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Twitter launching new algorithm to show tweets out of order

Twitter plans to introduce a new timeline algorithm that will display relevant tweets first, instead of in chronological order.

DARPA held a contest to find Twitter, Facebook bots

The US military has enlisted academics to fight a new enemy: Twitter bots. The fascinating 4-week competition, called the DARPA Twitter Bot Challenge, was detailed in a paper published this week.

China's Weibo ups character limit to 2,000 ahead of Twitter

Weibo, the Chinese social network usually viewed as the country's answer to Twitter, has axed its 140-character limit on user posts and dramatically increased the maximum length to 2,000 characters. It comes amid rumours of Twitter doing the same soon.

Twitter goes down affecting millions of users around the world

Shock and disappointment to millions: Twitter went down this morning and people across the globe are up in arms. The site is not accessible through desktop or mobile services.

Twitter wants to use your tweets in brands' ads

Twitter is creating a product that will allow brands to use tweets from non-commercial users in their ad campaigns, according to a report from Digiday.

Twitter may allow up to 10,000 characters a tweet

Twitter is considering the possibility of increasing its present 140-character limit on tweets. While the extent of the increase has not been decided, it could be up to 10,000 characters

Twitter launches call-to-action buttons for Promoted Tweets

In hopes of drawing even more engagement to its Promoted Tweets, Twitter now gives brands the option of adding a call-to-action button.

Twitter restores access to politicians' deleted tweets

Washington - Twitter said Thursday it was restoring access to deleted tweets from politicians, saying it would help "bring more transparency to public dialogue.

Twitter acts to curb 'abusive,' 'hateful' content

Washington - Twitter said Tuesday it was taking new steps to stem "abusive behavior and hateful conduct" on the global messaging platform.

Czech PM's Twitter hacked with anti-immigrant messages

Prague - Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka's Twitter account fell prey Wednesday to hackers who swamped it with violently anti-immigrant messages."Refugees are an invasion army! The few women among them are nothing but the mothers of future terrorists.

Argentine president opens new Twitter after spat with predecessor

Buenos Aires - Argentine President Mauricio Macri unveiled a new official Twitter account Tuesday after the conservative leader's left-wing predecessor refused to hand over the previous one.

Twitter issues warnings of 'state-sponsored hacking'

Washington - Twitter has warned some of its users that their accounts on the messaging platform may be the target of "state-sponsored hackers.

Twitter warns users targeted in state-sponsored cyber-attacks

Twitter has warned some users that they may have been targeted in a recent state-sponsored cyber-attack. The site now issues notices if a government tries to compromise user accounts, following Facebook and Google.

Taking the fight against ISIS to the digital battlefield Special

Washington - Driving the Islamic State –ISIS – out of Syria and Iraq isn’t necessarily going to defeat the terrorist organization unless its influence in cyberspace is substantially reduced as well.

Op-Ed: Successful brands on social media this holiday season

Tracking social ROI is tricky but that doesn't give companies an automatic out. Even if every share doesn't turn into a sale, a solid social strategy can make shoppers sweet on your brand.

Hackers replace ISIS site with Viagra ad and message to calm down

A group associated with the famed hacker collective Anonymous has a message for ISIS, which it promptly displayed by taking down one of the terror organization's sites. A message, it appears, in the form of an advertisement for Viagra, and a suggestion.

Zebras escape circus, get brief taste of freedom in Philadelphia

Philadelphia - Two zebras hoofed it to Freedom — briefly — on Sunday after escaping from a circus in Philadelphia, where they roamed the city streets for about an hour and brought traffic to a standstill.

Twitter, Facebook introduce tools to aid Paris attack victims

Paris - In the aftermath of the brutal massacre that has killed at least 129 people in Paris, Twitter, Facebook, and Google have jumped in with tools that can help people receive news and updates on friends and relatives residing there.

Moscow tells Twitter to store Russian users' data in the country

Moscow - Moscow has warned Twitter that it must store Russian users' personal data in Russia, under a new law, the national communications watchdog told AFP on Wednesday.

Twitter users unhappy as 'Favourites' relaunched as 'Likes'

Twitter has removed the ability to favourite a tweet by clicking the star icon and replaced it with "Likes" signified by hearts. Described as a "universal symbol" that makes the network more accessible, many users are unhappy.

Op-Ed: Barn-cleaning John Boehner reaches tentative budget deal

The deal still needs Congressional approval, but for outgoing House Speaker John Boehner this was a matter of wrapping up unfinished business before his departure, or as Boehner described it “cleaning the barn.”

Twitter analytics tool lets brands see what users say about them

Twitter announced a new suite of analytics tools to helps advertisers “quickly understand their brand’s share of conversation, key audiences, and trends about their brand’s conversation,” as a blog post states.

Review: Viral videos claims your poop can smell like roses Special

Ever hear something like "She thinks that as the head cheerleader that her shit doesn't stink and smells like roses?" Well it just might be true. A viral video and is about to change all that and will make your crap smell like roses.

Twitter has officially launched polls, unveiled more new features

Twitter has announced it is launching several new features that will benefit both users and developers. At its second Twitter Flight conference yesterday, the company officially started the roll-out of native polls and video ads.

Why Apple, Facebook, Twitter, other tech firms protest CISA bill

Washington - A controversial cybersecurity bill that's now being heard in the Senate faces strong opposition from at least 22 of the world's top technology companies amid concerns that it infringes on users' privacy and civil liberties.

Op-Ed: Internet declares Bernie Sanders winner of Democratic debate

Las Vegas - During Tuesday night's debate, Hillary Clinton was poised and confident, and seemed veritably presidential. Her closest rival, Bernie Sanders, was ... well, Bernie Sanders. And the Internet loved it.

Twitter reports 'access issues' in Turkey after attack

San Francisco - Many users in Turkey were unable to access Twitter on Saturday, the social networking site said, after at least 86 people were killed in the capital Ankara in suspected twin suicide bombings.

Op-Ed: This week, companies begin reporting third quarter results

Tomorrow afternoon the Fed will release the minutes of their September FOMC meeting where the Fed did not raise interest rates. That decision has been described as a close call. Tomorrow we’ll get a better idea just how close.

Op-Ed: Bernanke — More corporate criminals should have gone to jail

“It would’ve been my preference to have more investigation of individual actions because obviously everything that went wrong or was illegal was done by some individual, not by an abstract firm,” he continued.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey appointed permanent CEO

Social network Twitter has announced that ousted co-founder Jack Dorsey is to return as the formal CEO of the company. Dorsey has already been acting as interim leader since July when Dick Costolo stepped down.
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Archived copy of a tweet sent by Mike Grunwald of the Times on August 17  2013.
Archived copy of a tweet sent by Mike Grunwald of the Times on August 17, 2013.
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