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Palin comes down on analyst's side in dispute over Muslim comment

Anchorage - Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin publicly ridiculed the ESPN sports network Friday for suspending baseball commentator Curt Schilling over an anti-Muslim comment he made on the website Twitter.

The British government to use Twitter to combat the threat from ISIS

London - The popular social media site has become the latest tool in the British government's continuing struggle against the threat of Islamic extremism.

'Loose tweets destroy fleets' says U.S. Air Force of war on ISIS

The US Air Force has updated its propaganda message dating from WWII to make it more applicable in the digital age. The force has warned that troops carelessly revealing personal information online could inadvertently give enemies like ISIS an advantage.

Twitter's new 'Safety Centre' will attempt to quell trolling

Twitter has faced criticism from all sides for failing to effectively tackle trolling and harassment on the social media platform.

Twitter forces all of its users to have a plain background image

Twitter has unexpectedly removed custom background images on all user profiles without any explanation of why it has made the change. Stumped users from across the world have been left staring at a blank white space where their image once was.

Lost your dog? Finding Rover can be much easier with this app

Finding Rover is a new smartphone app that helps dog owners find their lost pets by using facial recognition technology. John Polimeno, developer of the app, was sitting in a coffee shop when he noticed the ever ubiquitous "lost dog" poster.

Op-Ed: The threat of Social Justice Warriors ruining political discourse

Toronto - This article may act as a trigger. So if you get nightmares over reading something you disagree with; if you get depressed when a certain topic is discussed, click out of this story. You are a social justice warrior; with a fragile mind and delicate soul.

Intern to blame for Nazi photo Twitter goof, Trump campaign says

Twitter was atwitter on Tuesday after Donald Trump's campaign staff tweeted an image of a stock art photo featuring World War II Nazi Waffen soldiers marching underneath the hashtag #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

#ThisIsACoup trends on Twitter as eurozone agrees tough Greece deal

Atenas - A bailout proposal eurozone countries hammered out for Greece has sparked a trending Twitter hashtag, #ThisIsACoup, containing harsh terms seen as stripping Athens of its fiscal sovereignty.

New Twitter advert dangerous to those with epilepsy

A new advert by the micro-blogging site Twitter as angered a leading epilepsy charity. Two adverts on Vine that feature a rapid succession of flashing colors.

Lizard Squad hacker guilty of hacking PlayStation Network

The teenager partly responsible for shutting down PlayStation and Xbox network for millions of kids on Christmas has been convicted of 50,700 offenses. Despite the enormous number of offenses, the 17-year-old user was let off with a slap on the wrist.

Op-Ed: Twitter’s Project Lightning may revolutionize how news is broken

Twitter has long been an innovator in the world of social media, though they’ve fallen behind in recent years. First revolutionizing the scene with a concise updating format and introducing the now-ubiquitous hashtag...

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel deletes all his tweets to advertise app

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has removed all of his public tweets from Twitter in an unusual marketing push for the popular instant messaging app. The aim is reportedly to highlight how Snapchat posts will be deleted after a few seconds.

Coffee Meets Bagel: Bad typo, bad timing upsets dating app users

Washington - If there's one thing that can be ascertained about spellcheckers, it's that they aren't necessarily good fact-checkers. This is something the author of the following message is now fully aware of— as are irate Twitter users.

Exam students vent their frustration at Edexcel GCSE maths paper

16-year-old school students have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at a maths exam paper by British exam board Edexcel, taken today. The trend has led to thousands mocking the "impossible" questions by turning them on their heads with memes.

Twitter is in 'ongoing talks' to buy Flipboard for over $1billion

Twitter is reportedly in ongoing talks to buy popular magazine app Flipboard in a deal worth at least $1 billion. The companies have apparently been in talks since the beginning of the year although discussions are said to be stalled currently.

