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Op-Ed: Strike action threatens the NHS in UK

The UK is justifiably proud of the NHS, created by the National Health Service Act 1946 and initiated in July 1948. 2015 strikes and financial cuts could signal further demise of this national behemoth.

Op-Ed: The govt. made me do it: Reporter defends anti-Snowden story

One of the authors of a controversial story published in the Sunday Times is in damage control mode and appeared on CNN Sunday to defend the story, which alleges that Russian and Chinese officials have obtained encrypted files leaked by Edward Snowden.

Op-Ed: The UK needs a government reboot and Miliband is the man to do it

London - Much has been made of a ground-shift towards a new era of multi party politics, based on coalitions, compromises and alliances, but the reality still remains that two main parties will dominate this election – the Conservative party and the Labour party

UK gambling reforms please investors but anger Labour and bookies

The United Kingdom’s coalition government has provided the first major update of British gambling legislation since the 2005 Gambling Act, with controls aimed at protecting gamblers rather than harming the gaming market.

UK Government announces £900m plan to cut winter fuel deaths

The UK Energy Secretary announced a £900million plan to reduce winter energy costs to vulnerable households. Specially-recruited energy advisers will advise and support vulnerable people in society and help them switch to more cost-effective fuel plans.

Labour Party plan on energy bills wipes £2 billion off shares

Ed Miliband's speech to the Labour Party Conference this week included a promise to freeze energy bills for 20 months if Labour win the next election. It had surprising results, as nearly £2 billion was wiped off the share value of UK energy companies.

UK contribution to G20 summit, Sept. 5-6, Russia

The Prime Minister's office issued a press release on the G20 summit discussions on the Syria crisis. The summit remit was working towards peace and stability in the Middle East and North Africa, however, it's unsurprising that Syria topped the agenda.

UK Government: 'On holiday, don’t let drink do your talking'

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is encouraging young travelers to think before they drink, to avoid putting themselves at risk of serious harm while holidaying in foreign countries.

UK Government backs law to jail reckless bankers

London - The UK Government gave its backing yesterday to a proposed law which would create a new criminal offence of reckless misconduct by senior bankers. Sanctions against those found guilty of reckless banking could include a prison term.

British trust in police at a low

The UK Home Affairs Committee chairman, Labour MP Keith Vaz, has warned that this year's revelations relating to British police forces have damaged the public's perception of law officers and resulted in a dip in trust.

Fracking given the green light by UK government

The controversial hydraulic fracturing process has been approved in the U.K. following an earlier suspension of drilling. As a result, the process, often referred to as 'fracking', will resume.

UK MPs told: If you want to edit your Wiki entry, do it at home

London - British Members of Parliament are being told: if you need to edit your Wikipedia entry, better to do it at home rather than be caught in the act.

Rally to save the NHS in UK gets massive Twitter response

Thousands of NHS workers and patients marched through London and held a rally in Westminster tonight, protesting against the UK Government's Health Reform Bill. The message was "Save Our NHS". Many thousands more, who could not attend, chose to tweet!

UK Government silences House of Lords with arcane measure

The UK government overturned Lords amendments to its controversial Welfare Reform Bill in the House of Commons, and used an arcane constitutional step to prevent the House of Lords from blocking this or similar measures in the future

Op-Ed: Campaign groups in last bid to stop UK Welfare Reform Bill

Following Saturday's protests, which successfully brought London to a standstill, focus returns to the House of Commons to stop the Condem government's controversial Welfare Reform Bill

Social networks oppose UK gov't call for ban during civil unrest

In the wake of the recent UK riots, calls have been made to regulate social networks during times of civil unrest. Representatives from Twitter, Facebook and Research in Motion meet home secretary Theresa May today to warn against this move.

UK government won't block Scottish referendum on independence

Edinburgh - Following the overall majority win of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in Scotland the UK government at Westminster says it will not move to block a Scottish referendum on independence.

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Andrew Mitchell is at the centre of a political storm as a result of a heated exchange when police o...
Andrew Mitchell is at the centre of a political storm as a result of a heated exchange when police officers told him he could not ride his bicycle through the Downing Street gate.

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