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Zimbabwe bids farewell to opposition hero Tsvangirai

Chivhu - Thousands of Zimbabweans gathered Tuesday to bid a final farewell to opposition veteran Morgan Tsvangirai who was one of Africa's most globally admired politicians and lived to see the fall of his political nemesis Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe remembers Tsvangirai, the 'doyen of democracy'

Harare - Thousands of Zimbabweans and foreign mourners took to the streets of Harare Monday to pay tribute to Zimbabwe's iconic opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai who died after a battle with cancer.

Zimbabwe president hails late opposition hero Tsvangirai, urges unity

Harare - Zimbabwe’s president on Sunday praised opposition icon Morgan Tsvangirai who died last week as an outstanding political figure who had endured political hardship and deserved his place in the country's history.

Hundreds throng airport as Zimbabwe opposition leader's body flown in

Harare - Hundreds thronged Zimbabwe’s main airport Saturday as the body of opposition icon Morgan Tsvangirai, who died of cancer in neighbouring South Africa, arrived home for burial.

Zimbabwe opposition risks split after leader's death

Harare - Zimbabwe's main opposition party is facing the threat of damaging splits just months before a historic election, as feuding erupts after the death on Wednesday of its leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe's leading opposition leader Tsvangirai dies at 65

Harare - Morgan Tsvangirai, the veteran Zimbabwean opposition leader who confronted Robert Mugabe's regime for many years, died on Wednesday after a battle with cancer, a party official said. He was 65.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai dies: party official

Harare - Morgan Tsvangirai, the veteran Zimbabwean opposition leader who fought Robert Mugabe's regime for many years, died on Wednesday after battling against cancer, a party official said.

Zimbabwe opposition leader flies out for medical care

Harare - Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has flown to South Africa for medical care, a party official told AFP Saturday, as concerns grow over his health ahead of next year's election.

Zimbabwe opposition head stable in SAfrica hospital:spokesman

Harare - Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been hospitalised in South Africa after his health deteriorated, a senior party official told AFP Saturday, though a spokesman said his condition was stable.

Zimbabwe's opposition unites to take on Mugabe

Harare - Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai re-united with his former allies on Saturday to forge a coalition aimed at ending President Robert Mugabe's near four-decade hold on power in elections next year.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Tsvangirai says has cancer

Harare - Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Monday disclosed that he has cancer of the colon but vowed to beat it.

Mugabe's Reign of Harassment Continues

The turmoil in Zimbabwe is far from over, and the harassment of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party continues unabated.

Can the Zimbabwe Economy Recover?

Since Robert Mugabe became President of Zimbabwe, the economy has been on a heavy decline. Zimbabweans are buying bread with billions of Zimbabwe Dollars, violent is rampant and the government is corrupt. What's next?

Elderly, poor Britons in Zimbabwe offered resettlement to UK

The UK embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe is offering free travel assistance to Britain, accommodation, welfare and health support for frail, elderly Britons in Zimbabwe, German news agency Deutsche Presse Agentur reports. They would fly out within 3 months.

Mugabe Surrenders, Swears in Tsvangirai as Prime Minister

Zimbabwean President swore in opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister in a coalition government. Mugabe delayed this ceremony for two months.

Zimbabwe accord a house of cards?

Zimbabwe's historic power sharing accord signed on Sept. 15 hangs in the balance and is dealt a further blow with the resignation of its broker, President Thabo Mbeki.

Despite 'Winning,' Mugabe Intends To Make Opponents Bend To His Will

After being “reelected” into office as Zimbabwe’s President, it seems that Robert Mugabe now intends to make former opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai bend to his will.

Mugabe's Not Quite Done With Making Zimbabwe's People Suffer

Even after Robert Mugabe has been “reelected” as the president of Zimbabwe, most of Zimbabwe’s people still suffer with an unfathomable rate of famine.

Ultimately, Mugabe Could Be Done In By Zimbabwe's Hyperinflation

For the people of Zimbabwe, they are billionaires. However, they are billionaires that can afford next to nothing. Regardless of how many zeros are on the bills, the banknotes aren't worthy anything.

Mugabe Goes Unchallenged And Untested At African Union Summit

At the African Union (AU) summit in Egypt, Zimbabwean “President” Robert Mugabe went unchallenged by leaders of the other African nations.

Op-Ed: Kill Mugabe and Allow a Civil War

There is no chance for peaceful resolution. Robert Mugabe will not even allow a vote. Unless we choose to not intervene at all, the solution to this problem is clear. Kill Mugabe. The idea is not all that absurd, in fact, some politicians agree.

Barack Obama Condemns Robert Mugabe

As the situation in Zimbabwe becomes more blood, chaotic, and violent, United States presumed Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois had weighed in on the situation.

Mbeki Tries One Last Attempt To Reach Out To Mugabe

As the chaos in Zimbabwe escalates, South African President Thabo Mbeki sets to make one last ditch attempt in reaching out to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe Elections Down The Tubes? w/ update

Morgan Tsvangirai is opting out of the election process in Zimbabwe. Death, beatings and total disruption of opposition to Robert Mugabe's autocratic rule makes it impossible to continue.

Many Zimbabweans Plan Mass Exodus To Neighboring Countries

As expected and anticipated many Zimbabweans are preparing for a mass exodus from the country as it prepares for its runoff election on June 27.

Tsvangirai Might Pull Out Of Zimbabwe's Runoff Election

As the chaos and violence continues to consume Zimbabwe, opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party may pull-out of the election.

Mugabe Could Be Close To Being Tried By The International Court

As the violence by President Mugabe’s mobs continues to escalate in Zimbabwe, the international community is preparing to crack down on his regime.

MDC Youth Activists Become Next Target of Mugabe's Mobs

The violence taking place in Zimbabwe up before the June 27 runoff elections does nothing but escalate even further. New targets for execution are the youths of the MDC.

Families of MDC Members Marked For Brutal Executions in Zimbabwe

The situation in Zimbabwe has become more brutal and vicious as mobs of Robert Mugabe’s supporters have found new targets.

Zimbabwe Voters Have A Choice: 'Vote For Mugabe Or Die!'

For the past few weeks in Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe, his administration, his party, and his supporters, have committed many actions that have warranted much international backlash.
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