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Virus cases swamp hospitals in US epicenter New York

New York - In New York hospitals, staff are working extra shifts and searching desperately for more bed space as they battle a surging toll of dead and infected at the US epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

US to free some prisoners amid coronavirus threat

Washington - US Attorney General Bill Barr said Thursday he had instructed federal prisons to free some inmates to lessen the impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

Texas, Ohio suspend abortions citing coronavirus fight

Washington - Texas and Ohio have ordered doctors to suspend carrying out abortions and all other non-urgent surgery as part of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

US orders first shutdown of website over coronavirus fraud

Washington - The US Department of Justice announced Sunday it had shut down a website claiming to sell a coronavirus vaccine, in its first act of federal enforcement against fraud in connection with the pandemic.

With churches closing, US priest offers drive-thru confessions

Bowie - The United States has long loved its drive-ins and drive-throughs: for movies, fast food, pharmacies and banking. Now the coronavirus pandemic has added a new one: Catholic confessions.

SpaceX plans first manned flight to space station in May

Washington - Elon Musk's SpaceX will send astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time in May, NASA said, announcing the first crewed launch from the United States to the platform since 2011.

Big variation across U.S. states over coronavirus response

While the U.S. has responded at a federal level to the coronavirus pandemic (albeit slower than many other countries), at state level the response has varied considerably, as new data indicates.

'The Plot Against America' goes for daring Trump parallel

New York - US author Philip Roth certainly could never have imagined Donald Trump's presidency when he wrote "The Plot Against America.

Biden, Sanders attack Trump on virus -- and spar on record

Washington - White House hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders launched a joint attack on Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic as they faced off in a high-stakes debate Sunday, accusing the president of undermining his own scientists with misinformat...

Biden, Sanders face off in debate overshadowed by virus

Washington - Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders meet on Sunday for the first one-on-one debate of the Democratic presidential primary campaign, now overshadowed by the spread of the new coronavirus.

Guinness adds Irish twist to American craft brewing

Baltimore - The coronavirus has canceled most St Patrick's Day festivities, but as the luck of the Irish would have it, Americans can still drown their sorrows with a beer produced in the first US Guinness brewery to operate since the 1950s.

US Soccer president resigns amid gender equity dispute

New York - US Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro resigned on Thursday as the federation was slammed by superstar Megan Rapinoe for "blatant sexism" in its latest response to a gender discrimination lawsuit by the US women's team.

Judge orders US activist Chelsea Manning freed from jail

Washington - A US judge on Thursday ordered former US military intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning released from jail, a day after a support group said she tried to kill herself.

US Soccer boss apologizes after Coca-Cola rips 'offensive' claims

Los Angeles - Coca-Cola slammed US Soccer after the federation claimed in court documents that playing for the men's national team carries more responsibility and requires a higher level of skill than that demanded of women players.

US court orders deportation of ex-Nazi camp guard

Washington - A US court has ordered the deportation of a former Nazi prison guard who had been living in the United States since 1959, the Department of Justice said Thursday.

Pentagon downplays new Taliban attacks

Washington - The Pentagon on Wednesday played down the gravity of new Taliban attack in Afghanistan that cast doubts on a four-day old peace deal between the insurgent group and the United States.

US Supreme Court hears case that could set future of abortion

Washington - The US Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a major abortion case for the first time since President Donald Trump appointed two new conservative justices -- with the future of the procedure potentially at stake.

DAZN to become first global sports streaming platform

New York - Online sports platform DAZN (pronounced "Da Zone") is to embark on an aggressive expansion that will see it become the world's first global live sports streaming service.

Top US court affirms guard's immunity in cross-border shooting

Washington - The US Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a Mexican family the right to sue an American border patrol agent who killed their teenage son in a cross-border shooting nearly a decade ago, confirming his immunity from prosecution.

Trump ally to be sentenced amid firestorm over presidential meddling

Washington - Donald Trump's longtime aide Roger Stone will be sentenced Thursday in a case that has caused a stir in Washington following meddling by the US president and his attorney general.

