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Tyranny News

Op-Ed: DHS may shut down but TSA will continue groping testicles

Washington, D. C. - The Department of Homeland Security might be shutting down soon but that won't stop the department from reigning its tyranny on the American people.

Op-Ed: Banning fun — Tyranny on the rise in schools

A Long Island middle school has taken away virtually all playground equipment, banning "anything that might hurt someone."

Michael Moore: US faces tyranny, but not through gun control

Michael Moore has not been shy about his anti-gun stance; but he does believe America is headed down the path to tyranny.

Op-Ed: Why people believe we face tyranny in America

Whether you agree that a tyrannical regime may rise to power in America or not, the fact that it is a possibility can not be denied; and here are the facts which show why many people believe we are already headed in that direction.

Op-Ed: An academic's insight into 'Big Brother Obama'

A distinguished academic discusses the erosion of civil liberties and human rights in the United States, and gives some chilling insights into how far down the road of tyranny we have gone.

Ron Paul: Drone attack could make impeachment 'possible'

In the wake of the US military's drone strike against American-born Anwar Al-Awlaki in Yemen on Friday, Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul suggested the possibility of impeachment over the matter.

The Business of Torture

The Czech Republic has issued licenses to export shackles, electric shock weapons and chemical sprays to 6 countries whose police and security forces are known offenders against human rights and have made use of precisely such items to torture detainees.

Op-Ed: Is that a gun in your pocket? Americans fight back against TSA

Americans have become increasingly angered over some of the Draconian measures employed by the TSA against innocent airline passengers. Now, some of them are fighting back in albeit unusual ways.

Op-Ed: Deadly dangers of Freedom of Speech, alive tomorrow in Sri Lanka

What’s happened to journalists and others who speak out against the dictatorial government of Sri Lanka? Who’s on the “hit list” the government’s state intelligence units have drawn up? One day they’re here, the next day they’ve vanished.

Op-Ed: The people of china are being offered tools to fight internet censorship

In a grand gesture of solidarity, the everyday people of china that seeks freedom of information are being provided with computer programs to break the strangle hold by their communist government.

Judge Blasts U.S. Judicial System in Controversial New Book

A circuit court judge's new book is a revealing look inside the failing U.S. judiciary, and it's raising hackles...

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