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Trump: I should have left UCLA players in jail

Washington - Donald Trump on Sunday said he was sorry for helping secure the release of three college basketball players caught shoplifting in China, after one of their fathers downplayed the president's role.

Trump tells UCLA players 'you're welcome,' credits Xi

Washington - US President Donald Trump credited China's President Xi Jinping Thursday with the release of three UCLA basketball players who had been held on suspicion of shoplifting.

US shooter had 'kill list' including professors, wife

Los Angeles - A gunman who shot dead his former college professor in California before taking his own life also murdered his wife as he worked off a "kill list," authorities and media reports said.

Two killed in California campus shooting: police

Los Angeles - Two people were shot dead on Wednesday at the University of California's Los Angeles campus, prompting a lockdown of the massive facility as police searched for a possible shooter.

Scientists think poop can power vehicles

Los Angeles - Poop could one day power people's vehicles. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, think poop can become a new kind of fuel..

Big Bang Theory funds science scholarships

Los Angeles - The makers of the hit television comedy “The Big Bang Theory” have launched a scheme designed to help students to begin science or technology careers. The scheme is called “The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment.”

Op-Ed: Gene patents and old laws – UCLA/ MIT dispute shows the faults

Sydney - Gene editing is as fundamental as the expression itself. It’s the new horizon plus of genetic science. It’s also right in the middle of yet another patent battle. The “law vs. science” issue needs to be shut down, for everyone’s sake.

College tuition on the rise again

The University of California (UC) system is the most visible example of school officials pushing for a tuition hike, and one of the most controversial.

Annie Awards nominations: 'The LEGO Movie' may be the favorite

Los Angeles - The nominees for the Annie Awards were announced today (Dec. 1). The awards are dedicated to animation and will be handed out Jan. 31 in Los Angeles.

Op-Ed: Delaying aging by remote control with gene activation

Sydney - A new study has discovered that it is possible to delay ageing by a comparatively simple process of simply activating a gene called AMPK. This gene slows ageing and increases lifespan by triggering a response to low energy levels.

Little ‘coqui’ frog of Puerto Rico shows effect of climate change

A study on the differences in size and mating calls of a tiny Puerto Rican frog over a 23-year period suggests the male frog is getting smaller and its mating call becoming shorter and higher pitched. The differences may be caused by climate change.

Op-Ed: Coming to a sea near you — Giant robot jellyfish

Sydney - U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Center and the Office of Naval Research have developed low powered versatile robots for multiple tasks in the ocean. These things weigh 170lb and can do everything you would want a giant jellyfish to do.

New star system discovered in Earth's backyard

A professor at Penn State’s Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds has discovered a binary star system comprising a pair of brown dwarf stars, just 6.5 light years from the Sun. In astronomical terms, the new system is in Earth's backyard.

Suit filed against UCLA for professor who exposed junk science

Washington - The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) said it has filed a suit against UCLA on behalf of a research professor who was terminated after he blew the whistle on junk environmental science and scientific misconduct at the University of California.

Op-Ed: Sugar makes you stupid, if it doesn’t try to kill you as well

Sydney - Sugar can do horrible things to your brain. It effectively sabotages synapses, according to a new study. Given that the average American (That poor bastard, didn’t know he was still around) consumes 40kg of sugar per year, that’s not great news.

Stanford now ahead of UC Berkeley in world academic rankings

The Times Higher Education magazine issued its annual rankings of universities worldwide on Thursday. It placed Stanford fourth ahead of UC Berkeley, fifth. Harvard, MIT and Cambridge retained the top three positions.

Top animation Annie goes to 'Rango'

Los Angeles - When you look at the winners for the Annie Awards, head right to the top award in the movie category and then you will find the Oscar front runner for Best Animated Feature.

Video: UCLA marriage proposal goes wrong

Los Angeles - During a recent basketball game at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the camera caught a man proposing to a woman. Things went very wrong as the lady rejected the man's proposal. Many say the video of the woman rejecting her suitor is painful to watch.

