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Wealth gap: U.S. descending into feudalism warns plutocrat

Seattle - An American plutocrat has warned that the United States will descend into feudalism and could face social upheaval as the gap between super-rich and the rest widens.
In the Media by Robert Myles - 3 comments

Watergate conspirator Jeb Magruder dies at 79

Danbury - Watergate conspirator Jeb Stuart Magruder, who became a minister after serving time in prison for his role in the scandal that forced Richard Nixon to resign the presidency in 1974, has died.
In the Media by Nathan Salant - 2 comments

Senior citizen medical marijuana patient to lobby U.S. Congress

Ahead of his May 12th trial, federal medical marijuana defendant Larry Harvey, 70, goes to Washington, D.C. to lobby the United States Congress in order to stop funding federal prosecutions like his.
In the Media by Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti

Op-Ed: America the doormat — U.S. media finally notices

New York - The New York Times has been doing some soul-searching of America. Facts and figures have added up, and the result is a pretty sorry spectacle. In short, the only U.S. media site that can still spell has at last got the message.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Georgia redneck says 'Muslin' running US 'gov'mint'

Waycross - I bumped into an, ahem, gentleman the other day and he knew I wrote for Digital Journal, so he asked for a chance to tell his story. I said OK, which may have been a mistake. The reader will have to judge for his-or herself.
In the Media by Barry Ellsworth - 46 comments

US atheists start PAC to elect nonreligious candidates

Washington - Nonreligious Americans have started a political action committee (PAC) with the goal of electing like-minded, free-thinking candidates.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 9 comments

Op-Ed: Israeli American joint missile wargames in the Med

Damascus - Early Tuesday Russia Today carried a brief breaking news report that Russia's radar had detected the use of ballistic missiles in the eastern Mediterranean region. All that was known was that the missiles had fallen short of landmass.
In the Media by Eileen Kersey - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Syrian crisis — UK parliament recalled, warplanes sent to Cyprus

London - As Country Joe Fish's anti-Vietnam anthem loops around this bloggers' brain it looks like one, two three once again we could be off to war. This time the target is Syria.
In the Media by Eileen Kersey

John McCain on IRS Special Counsel: 'We Ought to Wait and See'

During his Monday appearance on the TODAY show, U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) hinted that a “select committee may be called” to look into whether the White House was involved in the recent IRS scandal.
In the Media by Jessica Geyer - 4 comments

Senator Mark Kirk helps same-sex marriage take the next step

GOP members are known to be conservative people, and most notably the senators that represent the party are just as conservative as the next. Senator Mark Kirk becomes an exception to that connotation.
In the Media by Jonathan Nguyen

Disagreement among U.S. Senators on immigration deal

Immigration reform has been a hot and touchy topic as of late. Some of the key senators are about ready to call an end to the debate over the bipartisan plan; however, some senators say that it would only signify the beginning of a lengthy process.
In the Media by Jonathan Nguyen - 1 comment

U.S. farmers face immigration issues hindering work for many

Products that we consume in the U.S. are most likely the result of the work of farmers or guest workers. These products are made at a low cost and often times sold as so. However, people do not realize the costly factors involved.
In the Media by Jonathan Nguyen

John Kerry on unannounced visit to Iraq as US influence fades

Baghdad - US Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Iraq on a previously unannounced visit for talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The visit comes just days after the tenth anniversary of the controversial invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.
In the Media by Karl Gotthardt - 11 comments

Op-Ed: Nancy Pelosi questions value of Keystone XL pipeline to US

Washington - During a luncheon with House Republicans President Obama indicated that a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline would be made soon. On Thursday House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she questions the value of the pipeline to the US.
In the Media by Karl Gotthardt - 38 comments

Op-Ed: Living the American Dream

Marco Rubio the young and aspiring Senator from Florida is the new star of the Republican Party. Is he the next ticket for the 2016 election?
In the Media by James Dickenson - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Gallup — Millions of Americans renounced GOP in 2012

A recent poll has found that 47 percent of Americans identify themselves as either Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.
In the Media by Mark Alexander - 16 comments

Video: President Obama sheds tears as he thanks his staff

Chicago - In a rare moment captured on video, the characteristically calm, cool and collected President Obama weeps as he speaks to the staff and volunteers at a campaign office in Chicago.
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio - 7 comments

Op-Ed: Please don't vote in the election if you're an uninformed voter

While it is very important for citizens to exercise their right to vote and to participate in the political process, it is equally important that those same citizens have some clue about who they're voting for and how the system works.
In the Media by Steve Bellah - 5 comments

Akin posts video apology as damage control after rape gaffe

Instead of dropping out, embattled U.S. politician Todd Akin withstood pressure to withdraw as a Republican Senatorial candidate from Missouri by releasing an apology.
In the Media by Alex Guibord - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Economy needs something drastic according to Romney

Evansville - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is calling for "something drastic" to help stimulate the US economy, but other then calling for the same things he has been calling for, he is not saying what he proposes.
In the Media by Greta McClain - 1 comment

Florida HOA collects rent from home it doesn't own

Wesley Chapel - A Pasco County homeowners' association takes possession of couples' home, evicts the existing tenant, changes the locks and moves in its own tenant, all over a $2,565 dispute.
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio

Video: The President 'Slow Jams the News' with Jimmy Fallon

While on a semi-tour courting the college crowd President Barack Obama stopped by the set of "Late Night" Tuesday to chat with host Jimmy Fallon and found himself in the middle of a "Slow Jam."
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio

Ron Paul video game coming soon

Houston - A new video game titled "Ron Paul: the Road to REVOlution" is in the works and due to be released early this summer. The free online game would be available on any browser and mobile versions will later be released.
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio - 4 comments

Dick Cheney calls the Obama Administration a 'disaster'

The former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has stated that the Obama Administration has been a disaster and that it would be a major disappoint if he was to be voted in for another term in office.
In the Media by Paul Iddon - 15 comments

David Cameron to visit White House in March

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will visit the White House in March for talks with President Obama on a series of political topics.
In the Media by Lewis McCathie

How Americans See Political Labels

Certain political labels get tossed around all the time. How do Americans see themselves? With the Iowa caucus just a few days away, let's take a quick look at how the public sees political labels going into a presidential election year.
In the Media by Tim O'Brien - 6 comments

Op-Ed: Is Zionism cannibalizing US politics?

With people of Jewish faith making up just 2% of the potential vote, why are American politicians pandering to the whims of Israel?
In the Media by Andre C James - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Where will Cain's voters go next?

Herman Cain's indefinite suspension of his presidential bid on Saturday adds another layer of intrigue to the impending race to the finish between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich; where will his supporters go?
In the Media by William Rubin

Op-Ed: Obama is a two-term President

In Thomas Friedman’s recent New York Times article ‘Go big, Mr. Obama’ he lays out a three phase plan for national economic reforms, and subsequently a second term for President Obama.
In the Media by Jesse Rutigliano - 3 comments

Keystone XL: Thousands gather to protest around the White House

Washington - An estimated 10,000 demonstrators gathered around the White House Sunday to protest plans for TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline.
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio - 3 comments
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Great song  but perhaps a bit hopeful.
Great song, but perhaps a bit hopeful.
Jesse Jr. sentenced to 30 months
Jesse Jr. sentenced to 30 months
Democracy strikes again?
Fox 32
Democracy strikes again?
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U.S. Capitol (from west side facing east) in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.
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Ring a bell?
Tired of media bias  corruption in government and politicians who want to collapse the current syste...
Tired of media bias, corruption in government and politicians who want to collapse the current system, I decided to do my part to oppose tyranny.

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