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How we use Twitter matches how we talk to friends

Despite the wide use of social media and concerns that, along with it, the English language has been "dumbed-down," most people follow some basic rules of formality depending on the subject and situation.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel deletes all his tweets to advertise app

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has removed all of his public tweets from Twitter in an unusual marketing push for the popular instant messaging app. The aim is reportedly to highlight how Snapchat posts will be deleted after a few seconds.

Twitter invests $10 million in MIT social media lab

Twitter is giving every tweet on its network to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, as well as a $10 million investment, to create a hub to better learn how to understand and use social networks.

Science and social media: It's all about Kim Kardashian

A scientist has created the "Kardashian Index" to measure how a scientist’s social media presence stacks up against his or her citation record.

Cloud Atlas author pens new story as a series of tweets

Is a novel in 140 characters possible? David Mitchell, the author of Cloud Atlas, is going to try. The celebrated author is publishing his next work on Twitter.

Twitter turns eight: #WhatsNext?

Twitter just turned eight, and it's come a very long way from the slightly-odd microblogging niche platform it used to be.

Twitter study yields 50 top thought leaders influencing marketers

In a study released by DNN and Leadtail, the retweets of mid-size marketers were analyzed to determine the Twitter handles of greatest influence to them.

Bra sends Tweets every time it's unclasped

How long do you think you can be away from your cellphone or laptop? For those who can't stand to be for very long, a new bra Tweets every time it is unclasped.

Tweets tip off former NFL player of teen partying at his house

Albany - Former New England Patriots' offensive lineman Brian Holloway thought it was a joke when he saw pictures of teenagers who had tweeted they were having a party at his family's second home in New York. The $20,000 in damage inside wasn't funny.

AOL Music shutting down? Staff tweets about layoffs

AOL Music may be shutting down and firing all its staff according to tweets made by some of its employees posted Friday (April 26).

Pro-Assad activists hacked AFP Twitter photo feed

Aiming to counteract what they call "fabricated news" by Western media sources, pro-Assad activists hacked the Twitter feed of Agence France-Presse on Tuesday and flooded it with propaganda.

Power of Twitter, handy in the case of public marriage proposals

Dublin - Twitter can be used for anything, including marriage. One woman decided to use Twitter to pop the question to her girlfriend at AOL Dublin's "#MerryAOL" campaign wall.

NRA takes down Facebook page, stops tweets after Sandy Hook

The NRA has taken down its Facebook page after it came under attack following the Sandy Hook shooting. The group deactivated its Facebook account soon after it posted a self-congratulatory message that it had received 1.7 million Facebook "Likes."

Social media fail: Marshall Brandon's faux pas on Twitter

An NFL player accidentally tweeted an image of a naked teammate to his 750,000 followers. He quickly deleted the photo, however, not fast enough.

Twitter gets hacked — Messages sent out for password resetting

There are news reports that any messages that you may receive from Twitter to reset your password are authentic and should not be ignored. It seems Twitter has been hacked and as a precaution they decided to reset many more passwords than necessary.

Op-Ed: Twitter vs. LinkedIn, and LinkedIn winning? It's happening

Sydney - In July, Twitter decided it wasn’t going to post tweets that automatically went to LinkedIn. It’s now looking like there’s a split of interests, at least among LinkedIn users.

Not just athletes in hot water for Twitter messages at Olympics

So far at the London Olympics, two athletes have been sent home for tweets considered racist, a boy was arrested for a "malicious" tweet about a British diver and a reporter had his Twitter account cancelled for criticizing NBC coverage of the games.

Video: Celebrities read the mean tweets about them

Recently on the Jimmy Kimmel talk show, he asked some celebrities to read some mean tweets that were mean about them and address them.

Turkish pianist faces jail for tweets about Islam

Turkey's Islamist government is prosecuting the country's celebrated pianist Fazil Say for uttering humorous tweets, which the government says is defamatory of religious values. Turkish PM wants to cut government funding to the Arts.

Prosecutors may subpoena OWS protester's Twitter account

New York - In a ruling punctuated with Twitter hashtag marks, a New York judge said on Monday that prosecutors don't have to get a warrant to subpoena tweets. The judge said prosecutors could seek users' tweets as well as information about the Twitter accounts.

Trayvon Martin’s tweets show a violent Trayvon, critics say

Critics say Trayvon Martin’s Twitter feed shows Martin has a propensity towards violence who just might have acted aggressively towards George Zimmerman and been killed for it.

Tweets of Peyton Manning's tip gets server fired

Raleigh - Just one day after Peyton Manning loses his quarterback position on the Indianapolis Colts, as well as his $28 million bonus, he is placed in the spotlight again.

Second Saudi national condemned for Tweets that insult Mohammad

A second Saudi national has been condemned for sending messages deemed to be insulting to the Prophet Mohammad, on Twitter.

Aflac fires actor Gilbert Gottfried over tasteless tsunami tweets

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, well known for his high pitched duck-like voice-overs for the insurance firm Aflac, has been fired by the company after posting a slew of tasteless Japanese earthquake jokes and tsunami comments on his Twitter account.

British MPs told they can use Twitter after temporary ban imposed

British MPs had been told earlier this afternoon that they should not be using Twitter while they sit in the House of Commons. But that decision has been retracted.

Homeland Security monitored tweets and peace groups

The Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security has been busy protecting citizens from threats by monitoring peace groups and Twitter messages.

Clever Tweeters beware: no copyright for your tweets

You may send out profound phrases over Twitter, but don't expect to copyright them. Author Jeffrey Zeldman says those short phrases do not qualify when it comes to trademark laws.

Twitter unveils new updates to its Terms of Service

Online service Twitter unveiled updates to its Terms of Service on their blog, making an emphasis that your "Tweets belong to you, and not Twitter."

One in Four Tweets Created by Bots?

As many as one in four tweets on Twitter are sent by automated bots but most of those tweets are not spam. Around 32 per cent of all tweets made by the most active Twitter users were generated by machine bots

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British journalist Guy Adams first tweets since his account was reactivated
British journalist Guy Adams first tweets since his account was reactivated
Bomb Scare tweets to airlines
Bomb Scare tweets to airlines
For every Tweet sent with the hashtag #Tweet4Good through December 31  Twitter will donate $1.40 (up...
For every Tweet sent with the hashtag #Tweet4Good through December 31, Twitter will donate $1.40 (up to a total of $35,000) in Twitter Ads to promote the @philredcross and their crisis relief efforts.
Bryan Fischer s tweets
Bryan Fischer's tweets
Airlines Bomb Scare Tweets Screen Grabs
Airlines Bomb Scare Tweets Screen Grabs
Screenshots from McDonald s Twitter account
Screenshots from McDonald's Twitter account
McDonald's Twitter Page
Screenshots from McDonald s Twitter account
Screenshots from McDonald's Twitter account
McDonald's Twitter Page
Bryan Fischer s tweets
Bryan Fischer's tweets
Screenshots from McDonald s Twitter account
Screenshots from McDonald's Twitter account
McDonald's Twitter Page
Joel Ward of Washington subjected to racists tweets (CRPT)
Joel Ward of Washington subjected to racists tweets (CRPT)
Twitter: Social networking
Twitter: Social networking
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Airlines Bomb Scare Tweets Screen Grabs
Airlines Bomb Scare Tweets Screen Grabs

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