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Uighur News

US puts block on Chinese products from Uighur 'forced labor'

Washington - The US announced Monday it would block a range of Chinese products made by "forced labor" in the Xinjiang region, including from a "vocational" center that it branded a "concentration camp" for Uighur minorities.

China says French claims on Uighur rights are 'lies'

Bejing - French claims about the imprisonment of ethnic and religious minorities in China's Xinjiang region were unacceptable, Beijing said Wednesday, criticising the accusations as "false".

China, US in new spat over Uighur crackdown

Bejing - China said Friday it will impose tit-for-tat measures after the United States slapped sanctions on Chinese officials for their involvement in a crackdown on Muslim minorities, raising tensions between the superpowers.

US punishes senior Chinese officials over Uighur rights

Washington - The United States on Thursday slapped sanctions on senior Chinese officials as it demanded an end to "horrific" abuses against Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims.

Uighur activists say coronavirus measures causing hunger

Washington - Draconian measures by China to curb the coronavirus have caused widespread hunger in the tightly controlled Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang, ethnic Uighur activists charged Wednesday.

Exiled Uighurs fear spread of coronavirus in China camps

Paris - Members of China's Uighur minority living in exile are sounding the alarm over the risk of the coronavirus spreading in camps inside the country, where NGOs say hundreds of thousands of people have been rounded up by Beijing.

World Bank scales back Uighur school project in China

Washington - The World Bank announced Monday it was cutting back a vocational education project in China's Xinjiang province, even though an internal investigation did not back up claims the scheme was linked to the mistreatment of minority Muslim Uighurs.

Uighur musician listed for China show year after disappearance

Bejing - A prominent Uighur musician who was rumoured to have disappeared into a re-education camp in China's northwest Xinjiang will perform in Shanghai next month, the event organiser said Monday.

China frees 'lost' Uighur wives but at a price, families say

Islamabad - Their Uighur wives vanished in 2017, swept up in a Chinese dragnet tackling Islamic extremism, now they've been released -- but the Pakistani husbands left behind say freedom has come at a price: The women must prove their "adaptability to Chinese soci...

Canada calls out China for treatment of Uighur minorities

New York - Canada has called out China for its human right abuses, notably of the Muslim Uighurs, officials said Tuesday.

Own up to mass Muslim detentions, Amnesty tells China

Bejing - China must come clean about the fate of an estimated one million minority Muslims swept up in a "massive crackdown" in its far western region of Xinjiang, Amnesty International said Monday.

Bloody Islamic State video puts China in cross-hairs

Bejing - Islamic State militants from China's Uighur ethnic minority have vowed to return home and "shed blood like rivers", according to a jihadist-tracking firm, in what experts said marked the first IS threat against Chinese targets.

Turkey arrests two Uighurs over nightclub attack

Istanbul - Turkey has arrested two Chinese nationals of Uighur origin in connection with a mass shooting in a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year's Eve claimed by the Islamic State group, media reports said.

Turkish politician excuses attack on 'slitty-eyed' tourists

Istanbul - A Turkish opposition leader sparked fury Wednesday by saying a mistaken attack on Korean tourists by anti-Chinese protesters was understandable, given that both peoples have "slitty eyes".

Turks protesting against China attack Koreans 'by mistake'

Istanbul - Turkish nationalists protesting China's treatment of ethnic Uighur Muslims attacked a group of Korean tourists in the heart of Istanbul's old city on Saturday, mistaking them for Chinese nationals.

China executes Uighur separatists convicted in mass stabbing

Kunming - China has executed three people for their part in a mass stabbing that claimed the lives of 31 people and left more than 140 injured. The attack occurred at a Kunming railway station in southwestern Yunnan province on March 1, 2014.

China to invest heavily in Xinjiang

Beijing - The Chinese government says it will invest a great deal in the Xinjiang region in an effort to improve living conditions and the job market, which are the key to soothe the public unrest.

In Urumqi, panic over needle attacks

Public panic over a series of Han Chinese targeted needle attacks have spread out Urumqi in the past two weeks, suggesting it's a long way to archive the regional stability.

Minority Woman in China Faces Down Armor, Prevents Violence

A media tour arranged by Chinese authorities in the northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur capital, Urumqi, has taken an unexpected turn. The tour of the weekend riot site caused local Uyghur women to call on the reporters to help find their loved ones.

Ethnic clash kills 140 in Western China

An ethnic riot between Muslim Uighurs and Han Chinese broke out on Sunday in Urumqi, the regional center of Western China, killing 140.

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A Uighur Muslim woman stands courageously before
Chinese riot police sent to quell demonstrations b...
A Uighur Muslim woman stands courageously before Chinese riot police sent to quell demonstrations by thousands of Uighurs calling for the government to respect their human rights. The Uighurs are a minority Muslim group in the autonomous Xinjiang Uighur region. Chinese government efforts to put down the ethnic and religious protest resulted in more than 150 dead and hundreds of arrests.
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