'Ride me all day for £3' ads with topless models sparks outrage

Cardiff - The New Adventure Travel Group wanted to attract attention from the "younger generation," so the company placed ads featuring sexy, topless models — men and women — on the back of its buses.

Dramatic increase in crime on social media sites

There has been a large surge in the number of reported cases of harassment on social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. Police forces have noticed a 20 percent increase in allegations involving these sites with some saying it could be higher.

Top ISIS recruit turns out to be Seattle college student

A top-recruiting agent for the terrorist organization ISIS has surprisingly been identified as a 20-something journalism student from the northwestern United States.

This new Twitter feature has a lot of people upset

Today, the world caught wind of a new plan by Twitter to enable all users to receive direct messages from anybody, regardless of whether or not you're following them.

Why no one should ever even think about buying Twitter followers

The practice of buying Twitter followers has been around for about as long as Twitter has been in existence. As you’d expect, it continues today.

Killing of Eric Harris: Okla deputy says he mistook gun for Taser

Tulsa - A shocking video released by an Oklahoma sheriff's department shows an unarmed black man, Eric Harris, on the ground with an officer kneeling on his head. That, however isn't the most shocking part of the video.

Op-Ed: How Erdogan spins the news and Turkey out of control Special

Islamist Ak Party President Erdogan is spinning the news and Turkey out of control as he grants police more powers; limits freedom of speech, protests, and the press; and arrests those who oppose him.

Op-Ed: Anti-gay law — Keith Olbermann asks NFL, NCAA to boycott Indiana

Indianapolis - ESPN's Keith Olbermann has requested that the National College Athletic Association and the National Football League boycott Indiana until a controversial new law that allows businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples is repealed.

Muslims leaders partner with tech companies to counter militants

Los Angeles - Fearing that social media and other online recruitment activities are being used to lure young Americans into the ranks of Islamic State fighters, US Muslim leaders are teaming up with leading tech companies in a bid to fight extremism.

Happy Birthday Twitter: Social media giant turns 9 this weekend

Twitter turns nine years old over the weekend and despite a few hiccups along the way, this social media platform is proving it is here to stay by using just a few short letter, numbers and symbols at a time.

Twitter reports increasing staff to deal with abuse

A recent report indicates that Twitter is now receiving up to five times as many reports of abuse as it did six months ago.

University of Oklahoma frat shuttered after racist video surfaces

After a racist video chant aired online the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma is being shuttered and members of the fraternity will be suspended.

Lizard Squad taken down by Anonymous, Twitter removes accounts

Going public January 2008, Anonymous, the popular group of global hackers, has taken down the black hat Lizard Squad website while Twitter suspended two Lizard Squad accounts, #LizardMafia and #LizardsRise.

How Twitter can help smokers quit

A new study shows that Twitter can be a big help for smokers trying to kick the habit. It demonstrated clearly that regular tweeting between those trying to stop greatly enhances their chances of success.
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President Barack Obama addresses 2012 Democratic national convention.
President Barack Obama addresses 2012 Democratic national convention.
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Twitter feed of Birgitta Jónsdóttir.
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A Twitter post by @ Mujtahidd
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Twitter to launch official Tweet button
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New Jersey Devils forward Krys Barch  pictured here as a member of the Dallas Stars  unleashed a pas...
New Jersey Devils forward Krys Barch, pictured here as a member of the Dallas Stars, unleashed a passionate, beer-fueled NHL lockout rant on Twitter over the weekend.
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Abdulqahar Balkhi - @ABalkhi Twitter page
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Fans of the late Whitney Houston react on Twitter to the news of Houston family's decision for a reality show.
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Angela Corey
Many are critical of the New York Post s publishing the photo of a man about to be hit by a subway t...
Many are critical of the New York Post's publishing the photo of a man about to be hit by a subway train.
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Pope Francis sent a tweet against war on Syria.
Pope Francis sent a tweet against war on Syria.
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Carlos, one of the men taking part in Underheard
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