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Two News

Man with two penises answers questions on Reddit

A man who claims to have two penises took to the website/forum Reddit two days ago to answer questions during an Ask Me Anything Session. So far more the post has gathered more than 11,000 comments.

Two boaters fined for harassing moose swimming in lake

Two boaters were fined a total of $2,500 because they were harassing a cow moose swimming in a northwestern Ontario lake.

2-year-old child abducted in Australia has been located

Coffs Harbour - The NSW Police Force is seeking urgent public assistance to help locate a two-year-old girl who was abducted from Coffs Harbour 60 minutes ago.

Summer heat claims at least two lives in one weekend

Las Vegas - Other parts of the world suffer from thunderstorms and pouring rain, over on the Southern West coast heat has claimed the lives of two people this weekend.

North Korea: 'We are at war'

During Holy Thursday, the U.S. marked their presence by flying the Stealth B2 bomber, which can carry nuclear weapons, over the Korean Peninsula.

Chatting with the cast of 'Glee' as Season 2, Volume 1 hits DVD Special

Gleeks are getting an early DVD treat with the release of the first 10 epsiodes of 'Glee': Season 2. Plus, share a few laughs with 'Glee' castmates Jenna, Kevin, Lea, Matthew, Mark, Jane and Amber. Also: MI-5, The Color Purple, Matlock and The Traveler.

Woman gets back ring she flushed down toilet two years ago

A woman in the UK got her diamond ring back, two years after she accidentally flushed it down a toilet and had a company conduct a search.

What does actor D.B. Sweeney do for an encore? Writes & directs. Special

You've seen the face and you've heard the voice – he was Shoeless Joe in 8 Men Out, an abductee in Fire In The Sky and a guest on 24 and Criminal Minds. If that weren't enough, he has directed, wrote and produced the comedy Two Tickets To Paradise

The price of romance is two friends says study

The cost of falling in love is two close friends, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University. It showed that one family member and one friend are usually distanced in order to accommodate the new lover.

Two-legged lamb being hand-raised in China

A two-legged lamb impressed his owner so much with his instinct to survive, that she has decided to hand-raise him. The animal was born with only front legs.

Two Headed Pheasant Discovered In England

Strange photographs have been taken in the grounds of an old stately home in the Midlands in the UK apparently showing a two headed pheasant

Two-Faced Baby Worshipped As Goddess

A baby, born with two faces in an Indian village is being worshiped as the reincarnation of a Hindu goddess of valor, Durga.

Like A Dog With Two Noses

Explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell is known for discovering the strangest of all of Mother Nature's creatures, yet one not so curious as the double snouted dog from Bolivia

A Pub Execution Leads To The Hit Men Being Killed Themselves

A man and a women have both been jailed for life after they hired two hit men to storm into a packed pub

Two found dead in Gig Harbor home

A man and woman are dead and another man was shot in the eye in what police believe to be a murder suicide.

Two in custody for killing Everett teen

Two men are in custody for the killing of an 18 year old in his home in Everett, Washington.

Traffic in the nile river

ABC 's Simon McGregor and Wood says the serenity of the Nile River with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Heroes Changes In Season 2

Tim Kring, creator of NBC's hit series Heroes, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming second season will constitute a new volume in the multi-volume series, with new characters and an entirely new storyline. "If you remember, the opening of the pilot pronounc

Two Halo Betas? March and May?

A rumor is beginning to spread around the internet suggesting that there will be two different Halo 3 Betas, one for the competition winners, and one for the crackdown buyers.

Two 12-year-olds expelled from school for sexual assault

12 year old boys accused of 2nd degree rape of another boy.

Two Men saved from icy Ottawa River

Saturday night two men were rescued from the icy waters of the Ottawa River.

Two headed woman

I was checking out the Pravda. ru website, when following the links to GTS's story on the alien fish, and found this.

Two Youth Football Coaches Arrested in Connecticut

Two Youth football coaches arrested on felony child endangerment for giving diuretic pills to two young players.

Man wins $25,000 lottery two days in row

An airline pilot from Maplewood won a $25,000 lottery jackpot - two days in a row. Raymond Snouffer Jr. matched the winning numbers 11-14-23-26-31 to win Saturday's Northstar Cash drawing with odds of about 170,000 to 1, Minnesota Lottery officials said.

Two Brothers admitted their mistake on perfume racket

Two brothers Mandip Bains, Jatinder Bains and their accomplice Mark Lawton admitted their mistake on perfume racket.

Two sisters, both models, die just months apart

Two sisters , both models from Uruguay have both died from heart attacks just months apart and now questions are being brought up in how to protect the health of painfully thin runway models.

How to Earn a Six Figure Income from Blogging in Two Easy Steps, Funny Picture Only

How to earn Six Figure Income from Blogging in two easy steps?

After two years, sex offender to stand trial for girl's death

Ruth Lunsford often visits the grave of her granddaughter, Jessica, most recently to tell her that the man accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering her nearly two years ago is finally about to stand trial.

The Two-Headed Turtle

"Jungle" Jack Hanna shows off Mary Kate & Ashley, the two-headed turtle, nice name, it suits the turtle.

Two Firefighters Killed While Fighting Fire In Winnipeg House

2 veteran firefighters did their Job - till the end. May they be blessed by God now. Respect and Best wishes to the familes in this time of loss!
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Number two of a series: Vapour is beginning to form at the wingtips of the plane.
Number two of a series: Vapour is beginning to form at the wingtips of the plane.
Washington Irving s two most famous tales   The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  & Rip Van Winkle
Washington Irving's two most famous tales, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" & Rip Van Winkle

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