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Op-Ed: Official — US Navy confirms UFO videos are real, unknown objects

Washington - It’s taken a while. A ridiculously long while. The US Navy has confirmed what many people have known for generations, saying UFO videos are truly unidentified, unknown objects.

Plane avoids a mystery object as it descended to land in Toronto

Toronto - A Porter Airlines Dash 8 with 54 on board encountered a UFO at a height of about 9,000 feet as it was making its descent into the Billy Bishop Airport on Toronto Islands.

Video: Phoenix Lights? Residents filmed UFOs on Easter Sunday

Phoenix - Several residents of north Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona, reported seeing strange orbs of orange light over the city on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015.

Video: Lockheed Martin Area 51 scientist confesses UFOs, aliens

Roswell - A video recently posted to YouTube shows Boyd Bushman, who claims to have worked as a scientist at Lockheed Martin, making bizarre claims of evidence that aliens have visited Earth and that he worked at Area 51 on alien spacecraft technology.

Op-Ed: While at CIA’s secret Area 51 base, I spy with my little eye...

Las Vegas - Area 51, the most secret air base on the planet, does exist, the CIA was forced to admit after documents were declassified and made public last summer – but a few days ago, there was a new development.

UFO website seeks reports of alien sightings

A new website called is up and ready for you to upload photos and details of encounters you may have with a UFO or alien. The site has other features, including maps, details of past encounters and science news.

Russell Crowe posts video suggesting a UFO sighting in Australia

Sydney - Actor Russell Crowe is making headlines after he posted a video online that suggests a UFO flew over Australia. He says he caught the images while trying to film fruit bats, but many people are skeptical, saying a camera setting created the images.

Video: Are there UFOs at Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano?

Theories and speculations of UFOs continue to surround Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano. An active volcano, for months now claims of UFO spottings at the Popocatepetl have persisted and recent footage has emerged.

100 UFO sightings along China-India border raise official concern

New Delhi - Reports say that government officials in India are investigating UFO sightings along the China-India border. The Indian military authorities are puzzled by a total of 100 UFO sightings that occurred along the China-India border between Aug. 1 and Oct. 15.

Review: 'Conspiracy Road Trip - 3. UFOs' Special

Los Angeles - This is the third in the series of road trips aimed at squelching so-called conspiracy theories. There may or may not be life on other worlds, but have our governments really been covering up alien visits to Earth, or worse?

UFOs spotted over McDonald's inTX, NM Google Street Views

Jacksonville - Users of Google Street View seeking direction to Jacksonville, TX and A. Pueblo, NM, report observing a UFO in the image. An analyst says it is a lens flare, but the coincidence of identical flares over a McDonald's 1,000 miles apart has raised questions.

Op-Ed: Chinese lanterns – an import we can do without

Chinese lanterns may be fun, but they’ve been banned in both Germany and Australia. When Dominic Littlewood investigated, he found out why.

Australia's UFO files missing, sighted, found

After UFO files were released in the UK and New Zealand, the media company Fairfax made a Freedom of Information request for Australia's documents about investigations of unidentified flying objects, but the country's DOD could only find one.

Former US airmen claim UFOs were 'messing' with nuclear weapons

Washington - The men look like grandfathers, but instead of chuckling jovially as they tease young ones by telling tall tales, these men were deadly serious about the wild stories they were sharing at a press conference Monday.

Press conference to discuss UFO interference with US nuclear arms

They are former officers of the United States Air Force and they are convinced that extraterrestrials interfered in US operations one day in 1967. They also believe that ETs are still keeping an eye on weapons of mass destruction in the U.S.

Unidentified Flying Object prompts closure of Chinese airport

Hangzhou - The episode occurred late Wednesday night at the Xiaoshan airport in eastern China. After the object was picked up by radar around 9 pm, the airport grounded outgoing flights.

NASA's Voyager 2 spaceship 'hijacked by aliens'

Pasadena - NASA's Voyager 2, which is touring the outer reaches of our solar system, suddenly began to send back messages to Earth that scientists cannot interpret. A German researcher believes those sounds may come from aliens.

Do you believe in aliens? Survey says 1 in 5 believe

Reuters/Ipsos undertook a poll to measure the strength of human belief in extraterrestrial beings, and the results are astounding.

Newfoundland's UFO mystery not any closer to being solved

The story of the Newfoundland UFO sighting has swept across Canada in the past week. Newfoundlanders are increasingly uneasy with the reassurances coming from the federal government.

Mystery UFOs seen in Newfoundland not a threat to Canada

Two Newfoundland women, out taking photographs of a beautiful sunset Monday evening, instead saw what they thought were missiles - headed their way.

UFO formation in South Africa filmed by cops

Twenty three lights moved steadily in the night-sky of Witbank, South Africa on Friday March 6 2009 -- and scores of residents in nearby Middelburg also saw them. They called in the police, who filmed the odd formation of lights on their cellphones.

UFOs Blamed for Mysterious Destruction of Wind Turbines

In Conisholme, Lincolnshire, England, the mysterious destruction of wind turbines has been attributed to UFOs. Read on for more details, but pay close attention to the skies outside your window.

Another Global UFO Flap?

They are back and just in time for Halloween. UFOs have been sighted hovering in the skies over England, Philadelphia, and Stephenville, Texas this month. Some UFO’s caught Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia, other UFOs preferred Texas football.

Op-Ed: Turkey UFO pics- Sudden interest in UFOs in media, or more hype from tabloid trash?

Hard on the heels of a “revelation” about a UFO over the UK years ago, recent footage has emerged from Turkey of a UFO. If this is yet another media beat up, it’s trash, and so are the media treating an important issue like this.

Op-Ed: The U.S. Doesn't Investigate UFOs Even Though Everyone Else Does

This is a CNN video about recent testimony concerning UFOs by retired military and civil officials. If you were looking for the textbook response, the giggling anchor person, the bemused reporter, and the rest of the cliché, it’s right here.

The Newest UFO Sightings

It seems that there has been a lot of UFO activity happening around North America since the beginning if April. These are sightings that may or may not have been investigated.

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Chinese lanterns in the sky
Chinese lanterns in the sky
The US Navy has confirmed these videos are of real ‘unidentified’ objects.Source:Supplied.
The US Navy has confirmed these videos are of real ‘unidentified’ objects.Source:Supplied.
US Navy
Close-up of UFO monitoring Project Gemini spaceflight
Close-up of UFO monitoring Project Gemini spaceflight
UFOSightingsDaily/Scott Waring
Close-up of two UFOs monitoring 1966 Project Gemini spacecrafts
Close-up of two UFOs monitoring 1966 Project Gemini spacecrafts
UFOSigthingsDaily/Scott Warren
A poster on the Peruvian Air Force website advertising the conference on  aerial anomalies  and the ...
A poster on the Peruvian Air Force website advertising the conference on 'aerial anomalies' and the Nazca Lines.
Peruvian Air Force
A schematic of the TR-3B  a revolutionary new aircraft  commonly referred to as  flying triangles.  ...
A schematic of the TR-3B, a revolutionary new aircraft, commonly referred to as "flying triangles." UFOlogists say this is an example of reverse engineering.
Close-up of UFO monitoring 1966 Gemini spaceflight
Close-up of UFO monitoring 1966 Gemini spaceflight

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