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Tuberculosis News

Devastating effect of COVID-19 pandemic on TB response

A side-effect of the coronavirus pandemic is the impact upon other diseases and conditions. One prime example is tuberculosis, where cases have been increasing in different regions of the world.

Op-Ed: Princeton’s 'Irresistin' works on all resistant bacteria

Princeton - If COVID-19 is bad, the rapid rise of resistant bacteria is easily as bad or worse. Now, Princeton researchers have discovered a “poison arrow” called Irresistin which kills these deadly bacteria reliably.

Essential Science: Biosignatures detect early symptoms of TB

Researchers have developed an advanced method for the detection of biosignature, paving the way for the early detection of tuberculosis. The method allows for TB to be detected in patients, months before symptoms appear.

Antioxidant in green tea could help fight TB

An antioxidant found in green tea plant could help in fighting tuberculosis. The compound is epigallocatechin gallate and it can inhibit the growth of a tuberculosis-causing bacteria strain. This may pave the way for the development of novel drugs.

Q&A: Solving the tuberculosis crisis using technology Special

LLamasoft, a supply chain design software designer, and a FIND non-profit healthcare organization, have recently partnered to use AI technology to find millions of undiagnosed patients impacted by tuberculosis.

TB drug price slashed in global push to thwart killer disease

Hyderabad - A pharmaceutical multinational on Thursday slashed the price of a key anti-tuberculosis drug boosting the battle against the world's deadliest infectious disease, as a new treatment was also set to begin extensive testing.

Tuberculosis can be eradicated by 2045: experts

Paris - The world can eradicate tuberculosis by 2045 if the fight against the killer disease is properly funded, an international team of experts said Wednesday.

New weapons drawn in global TB fight

Den Haag - From a revolutionary way of testing children for tuberculosis to a cure for a previously untreatable strain, scientists from across the globe launched a fresh broadside Thursday against the world's deadliest infectious disease.

UN agrees global plan to battle TB ahead of first-ever summit

New York - UN member-states on Friday agreed on a global plan to step up the fight against tuberculosis, the world's number one killer among infectious diseases, settling a row with the United States over access to cheap drugs.

UN summit on TB seeks to put spotlight on killer disease

New York - It's the world's number one killer among infectious diseases, but tuberculosis has been eclipsed by HIV/AIDS as a focus of global attention and donor funding.

Natural defense mechanism against TB discovered

London - A new study from London’s Francis Crick Institute shows how the human body protects itself from the bacterium that causes the disease tuberculosis. This could open up a new way for fighting the disease.

Medical breakthrough in tuberculosis diagnosis

Birmingham - Scientists have made a significant advance in the rapid detection of tuberculosis. This is based on genome sequencing and allows different strains of the infectious organism to be isolated.

Rapid test for tuberculosis developed

Austin - A rapid, accurate and inexpensive test for tuberculosis has been developed by a researcher based at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center. The test is called TB Read.

Early man's discovery of fire may have unleashed Tuberculosis

Our ancient ancestors are credited with discovering how to control fire, and that one event propelled the human race forward by a giant step. But a new study suggests it also released a potent bacterial pathogen that ended up being a curse on society.

Training rats to sniff out TB sufferers

East African researchers are considering using the highly developed sense of smell of rats to screen for tuberculosis among prisoners in the crowded prisons in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Oregon zoo workers infected with TB after elephant exposure

Portland - Seven staff members at the Oregon State Zoo have tested positive for a latent form of tuberculosis after an outbreak among three of the zoo's elephants started in 2013.

Rapid tuberculosis test in development

In a new study, scientists have described the accuracy of three new rapid tests designed to detect drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis.

New TB drug offers glimmer of hope in S.Africa

Johanesburg - Drug-resistant tuberculosis is a major health challenge across much of Africa, but a new medicine being pioneered in South Africa could be a breakthrough after decades of frustration.

Genetically engineering TB-resistant cows

Shaan - Scientists have created a tuberculosis resistant cow. This was by adding a gene from a mouse to the cow. The aim was to ward off bovine tuberculosis

WHO reveals high risk TB countries

The estimated rate of tuberculosis (TB) per 100,000 people, compiled from World Health Organisation (WHO) data for each country (2013), shows a rise. There are some interesting geographical findings.

Global tuberculosis cases increase

Geneva - A new study by the World Health Organization indicates that tuberculosis has infected hundreds of thousands more people around the world. The actual figures are far higher than those estimated a year ago.

Eight infants test positive for TB at Texas hospital

El Paso - Eight infants have tested positive for Tuberculosis after it was discovered that a health care worker infected with TB had been working in an El Paso hospital's nursery. On Sunday, health officials said 860 infants had possibly been exposed to TB.

New research to improve tuberculosis drugs

New clues to understanding how the most important medication for tuberculosis (TB) works may lead to a new generation of medicines to fight the virulent bacterium.

New TB drug in development

Researchers have modified the precursor to one of the drugs used to treat tuberculosis. This is seen as an important first step toward new drugs that can transcend antibiotic resistance issues and treat serious global diseases.

New antibiotic in development

Chicago - A new drug designed to treat tuberculosis could be the basis for a class of broad-spectrum drugs that act against various bacteria. Interestingly the drug may be capable of evading resistance.

New tuberculosis drug regimen moves to clinical trial

A new drug, part of the STAND trial, will test the first regimen designed to significantly shorten and simplify the treatment of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB.

China halves tuberculosis rate in 20 years

Beijing - China has more than halved its tuberculosis rate in 20 years by scaling up steps to ensure patients take their antibiotics, The Lancet, world's leading general medical journal, reported on Tuesday.The tally of new infections fell from 170 people per 10...

Maryknoll Sister’s work with Ethiopian TB patients Special

To help build support for groups fostering hope and healing among TB patients in Ethiopia, Maryknoll Sister Rosemarie Milazzo of Brooklyn, NY, recently traveled to Addis Ababa to work with Harvard University’s Global Medical Committee.

Probe highlights risk from South Africa's drug-resistant TB

Paris - A long-term probe has found that South Africans with highly drug-resistant TB are "systematically" discharged from hospital without being cured, placing themselves and others at risk, its authors said Friday.

Tuberculosis hits new high in Zambia

In Zambia, the incidence of all forms of human tuberculosis (TB) is estimated to be 444 per 100,000. Many incidents occur in the Kafue area where TB occurs at a high level in cattle and antelope.
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Tuberculosis Image

Tuberculosis lung X-ray
Tuberculosis lung X-ray
Sister Ro hugging a former TB patient
Sister Ro hugging a former TB patient
Infographic: Drug Resistant TB Worldwide
Infographic: Drug Resistant TB Worldwide
Centers for Disease Control
Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) at the Oregon Zoo. From left to right; Chendra( a Borneo elephant ...
Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus) at the Oregon Zoo. From left to right; Chendra( a Borneo elephant, sub-species of Asian elephant, Sung-Surin(shine), and Rose-Tu.
A nurse working with newborns at Santa Clara County medical Center in California has possibly expose...
A nurse working with newborns at Santa Clara County medical Center in California has possibly exposed 350 infants to tuberculosis.
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El Paso Public Health Director Robert Resendes
El Paso Public Health Director Robert Resendes / Illustration by Digital Journal
Microfluidic Device for Rapid TB Diagnosis
Microfluidic Device for Rapid TB Diagnosis
Massachusetts General Hospital
Santa Clara medical Center in California.
Santa Clara medical Center in California.
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