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UN Security Council News

Justin Trudeau co-hosts virtual UN summit on post-pandemic aid

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is co-hosting a major United Nations conference today, aimed at developing a coordinated global response to mitigate the devastating social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Op-Ed: US to introduce a UN resolution to extend arms embargo on Iran

The US is attempting to extend an arms embargo on Iran at the UN and if that fails the US claims that this could trigger the return of all sanctions.

US blocks UN resolution to condemn Israeli demolitions

Jerusalem - Diplomats report that a proposal by some members of the UN Security Council to condemn Israel's demolition of 10 Palestinian apartment buildings on the outskirts of Jerusalem has been blocked by the US.

Op-Ed: UN envoy's briefing on Libya to the UN Security Council

Martin Kobler, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General gave an extensive briefing on the Libyan situation to the UN Security Council on June 7. This article is a commentary on some of the contents.

Op-Ed: UN Security Council press release on Libya

Tunis - The UN Security Council has now issued a press release that gives its blessing to decisions of the GNA applauded by the UN which now recognize the GNA as the sole legitimate government of Libya.

UN Security Council powers may lose veto on genocide votes

Amnesty has called on members of the UN Security Council to relinquish their veto power. The recent findings of the 2014 Amnesty Annual Report shows repeated abuse of their vetoes by failing to protect civilians and provide them with peace and security.

Houthis try to extend their areas of control in Yemen

Sanaa - Houthi rebels who have taken control of the government in Yemen have extended their control into areas where they now face resistance from well-armed Sunni tribesmen as well as the Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP).

Palestine resolution fails in UN Security Council

New York - The Palestinian resolution called for peace with Israel within one year and an end to Israeli occupation by 2017. The resolution failed to pass by just one vote.

Russia’s ‘Virtual reality’ stance on Ukraine slammed at UN

New York - On the eve of Thursday’s four-way talks which took place in Geneva, today, Russia again came in for flak at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council held yesterday, both from UN officials and a number of Western Ambassadors.

French journalists kidnapped at gunpoint and killed in Mali

Kidal - Two French journalists,were murdered in Mali, North Africa, Saturday, just hours after being kidnapped by insurgents. The two journalists have been identified as 57-year-old Ghislaine Dupont and sound technician, Claude Verlon, aged 55.

Saudi Arabia urged to keep seat at UN Security Council

Saudi Arabia has declared that it will not be taking the seat it was given at the United Nations Security Council a mere day after the body elected it to sit on the council for two years.

Saudia Arabia rejects a seat on the UN Security Council

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia Friday rejected taking a seat on the United Nations Security Council. The move was unprecedented and stunned the UN and even some Saudi diplomats. It had seemingly been prepared to accept the seat, until recently.

U.N. Security Council demands elimination of Syria chemical arms

The United Nations Security Council adopted with an unanimous 15 votes in favor of dismantling Syria's chemical weapons.

Angelina Jolie urges UN to address 'war zone sexual violence'

New York - Actress Angelina Jolie pleaded with members of the UN Security Council to adopt a resolution that would punish perpetrators of sexual violence during times of war and protect the victims.

Russia blocks UN Security Council statement on Qusayr fighting

An attempted UN Security Council statement over the fighting in Qusayr has been blocked by Russia. The original draft statement was circulated by Britain.

U.N. Security Council to discuss North Korea

The United Nations Security Council is to hold closed-door discussions over North Korea following indications that the United States and China have reached a deal on imposing sanctions on that country in response to its latest nuclear test.

UN Security Council approves military intervention in Mali

Bamako - The United Nations Security Council has approved employment of African-based forces to Mali for a year. The resolution also demanded that the military stop interfering in government affairs and that order be re-established through elections.

Op-Ed: Risk vs Reward — Is the Human Cost Worth Potential Profit

As the violence continues to spread throughout many parts of Syria, countries around the globe are condemning the Syrian government for their continued attacks on neighborhoods.

Kofi Annan resigns as Syria envoy at UN Security Council

Citing finger-pointing and name-calling within the UN Security Council, Kofi Annan has resigned his position as Syria envoy.

Palestinian state at UN supported by former President Carter

Washington - Former US President Jimmy Carter has come out in support of Palestinian statehood at this month’s UN General Assembly because of the Obama administration’s lack of effort in providing a plan for peace in the region.

Palestinian state attempt at UN general assembly will get US veto

Washington - The US government on Thursday expressed in no uncertain terms it would veto a Palestinian attempt at seeking full UN membership when the General Assembly opens later this month, saying establishing a state can “only be achieved by negotiations.”

Palestinians move ahead with U.N. statehood bid

Palestinians will move forward in asking the United Nations Security Council to support their bid for statehood instead of working towards a negotiated agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Israel, U.S. push for renewed peace negotiations with Palestine

The United States and Israel are working together to revive peace talks with Palestinians in a desperate attempt to avoid a diplomatic confrontation when the United Nations convenes in September.

Peace and security threatened by climate change, UN says

Geneva - Global warming’s impacts can add another victim to its list, with international peace and security threatened by a changing climate, as the “unholy brew” causing security vacuums must be addressed by all countries, the United Nations (UN) warns.

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United Nations General Assembly
United Nations General Assembly
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Bashar Ja’afari  Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN  speaks to journal...
Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UN, speaks to journalists regarding the latest allegations of use of chemical weapons in his country and the possibility of military action against the Syrian government being contemplated by several permanent members of the Security Council
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The UN Security Council hall.
The UN Security Council hall.

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