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UC Berkeley News

Kiwi robots deliver food for Berkeley campus students

Berkeley - Kiwi robots that deliver food are quite common on the University of California Berkeley campus. The co-founder of Kiwi robots and CEO, Felipe Chavez Cortes was anxious to have his robots tested in real world conditions.

State could bar builders of Berkeley balcony that collapsed

Sacramento - California regulators could revoke the licenses of five contractors that worked on a Berkeley apartment complex where a balcony collapsed last year, killing six college-age students and injuring seven others.

The faces of sleep loss Special

Berkeley - Everyone knows that not getting enough sleep can make you feel rundown and irritable the next day. Sleep loss is associated with impaired memory and anxiety and can even heighten the risk of obesity.

Did dinosaur-killing asteroid trigger world's largest lava flows?

The meteor impact long associated with the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago may have also caused a magnitude-11 earthquake that shook loose massive quantities of lava in what is now India.

Op-Ed: California Dream is fading according to Professor at UC Berkeley Special

Berkeley - As the median price for a home in California has reached well over the half a million dollar mark, environmental scholars like professor Gray Brechin, PhD are questioning the idea of the California Dream.

Family offers $50,000 reward in search for missing student

Los Angeles - The family of a missing UC Berkeley student is offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to finding the young athlete.

'Inequality for All' in many American cities tonight

The feature documentary film "Inequality for All" opens tonight in 28 cities across America. The movie follows former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich as he looks to raise awareness of America's widening income inequality.

Scientists discover four new lizard species in California

Berkeley - Biologists based in California this week announced the discovery of four new species of legless lizards. Nothing unusual about that, you might think. But the discovery wasn't made thousands of miles away. Quite the contrary.

Sad music can mend a broken heart

Berkeley - If you are going through a bad break-up or have had your heart broken then don’t turn to upbeat music to lift your spirits, the blues are the perfect match when you have the blues.

Stanford now ahead of UC Berkeley in world academic rankings

The Times Higher Education magazine issued its annual rankings of universities worldwide on Thursday. It placed Stanford fourth ahead of UC Berkeley, fifth. Harvard, MIT and Cambridge retained the top three positions.

Easily embarrassed people are generous and trustworthy

Researchers say there’s an upside for people who are easily embarrassed. According to scientists, people who blush easily and experience social embarassment are more trustworthy and generous.

Op-Ed: Search for alien life off — Budget cuts shut down SETI monitoring

Federal government cuts have shut down the radio telescope used by SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Ironically, it was a form of alien intelligence, for want of a better description, that shut it down- Accountancy.

Lack of sleep can lead to euphoria – but there’s a downside

Scientists have found that, far from being moody after missing a night’s sleep, we can sometimes get a feeling of pleasant euphoria.

50+ Free Courses from UC Berkeley for Your Ipod

University of California, Berkely offers 59 courses on Podcasts free to everyone.

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Top: A cockroach rolls its body to the side to maneuver through narrow gaps. Bottom: Adding a rounde...
Top: A cockroach rolls its body to the side to maneuver through narrow gaps. Bottom: Adding a rounded shell like the roach's enables the robot to move like its insect inspiration.
Chen Li/UC Berkeley
Published in 1999   Imperial San Francisco Urban Power Earthly Ruin talks about the environmental pr...
Published in 1999, "Imperial San Francisco Urban Power Earthly Ruin talks about the environmental price paid for unbridled growth and expansion in a place with limited space and vulnerable resources.

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