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Artificial intelligence system detects often-missed cancer tumors

Florida - Medical scientists and engineers have come together to develop an artificial intelligence system designed to detect often-missed cancer tumors, thereby helping to boost patient survival rates.

Mushroom toxin fights cancer

Scientists have taken one of the most deadly toxins, extracted from a fungus, and demonstrated that the chemical can be used with the treatment of certain types of cancer.

Cancer vaccine shows success against tumors

Researchers have developed a new vaccine that has shown success against tumors. By injecting tiny amounts of two combined immune-stimulating agents, directly into solid tumors in mice, a study has shown success in eliminating cancer.

Laser technology helps medics track tumor growth

Evanston - Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a laser design platform that uses multicolored light to track for tumor growth. The application will be used by medical facilities and it offers an advance on current methods.

Injectable nanoparticles delay tumor progression

Virus particles, which normally infect potatoes, have been adapted to act as cancer drug delivery devices. Trials have been successfully attempted using mice.

Magnetic bacteria used to deliver anti-cancer drugs

A new research project has shown promise in using magnetic bacteria as a vehicle for delivering anti-cancer drugs more accurately to tumors in patients.

Read about the latest research on cancer tumors

New York - Scientists from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have shared the latest research on tumor growth and how the body reacts. The data is drawn from studies on frogs.

Lasers used to detect brain tumors

London - Brain surgeons in Britain have used lasers to detect a tumor during a surgical procedure. This was the first use of the procedure in Europe.

Genetic cause of common breast tumors in women

Singapore - Singapore scientists have discovered the genetic cause of common breast tumors in women. The study was led by researchers from the National Cancer Centre Singapore, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School.

Study linking GMO crops and tumors in rats is re-published

Caen - A study that found health problems in rats exposed to genetically engineered maize proved controversial a few years ago. The fervor led to the study being withdrawn. It has now been re-edited and re-published.

Silver nanoparticles target tumors

Scientists at have designed a nanoparticle that is spherical in shape and silver in composition. These nanoparticles help to locate and visualize tumor cells.

Cancer patient's 70 tumors disappear within weeks

Ian Brooks, 47, from the UK, is clear of growths just two weeks after he started a new treatment that acts like an armor-piercing shell.

New insight into how cancer spreads

Cancer cells have an exceptional ability to repair damage to their DNA caused during uncontrolled cell division. Scientists have uncovered the main mechanism behind cancer.

Light triggers cancer cell death

Researchers have created a small piece of protein that, when linked to a light-responsive dye, is capable of switching 'on' death pathways in cancer cells.

New device hunts for brain tumors

A tiny probe equipped with a laser has been developed to help hunt for brain tumors. At present, the examination is based on a visual check by an experienced surgeon.

Key protein helps to fight tumors

Scientists have identified a key protein that influences the body's immune function. The protein could help the body to attack cancerous tumors.

Substance from African plants effective against tumors

Research suggests that chemicals found in certain species of plants in Africa may be able to stop the spread of cancer cells.

Is cellphone use safe? Experts disagree with FDA study

Washington - The FDA and WHO have recently released studies on the use of cell phones and report no increased danger for users. Other experts in the field including the scientific team at Mast Sanity disagree and saying studies were funded by the cell phone companies.

Scientists Identify New Cancer Stem Cell Marker

Scientists at the OU Cancer Institute have found a way to isolate cancer stem cells in tumors so they can target the cells and kill them, keeping cancer from returning.

Scientists Restore Gene to Shrink Tumors in Mice

MIT Scientists says by restoring a gene's function, they can cure cancers.

Treating Brain Tumors With Brain Tumors

Could tumors themselves be harnessed to treat the deadliest of all cancers?

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After seven days  6 of 7 tumors regressed completely. By the eighth day  all 7 tumors were gone  for...
After seven days, 6 of 7 tumors regressed completely. By the eighth day, all 7 tumors were gone, for a cure rate of 100%.
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Ethyl cellulose-ethanol forms a gel upon exposure to water. A 3% ethyl cellulose-ethanol solution ei...
Ethyl cellulose-ethanol forms a gel upon exposure to water. A 3% ethyl cellulose-ethanol solution either alone (0%) or in solution with 20%, 50%, 75% or 90% water.
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