OOBE study proves Elijah's angel encounter was lucid dreaming

Los Angeles - Researchers at the OOBE Research Center, UCLA say they have reproduced Elijah's biblical angel encounter a total of 15 times. The researchers say their study proves that Elijah's experience was due to the phenomenon of spontaneous lucid dreaming.

Rampant H1N1 flu in African pigs could cause human pandemic

UCLA researchers have found high numbers of pigs in Africa have been exposed to human H1N1 flu, which they say could lead to a pandemic in humans.

Landlords could save millions with smoke-free policies

Los Angeles - A new study released by researchers at UCLA found that owners of multi-unit-housing could save up to $18 million a year if they enforced 'complete smoke-free' policies in rental property.

Study: Working out to build muscle mass could lower diabetes risk

Los Angeles - The key to reducing your risk for developing diabetes may be as simple as building more muscle mass through resistance training. A new study shows higher muscle mass is associated with better insulin sensitivity and a lower risk of pre-diabetes.

Stay conscious about sleeping: Health risks and misconceptions Special

Sacrificing sleep for other priorities is a common practice but one which causes serious harm. Anyone sleeping seven to nine hours on a daily basis and wonder why they still feel faint, unfocused, anxious or irritable may have an undetected disorder.

UCLA Survey: Freshmen students' emotional health at record low

Los Angeles - A survey released by the University of California at Los Angeles finds that incoming students to US colleges and universities rate their emotional health at record low levels.

Women's college basketball: Stanford snaps UConn's streak

The UConn women's basketball team has won 90 straight basketball games since losing in the Final Four game in 2008. Since then they have won back-to-back National Championships and beaten everyone in their path, until Thursday.

NASA- One in four Sun-like stars may have planets like Earth

Only one in the universe, eh? The largest planetary census study ever undertaken by NASA and UCLA says otherwise. Five years spent searching 166 Sun like stars have found that smaller planets around these stars are more numerous.

College Football: UCLA Gets First Winning Season since 2006

UCLA was 6-6 going into their game Tuesday with the Temple Owls but that didn't matter, neither did the freezing cold temperatures of RFK stadium.

UCLA researchers find way to save the world while creating fuel

Researchers at the UCLA have successfully engineered a bacteria to eat carbon dioxide -- a gas thought to be a major contributor to global warming.

Demonstrators fume over 32 percent tuition hike at UCLA

A proposal to increase tuition by 32 percent at UCLA causes a dramatic protest that leads to 14 arrests. America's college tuition continues to rise in the face of an ugly recession.

Non-invasive Test Shows if Chemotherapy is Working

The non-invasive test shows if chemotherapy is working after just one cycle of the toxic drugs given to cancer patients.
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The UCLA campus
The UCLA campus
Andy Dietler
From gas to star to people- Sagan was right  it is interesting. Let s do something about it.
From gas to star to people- Sagan was right, it is interesting. Let's do something about it.
Star for Diddy Combs along Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame
Star for Diddy Combs along Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame
Frog Miller
UCLA Bruins guard Zach LaVine (14) drives past Duke Blue Devils guard Andre Dawkins (34) during the ...
UCLA Bruins guard Zach LaVine (14) drives past Duke Blue Devils guard Andre Dawkins (34) during the second half at Madison Square Garden. The Duke Blue Devils defeated the UCLA Bruins 80-63. Dec 19, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Adam Hunger-USA Today
Ronald M. Harper Ph.D  Professor of Neurobiology for the David Geffen Medical Center at UCLA.
Ronald M. Harper Ph.D, Professor of Neurobiology for the David Geffen Medical Center at UCLA.
Dr. Ronald M. Harper (UCLA)
Pamela Yeh  Elif Tekin and their UCLA colleagues plan to offer open-access software based on their w...
Pamela Yeh, Elif Tekin and their UCLA colleagues plan to offer open-access software based on their work that would let other scientists choose the most effective combinations of antibiotics.
Taxidermy exhibit of an eastern wolf (Canis lupus lycaon) killed on February 8th  1907 in Washtenow ...
Taxidermy exhibit of an eastern wolf (Canis lupus lycaon) killed on February 8th, 1907 in Washtenow County.

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