has been suspended for stating in an interview that the recent flooding in the country was 'divine retribution for legalisation of Gay Marriage.'

UKIP votes to proscribe extreme ‘Hope Not Hate’ organisation

The United Kingdom Independence Party is set to be the first political party to make the extremist ‘Hope Not Hate’ a proscribed organisation after an ongoing smear campaign was launched to target the moderate centre-right party.

Op-Ed: Britishophobic 'Hope Not Hate' targets UKIP with smear campaign

The far-left extremist anti-British hate group, which deceptively calls itself ‘Hope Not Hate,’ has turned its focus towards the moderate United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) after the party experienced a recent surge in popularity amongst voters.

French branded 'notoriously criminal' by Norwegian politician

Oslo - Per Sandberg, a Norwegian member of parliament has caused a stir in France by calling for his country’s borders to be closed to what he termed ‘organised groups’ of Roma, Bulgarians and French who, Sandberg considers, are ‘notoriously criminal’.

Voters turn to UKIP in huge numbers at County Council elections

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) cements itself into the mainstream of politics after voters stick two fingers up to “clowns”, “loonies”, “fruitcakes” and “closet racists” smears.

UKIP launches County Council election video ‘My Britain’

UKIP launches a credible challenge to the three old parties as it puts forward its biggest ever field of candidates spanning the whole country for the County Council elections on 2 May.

UKIP come second in Pemberton by-election

Wigan - The UK Independence Party continues to represent a significant threat to the three old parties, coming second in the Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council Pemberton ward by-election held on 4 April 2013.

UKIP on the rise as Brits vote no to EU

Havering - UKIP’s candidate Lawrence Webb romped home as the majority of those voting deserted the mainstream parties in the Gooshays Ward, Harold Hill by-election in the London Borough of Havering.

British PM David Cameron promises 'in-out' EU referendum

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has made a keynote speech regarding Britain and its membership of the European Union. He has laid out plans for an 'in-out' EU referendum.

Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has died

The astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, who has presented the science television show 'The Sky At Night' since 1957, has died aged 89.

Children in UKIP foster care row split up

Rotherham - The three siblings who were removed from foster carers after it was discovered that the carers are members of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) have been spilt up. The boy has been placed with one family and the two girls with another.

Review: The latest UKIP videos

If you thought politics was both boring and deadly serious, check out the latest videos uploaded to YouTube by the UK Independence Party.

UKIP leader Farage furore over Nazi jibe in European Parliament

British eurosceptic MP Nigel Farage caused outrage amongst German politicians in the European Parliament when he compared the proposals to demand Greek budgetary sovereignty, to a Nazi occupation.

The Brent Group Adds its Support to the British Freedom Party

The British Freedom Party (BFP) and the Brent Group have taken steps to join forces. Paul Weston, Chairman of the British Freedom Party, has welcomed Brent Group members to the Party and the Brent Group Chairman has encouraged members to join the BFP.

Millions of UK voters go to the polls in tight contest

Britain’s voters are going to the polls today in what could be the closest-run general election in decades. Voting began at 7 o’clock BST this morning, and will end at 10 o’clock this evening.

British politician insults European Council president, Belgium

Member of the European Parliament and British politician Nigel Farage publicly insulted the president of the European Council, saying he had the "charisma of a damp rag." He also called Herman Van Rompuy's home state Belgium a "non-country."

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UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.
Anti-British  Hope Not Hate  launches smear campaign against UKIP.
Anti-British 'Hope Not Hate' launches smear campaign against UKIP.

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