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French cement-maker targeted in Paris security scare

Paris - Workers found several petrol containers and burnt matches under trucks at a cement works in Paris Thursday, triggering a security scare, but the incident was not thought to be terrorism-related.

Using vehicles as weapons

Stockholm - A truck was rammed into a crowd in central Stockholm on Friday, the Swedish intelligence agency Sapo said, killing and injuring an unknown number of people.

Swede stole gas truck in Barcelona after wild party night

Barcelona - A Swede who took police on a high-speed chase through Barcelona at the wheel of a stolen truck full of gas cylinders had partied hard the previous night, local authorities said Wednesday.

Swede detained after heist of gas-laden truck in Barcelona

Barcelona - Spanish police opened fire Tuesday on a truck loaded with gas cylinders that was speeding the wrong way down a Barcelona road, managing to halt it and detain the Swedish driver.

Suspected Austria death truck driver denies knowledge of cargo

Montana - One of the suspected drivers of the truck found abandoned in Austria with the decomposing bodies of 71 migrants inside denied Thursday knowing there was anyone on board, as a Bulgarian court remanded him in custody.

Mexico arrests driver of truck that killed 27 pilgrims

- Mexican authorities arrested the alleged driver of a truck that plowed into a crowd of pilgrims last week killing 27 people, regional authorities said.

Mexico village reels after truck tragedy

Santa Rosa - A rural village in northern Mexico is reeling after a truck lost control and crushed into a crowd of pilgrims, with six of the 26 dead related to one devastated farmer.

Death toll in Mexico truck accident rises to 23

- At least 23 people, including a baby, were killed when a truck's brakes failed and plowed into pilgrims in north-central Mexico, authorities said Thursday, as the driver fled the tragedy.

Man charged with intentionally kills bald eagles with vehicle

Unalaska - A man from Oregon is being charged with intentionally driving his truck into a group of bald eagles feeding on an Alaskan roadway.

Man falls into garbage truck, makes trash coffin to survive

A man in Yolo County, California, built himself a trash coffin after he accidentally fell into the back of a garbage truck, and he survived the ordeal.

Third death from Dutch 'monster truck' accident

Den Haag - A third person has died after a souped-up "monster truck" ploughed into a crowd during a show in the Netherlands, the local mayor said Monday, with five people critically injured.

The story of fashion trucks, the new American shopping craze

Walking along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue on a Tuesday or Thursday lets you experience a new, growing all-American trend: fashion trucks. Parked by the side of the road, you can find a full boutique and dressing room inside. Here, we look at their success.

Man allegedly left his elderly mother in hot truck for hours

A man is because charged with neglect after he was accused of leaving his elderly mother inside a hot car for almost five hours.

Truck carrying $100,000 worth of lobster slams into bridge

Westwood - On July 1, 2014, a truck carrying $100,000 worth of lobster crashed into the East Street Bridge in Westwood, Massachusetts. The incident occurred around 4:50 a.m.

Truck tailgates car, flips the driver off, and then crashes

Tampa - A driver flipped off a woman driving a vehicle he was tailgating, and he ended up crashing his truck after he cut her off. The incident was caught on video.

Massive Norway truck blast kills pets, destroys farm (video)

The massive explosion of a truck in a quarry in northern Norway has caused the destruction of a nearby family home, the death of the family's pet dog and cat, and around 1,500 pigs now face emergency slaughter.

Video: 360-degree 'Running of the Bulls' courtesy of Volvo trucks

If you've always wanted to join in with the "Running of the Bulls" but were too nervous, now is your chance. A fully interactive experience is now available. And the very best part? The bulls get to retire to a farm in Guadalajara at the end!

Video: Hamster tests steering system on new Volvo FMX truck

It happened in a steep quarry in Los Tres Cunados in northwestern Spain. Volvo wanted to test the dynamic steering on a brand new Volvo FMX truck, and what better way to do it than by having a hamster do the driving?

Video: Horror truck crash kills 22 in South Africa

Pinetown - While the death toll could possibly still rise, an estimated 22 people were killed in a horrific accident on the M13 highway in Durban, South Africa. The accident was captured on a vehicle's dashboard camera.

