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Turin shroud News

Op-Ed: Holy Turin Shroud could be real

A recent study confirms that the Holy Turin Shroud was made earlier than previously thought. The recent scientific dating techniques should defeat the skeptic arguments against the Holy Shroud’s date and renew faith in Christianity.

Turin Shroud 'not Medieval forgery,' test dates 300 BC-400 AD

A new study claims to have dated a sample of the linen of the Turin Shroud to between 300 BC and 400 AD. The latest dating deepens the controversy of the shroud which many venerate as the burial cloth of Christ but which others say is Medieval forgery.

Was Jesus' resurrection only an optical illusion on Turin Shroud?

A Cambridge art historian Thomas de Wesselow has proposed a new theory that purports to explain the resurrection of Jesus. He claims that the image on the Shroud was the optical illusion that fooled the Apostles into believing that Jesus had risen.

Fake or not, the Turin Shroud is on display again

Turin - Some think it to be a forgery, others believe it to be a sacred relic; the so-called Turin Shroud has a colorful history. Now on display in the Turin Cathedral, many people do want to see it for themselves, and the Pope will even pray in front of it.

U.S. researcher says 'Shroud of Turin' could be genuine

The "Shroud of Turin,” believed to be the cloth in which Jesus Christ was buried, was found to be bogus after testing was done in the 1980s. But new evidence suggests the test methods performed were incorrect and biased.

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The Turin Shroud: Was it a photographic image of Leonardo da Vinci?
The Turin Shroud: Was it a photographic image of Leonardo da Vinci?