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US Russia relations News

Russia deploys more troops in Baltic region

Russia's Western Military District has announced that it will deploy more troops along with motorized units into the western region as the US and NATO troops are deployed in the Baltic and other areas that border Russia.

Op-Ed: US maintains Russia partly to blame for Chile demonstrations

There have been massive protests in Chile over the last few weeks. Reports say that one million people took to the streets back on October 25th causing Chile's president Sebastian Pinera to announce that he was reshuffling his cabinet.

Op-Ed: US-China trade war hits its final, possibly fatal, level

Sydney - The US-China trade war has finally extended to consumer goods. That’s lousy news for consumers and importers as real costs rise. The China/US range of things to clash about has simply been extended to the sole positive aspect of the relationship.

Op-Ed: Putin sees US Russia relations worsening by the hour

US and Russian relations have soured in recent years. The Obama administration pared back ties. While Trump appears to be personally friendly to Putin and wanted to improve relations this has not happened even though some consider Trump a Putin stooge.

Pompeo demands Russia not interfere in US 2020 election

As US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Russia on Tuesday he made many demands on the Russian government with the main one being that Russia take action to prove that it would not interfere in the 2020 US elections

Op-Ed: U.S. turns down invitation to Russian meeting on Afghanistan

Moscow - Even though the U.S. was invited to a meeting on Afghanistan on Friday, it did not attend. The meeting in Moscow was aimed at facilitating peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Op-Ed: China vs. U.S. in the South China Sea — a very deadly situation

Sydney - The possible conflict between China and the U.S. over the South China Sea islands has some truly bizarre issues built in. The U.S. has stated it intends to “block access” to the islands. This could very well mean war with China.

Op-Ed: Trump annoys Russia with pledge of Syrian safe zones

Washington - U.S. president Donald Trump has announced that he will establish "safe zones" within Syria for people fleeing the civil war and terrorism. Earlier statements by Trump suggested he would be less involved in Syria.

Op-Ed: Obama tries to create problems for Trump before leaving office

Washington - As Obama ends his term he has been busy trying to make relations with Russia worse and create other problems for Trump. His most recent move is to try to impose UN sanctions on Syria through the UN Security Council.

Op-Ed: Obama administration subjects five more Russians to sanctions

Washington - The Obama administration announced a new round of sanctions against five Russian officials. Officials admit that technically the sanctions are not directly related to Russian alleged hacking of the recent presidential election.

U.S. and Russia increasing cooperation on Syria

Moscow - John Kerry U.S. Secretary of State said on July 15 that Russia and the U.S. had agreed to cooperate in Syria against the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry optimistic about Syria ceasefire

Vienna - John Kerry, US secretary of state, has given a positive assessment of efforts to negotiate a ceasefire between rebels aiming to overthrow Assad and his forces. Kerry claimed a ceasefire could be just weeks away.

Op-Ed: U.S. and Russian officials hold military talks on Syria

Damascus - U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu held talks on Syria. The Pentagon said the two discussed areas where U.S. and Russian "perspective overlap and areas of divergence."

Russia takes revenge on Visa and Mastercard

Moscow - Both Visa and Mastercard claim that a new law that requires a security deposit of $3.8 billion for them to operate in Russia will have a "severe impact" on their Russian operations.

Op-Ed: Putin does not rule out supporting UN motion on Syria

Saint Petersburg - In an interview with a Russian TV channel before the G20 summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he did not rule out approving a military operation in Syria but only if there were clear evidence Assad had carried out a chemical weapons attack.

Op-Ed: The US not Russia is the bully in the Snowden case

Washington - US Senator Charles Schumer of New York claims that the granting of temporary asylum to Edward Snowden has poisoned relations between the two countries.

US reacts strongly to Snowden's asylum in Russia

Moscow - The news of NSA leaker Edward Snowden getting asylum in Russia has reportedly brought US-Russian relations to their lowest point in decades.

Op-Ed: In response to US Magnitsky list Russia bans 18 Americans

Moscow - The main intention of the Magnitsky act was to punish Russian officials thought to be responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky, by banning them from the United States and use of the US banking system.

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