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In the cyber-vulnerable world how much do we trust the banks?

Digital banking is increasingly becoming the standard way for businesses and consumers to complete transactions and to manage money. As the check withers, does digital finance have our full support and trust?

Coronavirus: Building trust through crisis and misinformation

Uncertainty and controversy around the COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the spread of misinformation around the world, presenting a potential threat to trust in institutions and governments. A new Canadian survey looks at the issue.

Google vs EU: a decade-long saga goes to court

Apo - Google and the EU have a big day in court Wednesday as the search engine giant enters a new phase of a legal saga that began a decade ago.The Silicon Valley juggernaut is appealing a 2.4 billion euro ($2.

Q&A: How to establish enterprise-wide trust in data? Special

Complex regulatory compliance and the ever-increasing speed and scale of data is forcing companies across industries to prioritize data quality as a critical component of their enterprise data governance initiatives.

Google hit with record 4.3-bn-euro EU fine over Android

Apo - The European Union slapped Google with a huge 4.34-billion-euro fine for abusing the dominance of its Android operating system on Wednesday in the biggest antitrust penalty in the bloc's history.

Apple's appeal 'eclipsed' by companies building for the future

According to a recent survey, Amazon is now the most trusted tech company, beating rivals Apple, Google and Facebook to win over customers. Facebook and Twitter rank particularly poorly with web users saying they wouldn't mind if social media disappeared.

EU's Vestager, the Dane who is Google's bane

Brussels - If the critics of Silicon Valley needed a leader, many would turn to Denmark's Margrethe Vestager, the EU's top anti-trust regulator.Around the world, authorities and governments now look to the elegant Dane who in June slapped Google with a record 2.

Google hit with record 2.4 bn euro EU fine

Brussels - The EU hit Google with a record 2.4-billion-euro fine Tuesday for illegally favouring its shopping service in search results, in a fresh assault on US firms that risks the wrath of President Donald Trump.

Op-Ed: Being powerful has its downside - you're trusted less

Many people seek power, whether this is control over others or economic might. Being seen as powerful can have its downsides, including being seen as less trustworthy by others with similar power.

Security alert as Lenovo caught using rootkit to install software

Lenovo has been accused of embedding files in the motherboard firmware of its computers that make it impossible to remove the often unwanted software that it bundles with them — even after reinstalling Windows from scratch. It is similar to hacker tools

Apple Music probed by two U.S. states over antitrust concerns

Apple's all-new subscription music streaming service announced just two days ago is under investigation by two US states over concerns that the technology giant may have colluded with the music industry to make life harder for its established rivals.

EU slaps 300 mn euro anti-trust fine on power cable firms

Brussels - The European Commission on Wednesday fined 11 producers of high-voltage power cables a total of 300 million euros for operating a cartel that secretly shared out the global market."These companies knew very well that what they were doing was illegal.

Six China shadow banks threatened with default over coal firm exposure: paper

Six Chinese trust firms have lent more than 5 billion yuan ($824.6 million) to a delinquent coal company, state media reported on Friday, raising the prospect of further defaults in China's so-called ...

US to jail Japanese auto execs over price-fixing

Washington - Two former top executives of Japanese auto parts supplier Diamond Electric will be imprisoned for more than a year in the United States for price fixing, the Justice Department said Friday.

Norman Wong shoots musical, fashionable Toronto Special

Toronto - Toronto-based music label Arts & Crafts celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. A new photography exhibit highlights one city resident's connection with the label, as well as Toronto's place in the international fashion and music scenes.

Casey Anthony's attorney hit with unanswerable question

Orlando - Can Casey Anthony, the Florida mother accused and exonerated of killing her toddler daughter, now be trusted to do a job as a babysitter? It's a tough issue even for the lawyer who got her off.

Op-Ed: The True Reason for Lack of Consumer Confidence Special

Retailers bemoan recent trends where people are buying less than they did before. Given the recession and its consequences, economists point to issues of confidence as the reason for this. But what might be the root cause of the problem?

Op-Ed: The Fiscal Mess, The US Constitution, Political Blagging & Trust

What are the differences between the European and American view of politics? Where does trust and patriotism end in terms of lifestyles? Are government freedoms rising alarmingly, while our individual freedoms are steadily and consistently being eroded?

If broken early, the Scope of Rapprochement is Lesser

If broken early the scope for the rapprochement is lesser for any couple. Researchers point out that reviving any relationship is much easier when the breach of trust takes place later phase of relationship.

Why you trust who you trust

A pair of princeton psychology researchers have developed a computer program that allows scientists to understand better than ever, what it is that makes you trust who you trust and fear who you fear.

Op-Ed: Is There Anyone Left to Trust?

There was a time when police, firefighters, mayors, pastors and others were seen as beacons of trust. Now they are becoming oppressors rather than rescuers, it seems. What now?

Study Says Internet Users Must Trust Source Before Revealing Information

With public concern over online fraud, new research, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, has revealed that internet users will reveal more personal information online if they believe they can trust the organization that requests it.

Op-Ed: Accuracy in News Reporting - Does It Really Matter Anymore?

I have been involved, quite by coincidence, in discussions regarding the inaccuracies witnessed in today's media. Both on screen, and in print, it seems as though "truth" has been devalued, and tweaking the facts far too acceptable. Is this right?

What does trusting someone signify?

What does trusting someone signify?

Why cellphones have enriched our lives....for the worse

In a world where technology is changing every day, it appears as if everyone has a cellphone. Some for emergency use only, some for business or some for personal reasons. The argument is that cellphone makes us more accessible and is that a good thing?

Ten Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

In business, politics and romance, it would be nice to know when we’re being lied to. Unfortunately humans aren’t very good at detecting lies. Our natural tendency is to trust others, and for day-to-day, low-stakes interactions, that makes sense. We s

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Just hanging out with Officer Natalie Perez-Rubio of the Camden County Police Department.
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