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Syria, Ukraine, Republican rebellion, G7: Trump's very bad week

Washington - Donald Trump has had some bad weeks in office, but rarely has the US president seen one as difficult as the week ending Sunday, with members of both parties as well as US diplomats rebelling over his Syria and Ukraine policies, while a public uproar fo...

Trump claims a victory in China trade war, but US farmers want details

New York - Saying China has promised to buy up to $50 billion in US agricultural products, President Donald Trump is encouraging American farmers to prepare for a major influx of business.

Artificial meat is now made in space, coming to a supermarket near you

New York - Creating meat from cells is no longer the realm of science fiction: a Russian cosmonaut did it aboard the International Space Station, and it is just a matter of time before these products arrive in supermarkets.

US Supreme Court takes on workplace gay and transgender rights

Washington - The top US court on Tuesday began hearing arguments on whether employers have the right to sack workers because they are gay or transgender, an issue which has caused deep divisions in US society.

Whistleblowers: What does US law say about them?

Washington - At least two, and possibly more, US officials with knowledge of the impeachment allegations against President Donald Trump have formally sought the protections that US law affords whistleblowers, according to their lawyers.

US-N.Korea talks end in contrasting assessments

Stockholm - North Korea and the United States walked away on Saturday with opposing assessments of nuclear talks in Sweden, which Pyongyang said broke down but Washington called "good discussions.

Russia's Medvedev says Cuba can 'rely' on Moscow

Havana - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told Cuba on Thursday it could rely on Moscow's support as he began a two-day visit, with Havana looking to shore up aid amid severe fuel shortages it blames on US sanctions.

Nike risks being burned by Salazar doping scandal

New York - With Nike-backed athletics coach Alberto Salazar slapped with a four-year ban for doping, the US sportswear giant risks being caught up in the scandal -- its CEO is even quoted in the suspension ruling.

Greta Thunberg heads to US Midwest for Friday protest

New York - After protests in New York and Montreal, teen activist Greta Thunberg has said she will join demonstrators in Iowa in the US Midwest on Friday for the latest "climate strike.

US court blocks strict Georgia abortion law

Washington - A US federal court on Tuesday blocked the state of Georgia from implementing a restrictive abortion law whose passage earlier this year sparked an outcry, particularly from Hollywood.

US newspaper sparks controversy by publishing details on whistleblower

New York - Protecting a potentially vulnerable whistleblower versus the public's need to know: a US newspaper's publication of information on the man whose complaint led to an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has sparked controversy and debate.

Still no trace of missing Indian moon lander: NASA

Washington - A NASA satellite orbiting the Moon passed over the site where the Indian probe Vikram should have made touchdown earlier this month, but didn't see the missing lander, the US space agency said.

Italian journalist wins Mackler prize for mafia coverage

New York - An Italian journalist assaulted over his coverage of mafia activity in Sicily and now living under police protection was presented with the Peter Mackler Award for his work on Wednesday.

Trump and Ukraine's Zelensky: a political tragicomedy in one act

New York - As an impeachment storm rages in Washington, to say that Donald Trump's tete-a-tete with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was hotly anticipated would be the understatement of the week.

US authorities seize five tons of cocaine from submarine

Washington - A homemade submarine carrying more than five tons of cocaine was intercepted in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of South America, the US Coast Guard said.

Trump gets approval for second Scottish golf course

London - Donald Trump's controversial plans for a second golf course at his Menie Estate resort in Aberdeenshire were approved by the local council on Tuesday.The 18-hole MacLeod course will be built alongside the original course at Trump's Menie venue.

Trump's cozy ties with Saudis cast pall over attack response

Washington - After an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure, a specter hangs over any US response -- the cozy relationship between President Donald Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which has drawn intense controversy.

Making waves: US youngsters gear up for climate protests

New York - For years, teenager Nora Gell from New York had learned about the environment and recycling at school, but her commitment to protecting the planet ended there.