GPS error traps German truck between two houses in Spain

Arroba - When his GPS sent him down the wrong street in a small Spanish town on Wednesday, a German truck driver was wedged and trapped for nine hours between two houses.

Op-Ed: Vibrating seats to expand, GM 2014 trucks will have haptic seats Special

In 2012 GM released "haptic seat technology" on many 2013 Cadillac models causing many tongue in cheek articles about the vibrating seats. GM, sticking to its enhanced safety goals, will release the safety feature on the GM truck lines this year.

Ford hiring more than 1,000 due to demand of F-series truck

Ford is facing more demand for the F-Series trucks, and now the company will be adding a third shift, as well as hiring more than a thousand new workers at their final assembly plant.

6 dead 18 injured- Truck slams into cars and pedestrians in Haifa

Haifa - An out-of-control truck driver crossed a junction in down-town Haifa, causing multiple collisions also involving pedestrians. Latest paramedic reports, 6 killed, 3 seriously injured and 15 lightly injured. The driver

Ex-wife uses stun gun on man, ties, drags him behind truck

Police say that a Florida man's ex-wife used a stun gun on him, tied him to a truck and dragged him for half a mile. After the man escaped, he ran to a house for help, dressed in torn, blood-drenched underwear, with a rope tied around his neck and wrist.

Video: Truck with cows tips over in Russia

Someone filmed themselves driving down a road, and all of a sudden a truck that was transporting cows tips over, and all of the cows end up on the road.

Man ticketed after being run over by his own truck

Lynn - A Massachusetts man received a citation for operating an unsafe vehicle after the brakes failed on his truck. He was run over by his own truck after he fell out of it while trying to stop the vehicle with his foot.

Man survives after being hit by 16-ton truck

A twenty-three year old man from the United Kingdom survived massive injuries after being struck by a sixteen ton truck.

Truck accident causes 26 deaths in Riyadh

Riyadh - An oil carrying truck crashed into a flyover in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia killing 26 and injuring over 135. Saudi officials are blaming the driver at this time.

Video: Lucky truck driver cheats death and catapults to safety

Russia appears to be famous, not only for freak traffic accidents, but also for dashboard cameras who manage to catch them on video, as in this example.

Video: Woman narrowly escapes death at traffic intersection

Ningbo - CCTV footage caught scenes of a woman narrowly escaping being crushed by a truck in Ningbo, eastern Zhejiang province in China.
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The Nomad Fashion Truck
The Nomad Fashion Truck
Nomad Fashion Truck
Komatsu truck
Komatsu truck
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A forklift truck
A forklift truck
The GPS of a German truck driver sent him down the wrong street in a tiny town in Spain and he got w...
The GPS of a German truck driver sent him down the wrong street in a tiny town in Spain and he got wedged firmly between two houses.
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Delivery of AmazonFresh groceries in Seattle.
Delivery of AmazonFresh groceries in Seattle.
Video screengrab
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Using a truck vehicle in Halo Reach
Using a truck vehicle in Halo Reach
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An aid truck at the Gaza border with Israel.
An aid truck at the Gaza border with Israel.
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A truck sits parked on the Hwy. 402 overpass at Lambeth  the driver patiently waiting for the reopen...
A truck sits parked on the Hwy. 402 overpass at Lambeth, the driver patiently waiting for the reopening of the major 4-lane route to Sarnia and Port Huron in Michigan.
View of  2014 Sierra truck interior from passenger seat.
View of 2014 Sierra truck interior from passenger seat.
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A high pressure air mass cleared the sky and chilled the air in southeastern Wisconsin two mornings ...
A high pressure air mass cleared the sky and chilled the air in southeastern Wisconsin two mornings in a row the first week of April 2012.
A truck covered in snow in East Sussex  UK
A truck covered in snow in East Sussex, UK
The Nomad Fashion Truck
The Nomad Fashion Truck
Nomad Fashion Truck
Ice cream truck
Ice cream truck
The  Le Fashion Truck  travelling boutique
The "Le Fashion Truck" travelling boutique
Le Fashion Truck
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