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Looking into the truth about perception and misinformation

New research assesses why it is often challenging for consumers to internalize the types of retracted information that are issued by enterprises or from media organizations. This is symptomatic of the digital age.

It's harder to tell a liar with a full bladder

It is harder to differentiate a liar from someone who is telling the truth when the person lying has a full bladder, according to a new study.

Review: Good storytelling is the difference in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a peculiar affliction; thrilling negotiations; a charming, fast-talking Bill Murray; a detailed account of a forgotten scandal; the original Disney princess; and proof a woman can do a man’s job just as well.

Op-Ed: Feds creating database to identify and isolate 'hate speech'

Taking a page straight out of George Orwell and bringing it to life, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is paying Indiana University to develop, and bring online, software which will flag "misinformation" and "hate speech" on Twitter.

Russell Brand analyzes news in new YouTube series, 'The Trews'

The popular and often controversial British comedian has now taken to YouTube with a new series called "The Trews: True News With Russell Brand."

Why Christian schools matter: A return to truth Special

What is the language, a part of the worldview, your child is bringing home from school? Is it Scripture? Or is it cursing? Is it Scriptural or is it anti-God?

Op-Ed: Time to review post-9/11 mentality and face reality?

9/11 Truth: As more evidence obliterating the Government's 'official' 9/11 fairy tale emerges, demands for investigation into the truth about what happened that day are growing. When do we review the post-9/11 mentality and face reality?

Spiegel: 2009 swine flu pandemic a boost for Big Pharma

Those who suspected a money- and greed-driven conspiracy behind the 2009 swine flu outbreak - declared a pandemic by overzealous WHO officials and their advisers from within the industry - are being proven right by recent revelations in Der Spiegel.

Toronto Poet Truth Is Tells It Like It Is

How do you change the viewpoint of society? For some it's the pen. For some that pen bleeds the soul of an audience, hitting hard. Powerful words in the form of poetry shook us to the core. Such words are spoken by a Toronto poet named aptly Truth Is.

Op-Ed: An Inconvenient Truth for the Inconvenient Truth

Global warming is the most recent and fashionable trend in environmental causes and has been not only a money machine, but a doomsday cult all on its own.

Op-Ed: A War Veteran's Tale - An Ugly American?

A disabled American veteran, having survived 9/11 in the hills of Tajikistan, describes the events involving currently deployed American Forces and how the Vietnam vets shouldn't compare today's war to yesterday's.

Op-Ed: Questions Haven't Changed My Morals

The more I question the world and the way I view it the more I realize that morals have nothing to do with what one believes in. I believe most people live their lives on a quest of some sorts.

Myth Busters

Today has been a myth busting type of day. In that line of reasoning it's time to burst some more bubbles from years gone by. First fact up for bid is extremely simple. Who was the first President of the United States?

Will the Truth Ever be Known?

There are many different conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. The government has a standard answer. The murder of thousands was undertaken by a few elite terrorists who hijacked four planes. But is this the truth? Will we ever know what is?

The Disappointing Truths About Real-Life CSIs

On television, medical examiners have cutting-edge technology at their fingertips, and a team of brilliant colleagues at their disposal. Reality is a lot different, and it has an effect on justice.

A Human Truth, Picture Only

A Picture depicts a true fact of wealth in the individual

Truth in Advertising (NSFW) Video

What really happens in an Advertising campaign, they say what they think and not what they say.

Can a brain scan prove you're telling the truth?

The insurance industry would like to pick your brain before they pay your claim.

A Prize For Truth

The Nobel Committee is experiencing difficulty in finding suitable candidates for the Peace Prize. Perhaps the solution is to consider candidates over a broader range of people. Who do you think should win?

Speak the truth if you dare!

What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Helen Mirren, Donald Trump, Germaine Greer and others have in common with you?

Piranha Deadly? TheTruth about Piranha Attacks

Piranhas are not deadly says Jan Mole, the researcher in Suriname, after studying them for 15 years.

The truth about Paypal Reverse Scams JOIN THE FIGHT!

An Ebay Seller gets scammed by a Ebay Buyer.

2 out of 5 Bosses Don't Keep Their Word

New study from Florida State University shows that 2 out of 5 bosses don't keep their word and more than a fourth bad mouth their employees to other co-workers.

Does a Truth Serum Exist

Some believe ' truth serums ' will come back

The Truth About Happiness

It is written in their Declaration of Independence that every American has the inalienable right to pursue happiness. In fact, this year alone Americans will spend close to $2 billion in their pursuit of being happy.

Separating the Bond truth from 00-hooey

A few facts to keep you on the right side of Bond

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Paul McClosky s 1972 book   Truth & Untruth  Political Deceit in America.
Paul McClosky's 1972 book, "Truth & Untruth, Political Deceit in America.
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