In the US, leftist local prosecutors make inroads

Arlington - On the national level, President Donald Trump is appointing judges by the dozens to positions on US federal courts, ensuring a conservative tilt for a generation.

More than 2,000 people killed in Afghan reconstruction missions since 2002

Washington - Attacks on reconstruction missions in Afghanistan have left more than 2,200 people dead and almost 3,000 wounded since 2002, according to an official US report released Tuesday.

US border patrol agents: part bloodhound, part police, part rescuer

Marfa - It only took a moment for US Border Patrol agents to spot a flash of color in a steep-sided canyon, then to identify a man in a black cap lying on a rock.

Comics and cubism as Christian Siriano shines at Fashion Week

New York - American creator Christian Siriano kicked off New York Fashion Week with a gleeful mix of comics, cubism and glamour, in the build up to Sunday's Oscars where he could well triumph.

Kushner says UN must break 'habits' as he defends Middle East plan

New York - Donald Trump's son-in-law and architect of the new US peace plan for the Middle East, Jared Kushner, has called on the UN Security Council to break its "habits" and solve the "hardest problem in the world", in a rare interview.

A new milestone for using Crispr gene-editing against cancer

Washington - US scientists have succeeded in genetically editing the immune systems of three cancer patients using Crispr, without creating any side effects, a first for the tool which is revolutionizing biomedical research.

State of the nation: Trump misplaces Kansas City Chiefs

New York - US President Donald Trump drew scorn and laughter on social media Sunday after placing the Kansas City Chiefs in the wrong state following their Super Bowl victory.

Star quality: telescope captures Sun in greatest detail ever

Washington - A huge telescope built on the peak of a Hawaiian island has produced pictures of the Sun's surface in unprecedented detail, revealing boiling plasma cells the size of Texas. For the telescope's director, that's only just the beginning.

Despite pressure, US renews exemptions for Iran nuclear deal

Washington - The United States on Thursday extended exemptions to let an internationally backed nuclear deal with Iran go forward, even as it announced new sanctions to step up pressure.

US awaits Iraq's okay to deploy Patriots to protect troops

Washington - The United States is awaiting a green light from the Iraqi government to deploy Patriot missile defense systems to protect US troops from Iranian missile attacks, Pentagon chief Mark Esper said Thursday.
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Scott Olsen at the Veteran s rally for Bradley Manning in Oakland  Ca.
Scott Olsen at the Veteran's rally for Bradley Manning in Oakland, Ca.
Occupy Oakland
A fire broke out in an Aurora apartment building just one block from the apartment of James Holmes  ...
A fire broke out in an Aurora apartment building just one block from the apartment of James Holmes, accused in the movie theater shooting massacre.
Video screen capture
3 adults were arrested for the child endangerment and rape of 3 children.
3 adults were arrested for the child endangerment and rape of 3 children.
Occupy Wall Street - M22 - 4th night of occupation of Union Square.  Screen capture from video.
Occupy Wall Street - M22 - 4th night of occupation of Union Square. Screen capture from video.
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Ruby Friedman
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Trixie Whitley
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Gabrielle Stravelli
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Sherri Aldawood
Sherri Aldawood
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Rudi Saldia takes his cat MJ with him on bike rides around Philadelphia.
Laura Cayouette and John Schneider in a scene from  Hate Crime.
Laura Cayouette and John Schneider in a scene from 'Hate Crime.'
Maven Entertainment
The skyline of New York City
The skyline of New York City
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Billy Morrison
Mike Gowen
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Marcus Nand
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Occupy Wall Street - M22 - 4th night of occupation of Union Square.  Screen capture from video.
Occupy Wall Street - M22 - 4th night of occupation of Union Square. Screen capture from video.
Brande Roderick in a scene from  Anderson Bench
Brande Roderick in a scene from 'Anderson Bench'
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New York City
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