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Twins News

Two conjoined twins separated successfully in Italy

Rome - A hospital in Rome said on Tuesday it had successfully separated two-year-old twins joined above the nape of their necks, after three risky surgeries.

Review: 'Twisted Twin' is an intense and edgy Lifetime movie Special

"Twisted Twin," starring Jennifer Taylor and Lorynn York is an intense and edgy Lifetime film. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Double trouble: Too many show for Sri Lanka twins record bid

Colombo - A Sri Lankan attempt to set a world record for the largest gathering of twins may have failed Monday after an unexpectedly large turnout overwhelmed organisers who vowed to try again.

Separated Bangladeshi twins stable: doctors

Dhaka - Conjoined Bangladeshi twins who were separated last week are in a stable condition, the team of Hungarian and Bangladeshi doctors who carried out the marathon operation said Saturday.

Hungarian doctors separate Bangladeshi twins joined at head

Dhaka - Bangladeshi twins who were joined at the head were recovering Friday after Hungarian surgeons performed a marathon 30-hour operation to separate their skulls and brains.

Northwestern-UIUC researchers launch Illinois’ new twins registry

Northwestern-UIUC scientists have created the Illinois Twins Project (ITP). This is designed to be the first- database to function as scientific resource for scientists exploring how genes and environment influence twins and multiples.

NASA’s twins study explores long-term life in space

How effectively can be survive and thrive in space? Does long exposure to micro-gravity affect our mental and physical capabilities? To understand this, NASA has completed a fascinating study on twins.

Separated Bhutanese twins leave Australia hospital

Melbourne - "Cheeky" Bhutanese conjoined twins who were successfully separated after a marathon operation in Australia left hospital Monday, with doctors saying they had made an excellent recovery and were starting to act independently.

Bum shuffles as ex-conjoined twins try out independence

Melbourne - It took six hours for doctors to separate conjoined Bhutanese twins Nima and Dawa last week, but nurses said Thursday the recovering girls are still not ready to go their own ways.

Conjoined Bhutanese twins separated in Australia surgery

Melbourne - Australian surgeons on Friday successfully separated 15-month-old Bhutanese twins, Nima and Dawa, who had been joined at the torso.

Indian doctors separate twins joined at the head

New Delhi - Doctors in India have successfully separated conjoined twin boys who were attached at the skull in a marathon surgical procedure that lasted more than 36 hours and involved 40 doctors.

Bangladesh separates conjoined twins in rare surgery

Dhaka - Ten-month-old Bangladeshi siamese twins were recovering in hospital Wednesday after what surgeons hailed as the country's "groundbreaking" first successful separation operation on conjoined siblings.

Vietnam finds twins with different fathers: Doctor

Hanoi - Vietnam has identified an extremely rare case of bi-paternal twins -- twins with different fathers -- a professor at a DNA testing lab in Hanoi told AFP Tuesday.

Twins who both birthed twins are each pregnant again with twins

KSL-TV in Utah reported a double whammy of a story this week when they told the tale of identical twins Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall. Each of them have given birth to twins already and now of them are pregnant again - with twins.

Twins be one-in-million odds and are born white and black

London - A pair of twins in the UK beat one-in-a-million odds to be born with different color skin. The boys were born around 30 minutes apart.

Why do some people attract mosquitoes more than others?

Been sitting outside with a group and wondered why some people are bitten more often than others by mosquitoes? The answer lies in the genes, resulting in some people being ‘super magnets’ for the buzzing nuisances.

Three friends find their 'twin-stranger' and it freaks them out

When three friends decided to make a bet to see who would first find, their ‘twin-stranger’ from across the world, little were they expecting that their quest would in fact yield results.

Canadian finds 7,700-year-old skeletons of twins in Siberia

Irkutsk - The recently exhumed skeletons of a young mother and her twins who died around 7,700 years ago are the oldest set of confirmed twins ever discovered, says the bio-archaeologist who discovered them near Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Twin brothers father twins at the same time

Proving that truth is stranger than fiction, twin brothers have become fathers on the same day. They each had a son that was born in the same hospital and delivered by the same midwife.

Arizona twin brothers strengthen their bond with baseball Special

Tucson - Scott Kingery knows that turning double plays in the field can increase the connection between teammates, especially when the player you are flipping them with is your twin brother.

Two sets of New Year's twins born in separate years (video)

In a rather rare occurrence this New Year's, two sets of twin babies were born in separate years, in two different countries. There will be no fighting over birthdays in these two families.

60-year-old woman in China gives birth to twin girls

A woman in China who gave birth to twin girls after an IVF treatment at the age of 60 in 2010 following the death of her only child has commented to the media on the birth. She may be the oldest person in the country to give birth.

Video: Twins' Trevor Plouffe makes amazing foul ball catch

As the Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals play almost back-to-back series against one other, some players have made amazing catches. Last night, the Twins' third baseman Trevor Plouffe made an incredible catch as he flipped into the dugout.

Nationals climb back to .500 after series win against Twins Special

Washington - This past weekend the Minnesota Twins were in Washington to play the Nationals. While Twins took Game 1 on Saturday, the Nationals pulled back ahead and got the win in Sunday's doubleheader games.

Odds were 500,000 to 1 but Scottish woman has third set of twins

A 41-year-old Scottish woman has pulled off a feat of motherhood so rare it is estimated to be at 500,000 to one odds. Karen Rodger had her third consecutive set of twins. She already had two sets of boys, 14 and12, and this time had girls.

Spanish twins' first touch goes viral on YouTube (video)

Daniel and María joined hands shortly after their birth in a hospital in Guipúzcoa in the Basque Country of Spain. The result of this union took the Internet by storm.

Woman marries man who killed her twin sister

Pico Truncado - What would you do to a man convicted of killing your twin sister? Beat him, want to kill him or perhaps marry him? Yes marry him.

Belgium doctors euthanize twin brothers who were going blind

Brussel - A case involving two identical twin brothers who requested to be euthanized by doctors in Brussels prompted officials with the Belgium government to postpone a proposed amendment to the country's euthanasia laws.

Jennifer Aniston says no to twins

Los Angeles - Today the rumors are flying fast and furious about a false meme that the former TV friend is pregnant with twins from her fiancee Justin Theroux.

Cinematic-MRI captures twins 'fighting' in womb, live birth

London - A fascinating video shows a pair of twins "fighting" inside the womb before they were born. The remarkable footage, captured by the Imperial College London's fetal care center, is the raw unprocessed movie image taken by the cinematic-MRI machine.
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The Veronicas rock band - twin sisters  at the Australian premiere of the movie Snow White and the H...
The Veronicas rock band - twin sisters, at the Australian premiere of the movie Snow White and the Huntsman.
Joe Mauer waits for his turn to hit
Joe Mauer waits for his turn to hit
Lindsay Sagueiro s fraternal twin baby girls born in 2013 and 2014.
Lindsay Sagueiro's fraternal twin baby girls born in 2013 and 2014.
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