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Ufo sighting News

Drones causing rise in UFO sightings

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a cloud, it's a UFO or it may be just a drone. The increased use of drones by both military and the private sector have led to an increase in the number of reported UFO sightings.

Frozen UFO alien posted in social media sparked controversy

Photographs of a man called Li posing next to an alien he claims to have trapped after it crash-landed sparked a frenzy of speculation on social networking sites across China.

Russell Crowe posts video suggesting a UFO sighting in Australia

Sydney - Actor Russell Crowe is making headlines after he posted a video online that suggests a UFO flew over Australia. He says he caught the images while trying to film fruit bats, but many people are skeptical, saying a camera setting created the images.

Video: Are there UFOs at Mexico's Popocat├ępetl volcano?

Theories and speculations of UFOs continue to surround Mexico's Popocat├ępetl volcano. An active volcano, for months now claims of UFO spottings at the Popocatepetl have persisted and recent footage has emerged.

Op-Ed: The sky is falling! The sky is falling?

San Francisco - A whirlwind of chaos spawned by the Russian Meteor hit causes conspiracy theories and rumors to spread worldwide.. One thing is for sure, the sky is falling.

Op-Ed: Are UFO's fact or fiction?

Tony Blair was briefed about UFO sightings in a new report that has been placed in The National Archives. This new information could change the way people view UFO sightings.

Alabama witnesses report UFO orbs, human-like entity manifests

UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". Is it possible that some UFOs are life forms? John Todd once suggested that UFOs or 'orbs' can also be lower and interdimensional entities that can shape-shift. Alabama witnesses reveal encounters with UFO orbs.

High school children cause UFO sighting excitement in Utah

Washington - UFO sighting excitement swept through the city of Washington Terrace, northern Utah, on October 1, when strange lights, which looked like lights of crafts flying in stealthy silence, appeared in the evening sky.

UFO footage over the Dome in Jerusalem among 'best ever'

Jerusalem - Several video footages of a UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem has got the online international community buzzing with excitement trying to work out if the sightings above the shrine are real or not.

Are UFOs just a symptom of the stresses of 21st century life? Special

When it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrials, there are two main groups of believers: those who believe extraterrestrials visit Earth routinely, and those who actively seek evidence of extraterrestrial life.

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Capture from a video of the UFO sighting above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
Capture from a video of the UFO sighting above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
A drone which looks like a UFO
A drone which looks like a UFO

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