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Op-Ed: No more public support money? Say goodbye to the economy

Washington - As of July 2020, the financial assistance for the public will start to dry up. The likely result of no more money will be a massive crash unlike any seen before. The old cost-heavy environment isn’t sustainable and unrealistic.

With an eye on COVID-19, Federal Reserve makes emergency rate cut

After being railed against by President Trump early Tuesday, the Federal Reserve cut the benchmark interest rate by a half-point Tuesday in its first emergency rate cut since the Great Recession.

Op-Ed: Trade War — China could ban export of rare earth minerals

As the trade war between the U.S. and China escalate, the stakes get higher. Beijing could slam every corner of the American economy, from oil refineries to wind turbines to jet engines, by banning exports of crucial minerals.

US factory output drops last month as auto sales fall sharply

Washington - US manufacturing output dropped sharply in January as motor vehicle production wracked up its worst decline since back in 2009. There were also declines in a broad range of goods. This could stoke fears of a sharp slowing of factory activity.

Canada loses over 51,000 jobs in biggest drop in almost a decade

Ottawa - Canada's economy lost 51,600 jobs last month in a decrease that drove up the unemployment rate and essentially wiped out a big gain in July, Statistics Canada said Friday.

New wind and solar projects in U.S. to add 220,000 jobs in 2017

A new report issued this week by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows how federal tax credit extensions are providing a "growth engine" that will create over 220,000 new jobs, and add nearly $23 billion to the U.S. economy.

Op-Ed: Is Trump going to be so bad for the U.S. economy? Maybe not.

Trump's recent election has been seen by many as a sign of an imminent apocalypse. Others simply do not take him seriously at all. But is he really going to be so bad for his country and the rest of the world as well?

Op-Ed: Conservatives attack Trump trillion dollar infrastructure program

One of Trump's key economic policies was a trillion-dollar infrastructure spending program to rebuild U.S. highways, bridges and airports.

Author John Perkins points to 1976 as pivotal year economically Special

No doubt, the U. S. economy is on everyone's mind now that the presidential election is over. Yet as author John Perkins noted, "the fact that someone outside the status quo was elected, says people want change."

For decades U.S. wage growth lags behind productivity growth

The American worker is more productive than ever but growth in wages has not kept pace as it did prior to 1973. From that year to 2014 average hourly wages increased only 9 percent while productivity rose 72 percent during the 41-year period.

Are truck drivers in the U.S. in danger of becoming a rare breed?

The U.S. will face a shortage of nearly 50,000 truck drivers by the end of this year, according to a report by the American Trucking Associations (ATA). That's a sharp uptick from only two years ago when the shortage was pegged at 30,000 drivers.

Op-Ed: Obama could really help middle class by raising capital gains tax

President Obama is on a progressive hot streak as his second term approaches halftime: He's proposed subsidized broadband Internet for everyone, free community college for all, and now he wants to raise the capital gains tax to make the rich pay more.

U.S. not emerging markets favored by investors

Davos - Usually emerging economies star at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. This year talk is about the superior performance of the U.S. economy compared to that of most other developed countries.

U.S. factory orders plunged in August

Washington - Factory orders, a traditional catalyst for economic growth, plunged in August to the lowest level ever recorded. The fundamental drop in factory production was led by a steep decline in orders for U.S. manufactured commercial aircraft.

NYU Stern economic forum says to curb your (economic) enthusiasm Special

New York - The economy seems poised to improve, but will the changes coming be bold enough to be felt on "Main Street"? A special report for Digital Journal with comments from top economists and photos from NYU Stern's September 3, 2014 Economic Outlook Forum:

Signs of economic growth good news for small business

Recent reports of falling unemployment, increased production and a rise in the GDP have many cautiously optimistic the U.S. economy is on the road to recovery, which is especially good news for small businesses.

U.S. economy keeps rolling, 6 straight months of strong job gains

New numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show the U.S. economy improving in ways it has not done for almost two decades. Under President Barack Obama's administration, the economy has now added at least 200,000 jobs for six straight months.

Op-Ed: Outsourcing America: $3 an hour

Pittsburgh - Remember your old office job? The one you got laid off from? The good news is you can get it back. The bad news? No overtime, no benefits- and you'll have to underbid $3.00 an hour contractors from Pakistan.

Wealth gap: U.S. descending into feudalism warns plutocrat

Seattle - An American plutocrat has warned that the United States will descend into feudalism and could face social upheaval as the gap between super-rich and the rest widens.

Report warns how climate change threatens U.S. economy

Washington - The U.S. economy could face major, systemic disruption due to climate change unless legislators and businesses alike take urgent action to reduce climate risk, says a new report released this week.

Economic uncertainty not impeding growth of healthcare IT jobs

According to preliminary seasonally adjusted figures just published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. employment grew by some 288,000 jobs during the month of March.

U.S. jobless rate tumbles to 6.3; in April alone 288,000 new jobs

When he took office in January of 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama inherited an economy that lost over 2 million jobs in the final 3 months under George W. Bush. With a world-wide recession impeding recovery it took time but at last it's looking up.

A surge in the U.S. housing market brings economic hope

With a nation eagerly waiting for any indication of an upturn in the economy, critics are hailing a recent upsurge in home sales as a promising sign of hope.

Senate votes in Yellen as first woman chair of Federal Reserve

Washington - The U.S. Senate, Monday, approved the appointment of Janet Yellen as head of the Federal Reserve. Yellen, 67, will become the first woman to preside over the US central bank, the most powerful in the world.

Op-Ed: Skills gap and the U.S. job market

As technology advances and new fields emerge, employers are struggling to fill highly-skilled positions with highly-skilled employees and this is causing what many refer to as a “skills gap” among employers and potential employees.

Op-Ed: Middle-aged Americans short on life insurance

Due to the shaky U.S. economy, millions of middle-aged Americans are passing over life insurance coverage because of a lack of stability in their personal finances.

Manufacturing leading global economic recovery

The last month has seen some good news in terms of manufacturing, and not just in one country. Germany, China and the U.S. have all released positive manufacturing data.

Ben Bernanke will continue $85 billion bond buying in US for now

Washington - Ben Bernanke said that the Fed might start to reduce bond purchases some time later this year. However, he also made it clear that any decision to do so would depend upon the state of the US economy.

US economy grows 2.5% in first quarter below expectation of 3%

Washington - While below expectations the 2.5% growth rate the first quarter of 2013 was well above the anemic 0,4% rate of the last quarter of 2012.

U.S. economy chokes; only 88,000 jobs in March

Washington - The entire U.S. economy only managed to create a sharply disappointing 88,000 jobs last month, not even half the number economic analysts had expected.
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Plutocrat  author and entrepreneur Nick Hanauer has warned that US wealth disparities are leading to...
Plutocrat, author and entrepreneur Nick Hanauer has warned that US wealth disparities are leading to a feudal society with revolution the inevitable outcome.
Nick Hanauer -
The US has imposed tariffs on hundreds of products  mostly from China  which Fed members say already...
The US has imposed tariffs on hundreds of products, mostly from China, which Fed members say already have raised prices and could pressure inflation further
Iowa Unemployment Rates shown above county name are March 2012;
rates shown below are March 2011.
Iowa Unemployment Rates shown above county name are March 2012; rates shown below are March 2011.
screenshot from handout
John Perkins is the author of the 2004 bestseller   Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.
John Perkins is the author of the 2004 bestseller, "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man."
Courtesy of author John Perkins

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