The happiest states in America revealed

Some places are ‘happier’ than others, albeit with ‘happiness’ being difficult to define and needing to be assessed using different criteria. A new study by WalletHub gets into the detail of the ‘happiest’ states in the U.S.

Pentagon steps up efforts to counter China's rising power

Washington - Maritime operations, missile tests, landing exercises: the Pentagon has been sharply stepping up its efforts to counter China's growing military power, seen increasingly as a threat.

US warship docks in Lebanon amid regional tensions

Beirut - The United States navy destroyer USS Ramage docked briefly in Lebanon, the US embassy in Beirut said on Sunday, amid heightened regional tensions.

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg protests at White House

Washington - Teen climate champion Greta Thunberg brought her global environmental message to the heart of the US government on Friday, telling her legion of supporters outside the White House: "Never give up.

How fast is the universe expanding? The mystery endures

Washington - Scientists have known for decades that the universe is expanding, but research in the past few years has shaken up calculations on the speed of growth -- raising tricky questions about theories of the cosmos.

EU's Mogherini forges closer ties with Cuba amid growing US pressure

Havana - EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Monday reaffirmed the bloc's drive to deepen trade with Cuba and counter a wave of lawsuits against European firms as Washington increases pressure on the communist-run island.

'Painter of black' exhibition opens in New York

New York - An exhibition of French artist Pierre Soulages opened in New York on Thursday just months before his work will be showcased in the Louvre to celebrate his 100th birthday.

More than 76,000 in hurricane-hit Bahamas may need food, other aid: WFP

Geneva - More than 76,000 people could be in need of food and other aid in the Bahamas after the Caribbean nation was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian, the UN's World Food Programme said on Thursday, with eight tonnes of supplies ready to arrive.

Trump continues to defend incorrect map of Hurricane Dorian path

Washington - Trouble is raining down on US President Donald Trump, who appears to have given Americans incorrect information on Hurricane Dorian's trajectory.

US president denies involvement in Pence stay at Trump hotel

Washington - US President Donald Trump denied Wednesday that he suggested his deputy Mike Pence stay at a Trump property in Ireland, as administration figures appeared to offer contradictory accounts of the vice-president's choice of accommodation.

Pence stays at Trump hotel in Ireland, raising eyebrows

Washington - US Vice President Mike Pence, currently visiting Ireland, has chosen to stay at a golf resort owned by Donald Trump, renewing controversy over spending taxpayer money on the president's family businesses.

Most kidneys discarded by US would be used in France: analysis

Washington - Every year, the US rejects thousands of kidneys from deceased older donors, the majority of which would have been used in France, according to a study published Monday that described the organs as a wasted resource that could save lives.
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Members of Move America Forward at a rally held in Berkeley Ca.
Members of Move America Forward at a rally held in Berkeley Ca.
Coutesy of Move America Forward
Banksy had a street stall  selling original Banksy art in NYC and hardly anyone noticed.
Banksy had a street stall, selling original Banksy art in NYC and hardly anyone noticed.
The Brinks
The Brinks
Sourced by Aaron Feterl
Appalachian Mountains
Appalachian Mountains
Valerius Tygart
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San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
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Backup Planet
New York City alive with change as autumn descends on its citizens and skyscrapers.
New York City alive with change as autumn descends on its citizens and skyscrapers.
Sherri Aldawood
Sherri Aldawood
Sherri Aldawood
3 adults were arrested for the child endangerment and rape of 3 children.
3 adults were arrested for the child endangerment and rape of 3 children.
Social Security Administration
Aerial view of Craig  Alaska.
Aerial view of Craig, Alaska.
U.S. Forest Service
The Bryan Blue Show
The Bryan Blue Show
Barry Wayne PR
Casablanca piano sold on auction at Sotheby s New York.
Casablanca piano sold on auction at Sotheby's New York.
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Fiona Kernaghan
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Billy Morrison
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Robert Davi s upcoming show.
Robert Davi's upcoming show.
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