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US CUba relations News

Trump adds further restrictions on American travel to Cuba

The Trump administration has placed new restrictions on the import of Cuban cigars and liquor and has banned Americans from staying at properties owned by the Cuban government. Trump announced the new measures on Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Cuban economic problems and the US blockade

The US first imposed an arms embargo on Cuba on March 14, 1958. On October 19, 1960 almost two years after Batista was overthrown the embargo was extended to other imports except for food and medicine after Cuba took over US-owned oil refineries.

Op-Ed: US to allow some suits against foreign firms in Cuba

Washington - Both Canada and the UK vowed yesterday that they will protect their business from the new Trump policy which will allow lawsuits against foreign companies connected to properties seized from American firms during the Cuban revolution.

Rep. Barbara Lee hails President Obama's upcoming visit to Cuba

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), who has advocated normalization of US-Cuban relations for decades, hailed President Barack Obama's decision to visit Cuba as an important step toward ending more than 50 years of "failed US policy" toward its socialist neighbor.

Op-Ed: UN condemns U.S. trade blockade of Cuba

New York - The UN General Assembly for the 24th year condemned a U.S. trade embargo on Cuba. Only two countries voted against the resolution this time around, Israel and the United States.

Minnesota Orchestra to play in Cuba this week

Minneapolis - The Minnesota Symphony Orchestra led by its director, Osmo Vanska, will be the first to perform in Cuba since President Barack Obama announced he would be restoring full diplomatic relations last December.

You can now legally import Cuban cigars, rum

American cigar and rum aficionados cheered Wednesday when President Barack Obama announced an historic rapprochement with communist Cuba that will lead to greatly improved diplomatic, economic and travel relations between the two long-estranged neighbors.

U.S., Cuba to restore relations after Alan Gross, 'Cuban 5' freed

Washington - The United States and Cuba have begun talks to fully normalize diplomatic relations after more than half a century of animosity stoked by a crippling embargo, U.S. support for anti-Cuba terrorism and repeated attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro.

Obama puts progress on Cuba relations on back burner

Washington - While U.S. relations with Cuba have improved slowly over the last decades, President Obama seems to be unwilling to push progress any further in the face of resistance from a well-established and organized anti-Cuba lobby.

First commercial flight from Key West to Cuba in over 50 years

Key West - After more than 50 years, the first commercial flight from Key West landed in Havana Cuba. It took several years just to arrange this flight and regular air service still may be in the distant future.

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US CUba relations

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A selection of fine Cuba cigars.
A selection of fine Cuba cigars.
Alex Brown/Flickr Creative Commons
US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro shake hands at the recent memorial servic...
US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro shake hands at the recent memorial service for South African civil rights hero and leader Nelson Mandela.
Flickr Creative Commons

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