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US Iraq relations News

Op-Ed: Al-Sadr fears Iraq will be battleground for Iran US conflicts

Moqtada al-Sadr, the influential Iraqi Shi'ite cleric has warned both the US and Iran not to involve Iraq in any of their conflicts. Sadr claimed that the Iraq had been "greatly affected" through being an arena for proxy fights.

Op-Ed: US withdraws 2,500 troops from Iraq

Mustafa Kadhimi, the Iraqi Prime Minister confirmed over last weekend that at least 2,500 US troops have been withdrawn already from Iraq as part of a three year period of pullout from the country.

Op-Ed: Trump to reduce US troops in Iraq to just 2,000 in a short time

Only one day after the US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced it was withdrawing 2,200 troops from US President Trump announced even more cuts in the months to come. Now, troop levels in Iraq are at 5,200 but will be at 3,000 by the end of the month.

US confirms it will pull out 2,200 troops from Iraq

The US Central Command CENTCOM officials claim that it will. withdraw 2,200 troops from Iraq before the upcoming US election. The troops are to be withdrawn by the end of September confirming what the Trump administration has said recently.

US to withdraw troops from Iraq leaving only 3,500 of 5,200

On Friday, the Trump administration revealed details of a drawdown in Iraq. In the next two or three months, officials say that troops in Iraq will be reduced from 5,200 to just 3,500.

Trump wants to make a substantial withdrawal of troops from Iraq

On Thursday :President Trump said to reporters that he intended to withdraw substantial US troops from Iraq as soon as possible saying that the US will leave shortly.

Op-Ed: US said to be planning attacks on Iranian-supported Iraq militias

The United States and Iran both badly hit by the coronavirus appear to be on the verge of military action against each other. After earlier engagements this year both sides seem to be preparing for a new imminent conflict.

Op-Ed: US expresses anger at Iraq's failure to defend US bases

Washington - The US State Department on Friday issued a statement declaring that they were enormously disappointed by the failure of the Iraqi government to protect US and coalition forces in the country.

Op-Ed: Iraq condemns US retaliatory raids as another attack hits US base

Barham Salih, the Iraqi president, issued a statement on Friday that angrily condemned a group of US airstrikes hitting suspected Iranian-back rebels suspected of carrying out the raids.

US offers Iraq a partial withdrawal of its troops

Back in January this year, the Iraqi parliament voted 170 to 0 for a resolution requiring all foreign troops be withdrawn from Iraq. The resolution was not binding upon the government and a number of lawmakers stayed away from the vote.

Op-Ed: Iraqi military officials cautioned not to seek US help

Tensions may have eased a bit since the US carried out the assassination of Qaseem Soleimani a top Iranian commander along with an Iraqi deputy commander of the Popular Mobilization forces in a drone strike near the Baghdad International Airport.

Op-Ed: Top US general talks with Iraqi officials to mend relations

General Kenneth "Frank" McKenzie, Centom Commander, made a quiet visit to Iraq on Tuesday. Multiple media reports claim that McKenzie "slipped" into Iraq in an attempt to mend ties during what he called a period of "turbulence" between the two countries.

Op-Ed: Trump administration suspends all arms shipments to Iraq

The Trump Administration has suspended delivery of all weapons to Iraq. This includes the delivery of Sidewinder and Maverick missiles that were part of a $1.8 billion contract that had been signed in 2016.

Op-Ed: US envoy denies there are talks with Iraq on US troop withdrawal

US Special envoy for the ISIS conflict James Jeffrey denied on Thursday that the US has been having any talks with Iraq about withdrawing troops insisting that there is no real engagement.

Op-Ed: US threatens Iraq with sanctions if it demands US troops leave

Iraqi officials warn that the country would face almost immediate economic collapse should US President Trump impose sanctions on Iraq and freeze oil revenues because Iraq demanded US troops leave.

Op-Ed: Letter to Iraqi PM contradicts Defense Minister on US withdrawal

General Mark Milley US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair said that the letter announcing that US troops would be withdrawing from Iraq wast just a draft and said that is not what is happening.

Op-Ed: Iraqi parliament calls for US troops to leave Iraq

Today the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution to expel all foreign troops from the country as tensions are escalating between Iran and the US but between Iraq and the US as well after a US attack that killed Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani.

Op-Ed: US deadline to withdraw transiting troops from Iraq is 4 weeks

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper was in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on Wednesday where he met with top Iraq officials. No doubt the talks involved damage control after the US deployed troops from Syria into western Iraq without asking Iraq's permission.

US troops redeployed from Syria to Iraq cannot remain there

Just a few days after the US announced that US troops from Syria were being redeployed to western Iraq US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that instead the troops will be returning to the US after all.

US to deploy 700 troops from Syria into western Iraq

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says that the current US plan is to send all US troops leaving Syria to be redeployed into the western part of Iraq to engage in anti-ISIS operations.

U.S. to send hundreds more troops to Iraq

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has announced that some 600 additional troops will be sent to Iraq prior to a major offensive against the city of Mosul held by the Islamic State.

Obama says U.S. will stay in Iraq over the longer term

Baghdad - At a press conference during his visit to Saudi Arabia, President Barack Obama said the U.S. will continue its presence in Iraq over the longer term. He cited the country's political instability as showing that the U.S. needs to remain involved.

U.S. to send more troops to Iraq

Baghdad - The United States is to send more troops to Iraq. The troops will be put closer to the front lines of the battle against the Islamic State.

Obama administration may send more troops to Iraq

Baghdad - At a recent new briefing Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joe Dunford said Obama will decide soon whether to accept proposals to increase the number of ground troops in Iraq.

Op-Ed: Kurdish capture of Sinjar from Islamic State creates new problems

Sinjar - Kurdish forces with U.S.-backed air strikes have driven Islamic State fighters out of the city of Sinjar, home to the Yazidi minority group. However, the victory also exacerbates tensions between Iraqi Kurdistan and the central Iraqi government

More U.S. troops and equipment to Iraq but no 'mission creep'

Baghdad - While the Pentagon insists that there is no mission creep in Iraq and that those already present are limited to "advisory" operations, the Obama administration continues to send more equipment and more personnel to Iraq.

Op-Ed: US F-16 delivery delayed while Russian Su-25s arrive in Iraq

Baghdad - Iraq ordered 34 F-16 fighter jets from the US back in 2011. Not one has yet arrived and now delivery is again delayed due to security conditions according to the Pentagon.

U.S. ups involvement in Iraq with drones and more troops

Baghdad - Armed U.S. Predator are reported to be flying over Baghdad as the number of US advisers and troops on the ground continues to grow.

U.S. and Iran are allies in Iraq

Baghdad - While the U.S. and Iran usually disagree as on Iran's nuclear program and policy on Syria, on the issue of the (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) ISIL the two countries are allies.

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