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Looking behind the tweet: Dorsey hack explained Special

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was recently hacked on his own platform. New information that the hacker or hackers leveraged a SIM swapping tactic has come to light. A leading expert explains how this has happened and how to address the security weakness.

Op-Ed: Is Trump the 'Chosen one' or the 'King of Israel?' — Ask Twitter

Just hours after accusing Jewish people who vote for Democrats of “disloyalty," Trump quoted a controversial radio host who called him the “King of Israel” and “the second coming of God,” in the latest of a series of inflammatory comments.

Twitter to let users follow interests as well as people

San Francisco - Twitter users will be able to follow a small number of interests by the end of the year in the same way they follow people, the company said Tuesday.

Here's why the internet is obsessed with 'number neighbors'

The viral trend has users texting phone numbers that are one digit away from theirs and seeing what kinds of responses they get and what hilarity ensues.

Republicans vow to not buy Twitter ads after McConnell blocked

Washington - President Donald Trump's re-election campaign and leading Republicans on Thursday vowed to not buy Twitter ads after the social media platform froze Senator Mitch McConnell's re-election account for breaking site rules.

GOP halts spending on Twitter when McConnell account locked

National Republican groups announced Thursday that they would halt spending money to advertise on Twitter after the social media site locked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) campaign account this week.

Misuse of social networks is damaging business brands

A new study from Trend Micro reveals how the misuse of social networks can damage a business’ brand. The report also informs consumers how they might be tricked into a scam from what is believed to be a trusted source.

Inventor of Twitter's retweet says it was a terrible idea

Chris Wetherell, the software designer who built Twitter’s “retweet” function, wishes he hadn’t done so. He says that no-one at Twitter had anticipated how this function would alter the way people used the platform.

Twitter to explain more as to why tweets are unavailable

Twitter claims it will soon offer more context about tweets that are unavailable explaining why they are not available rather than just a notice that says "This Tweet is unavailable".

Starbucks apologizes after employee asks police to leave shop

Tempe - Six Tempe, Arizona, police officers were asked to leave a local Starbucks on the Fourth of July because a customer said the officers were making them feel uncomfortable, prompting an outcry on social media and an apology from Starbucks.

Is it time to start regulating the technology giants?

Given the various data privacy issues and other matters like tipping the balance during elections, the big technology companies are increasingly coming under the spotlight. Is it now time for regulation?

Chinese cartoonist slams Twitter for refusing Tiananmen emoji

Fpo - Chinese artist Badiucao, whose anonymous political satire infuriated Beijing, on Thursday announced a protest campaign against Twitter for what he says is pandering to China, after the platform's refusal to create a special tank man emoji to mark the 3...

Russia effort in 2016 US election was 'vast,' 'professional'

Washington - Russia's efforts to sow misinformation on Twitter ahead of the 2016 US election was more extensive and professional than earlier believed, security researchers said Wednesday.

Twitter buys startup to quickly spot fake news

Twitter has acquired the technology startup Fabula AI, which uses machine learning to help detect the spread of misinformation online. This is part of Twitter's strategy to rein in some of the fake news content that appears across its channels.

Twitter apologises for suspending accounts critical of China

Bejing - Twitter has apologised for suspending a number of accounts critical of China, days before the politically sensitive 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown.

Iran-based social media scheme impersonated press

San Francisco - Facebook and Twitter said Tuesday they shuttered accounts used in an Iran-based social media campaign to sway public opinion by impersonating reporters, politicians and others.

Japan FM puzzles followers with 'enciphered bacon' tweet

Apo - Bemused followers of Japan's foreign minister were left scratching their heads on Tuesday after a bizarre tweet about bacon, sparking tongue-in-cheek speculation he could be tweeting classified information in code."Ah, bacon is in fact ^%£$+*•!%.......

Trump takes to Twitter to raise tariffs on Chinese goods

Donald Trump took to Twitter today to announce he will raise tariffs on $200bn of Chinese goods this week because talks on a US-China trade deal are moving "too slowly".

Twitter adds way to report voter-tricking tweets

San Francisco - Twitter on Wednesday began making it easier to report tweets aimed at interfering with people voting, starting first in Europe and India.

Anybody have a disc drive? — Mueller report delivered on CD-ROMs

Congress and the American people have been waiting for quite a while to read Special Prosecutor Mueller's report on the "Russia investigation." And the Justice Department hand-delivered the report to Congress at about 11 a.m. Thursday - on CD-ROMs.

Can we recognize signs of climate change before it's too late?

The extreme weather that comes with climate change is becoming the new normal, so normal that people aren't talking about it as much - and that could make them less motivated to take steps to fight global warming, according to new research.

Op-Ed: Twitter talks of adding a clarification function to their tweets

Twitter is thinking of adding a feature that would allow users to add context and clarification to old tweets. The new feature was explained back on Valentine's Day in San Francisco at a Goldman Sachs event.

Many Twitter direct messages that are deleted still exist

According to security researcher Karan Saini Twitter retains direct messages for years even though they have been deleted by you and others, and even from accounts that have been deactivated and suspended.

What do Twitter’s latest earnings mean? Special

Twitter has announced its fourth-quarter earnings, following on from Facebook and leading technology companies like Apple. The earnings show a big drop but the signs are that the immediate future looks bright for the social media site.

Twitter introduces a tag to identify the initiator of a thread

Twitter has begun to test a new tag that will make it easier for users to see who started a thread and find posts from the original tweeter within the thread.

Russian watchdog launches 'administrative proceedings' against Facebook, Twitter

Moscow - Russia's media watchdog Roskomnadzor launched "administrative proceedings" Monday against US social media giants Facebook and Twitter, accusing them of not complying with Russian law, news agencies reported.

From the Olympics to BTS: 2018's most popular tweets

Twitter has published its year in review. This survey reveals the most quoted, retweeted, and liked tweets of 2018. Subjects range from Olympics to celebrities, with a band called BTS dominating the charts.

'Alert the Daycare Staff' leads Twitter feed as Trump melts down

In the vicious back-and-forth between President Donald Trump and retiring Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn), Twitter users were thrown a delicious bone — the hashtag “Alert The Daycare Staff” that Corker flagged for Trump.

Myanmar defends Twitter CEO blasted for 'tone deaf' tweets

Patriotic internet users in Myanmar have rushed to defend Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose tweets following a visit to the "beautiful" country drew global scorn for failing to mention the persecution of Rohingya Muslims.

Twitter warns global users their tweets violate Pakistani law

Washington - When Canadian columnist Anthony Furey received an email said to be from Twitter's legal team telling him he may have broken a slew of Pakistani laws, his first instinct was to dismiss it as spam.
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A.J. Clemente
Kathy Chen  Twitter s new managing director in China.
Kathy Chen, Twitter's new managing director in China.
The connection between shift work and stroke has been alarming the Twitter community.
The connection between shift work and stroke has been alarming the Twitter community.
This is a screenshot of a message sent by Wylde On Health as a reply to a message by Twitterer Gavin...
This is a screenshot of a message sent by Wylde On Health as a reply to a message by Twitterer GavinMBarber.
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Tube-a-Tweet-a-Thon Holiday Spectacular
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Sign from the Democratic National Convention 2012.
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The AIDR project for classifying noisy Twitter data after a disaster
The AIDR project for classifying noisy Twitter data after a disaster
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Wikileaks announces a DDoS attack on Twitter
Wikileaks announces a DDoS attack on Twitter
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Fans of the late Whitney Houston react on Twitter to the news of Houston family's decision for a reality show.
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