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Typhoid News

Pakistan becomes first country to launch new typhoid vaccine

Karachi - Pakistan has become the first country in the world to introduce a new typhoid vaccine, officials said Friday, as the country grapples with an ongoing outbreak of a drug-resistant strain of the potentially fatal disease.

Typhoid hits Palestinians from Syria's Yarmuk camp: UN

Damascus - Typhoid has broken out among Palestinian refugees from the besieged Yarmuk camp in the Syrian capital Damascus, a UN agency said Wednesday.

Drug-resistant strain of typhoid spreading worldwide

An antibiotic-resistant "superbug" strain of typhoid fever is spreading around the world at a rapid pace say health officials. The disease is driven by a single family of the bacteria, known as H58.

Secrets of typhoid fever revealed

Typhoid is one of the world's oldest and most deadly diseases. Until recently scientists have not fully understood why it is so potent. New research sheds some new light on the old killer.

Doctors run out of typhoid vaccine

Travelers from the UK planning to visit exotic countries this winter face delays to get immunized against typhoid. This is because of a UK shortage of vaccine following a recall of valuable stocks.

Ineffective typhoid vaccine recalled

A vast stock of a typhoid vaccine, intended to immunize travelers against typhoid fever, has been recalled by the pharmaceutical company who manufactured it. The reason for the recall was that the vaccine simply did not work.

Zimbabwe suffers typhoid outbreak

The people of Zimbabwe have yet another crisis to face, this time an outbreak of the disease typhoid in the country's capital, Harare. 600 people have been affected so far with at least 90 admitted to hospital.

Drug-resistant typhoid on the rise in the United States

Most commonly linked to foreign travel - particularly to the Indian subcontinent - U.S. authorities are reporting an alarming increase in drug-resistant typhoid fever nationally.

Water pollution: South Africa's ticking time bomb...

The South African health-care system is showing a steady collapse which is worrying health officials countrywide. Yet nobody seems able to turn the problem around - there are far too many patients and not enough medical staff to treat them.

10 million people in S.African industrial heartland threatened by polluted river

South Africa's Vaal river -- the only fresh-water source for 10-million people in the country's industrial heartland - is so polluted you can walk across the sewerage waste...' warned a water-engineer this week.

Over 900 Stricken With Typhoid In Philippines

Typhoid has stricken at least 900 in a village just south of the Philippine capital of Manila. The numbers could rise according to Red Cross in the city of Calamba. The Red Cross is trying to track down the source of the disease.

First Ebola, Now Typhoid: Health Threats Grow

The Kasai province of the Democratic republic of the Congo is dealing with an outbreak of Ebola fever, now to make matters worse the presence of typhoid has been confirmed. Five cases have been confirmed.

Osama Bin Laden May Have Died From Typhoid

Rumors are now circulating that Osama bin Laden has died from Typhoid.

How did Canadian doctors miss typhoid?

4-year-old Sainsha was running a fever of as much as 104C for about 20 days. The only solution Canadian doctors and hospitals gave her parents was to keep sending her home.

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